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As a contributor you must use this platform to bring something new for our readers

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Business Vaani invites you all to submit guest post on our platform. We aim at producing contents that have something new and informative to our readers. It must be interesting and appealing to our readers who may get something new to learn. Business Vaani as a web platform produces content from various niches that focuses on:

  • Business articles
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing & online business
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Business Management
  • Business Ideas & plans

The aim that we carry forward is to provide exemplary articles in these niches to our readers who can utilise and learn something from it. If you are interested to submit a guest post then here are some of the necessary points you should care about.

Why write for us?

We believe that every idea that is worth sharing should be encouraged and given a platform. It is obvious that people from all over around have something to contribute. Many times what you write on your personal basis remains untouched from the public glare. Business Vaani provides a platform for you to share your creative and interesting work to the people who can read and get something new and useful to learn.

You as a writer can grow by writing, reading and learning new things. Our standard will ensure that you continue to enrich yourself by contributing here.

What We Expect From You

We believe that writings should always be genuine even though it may not be appreciated by all. We at Business-Vaani give platform to such writers who write things differently with a new perspective that provides a paradigm shift for our readers. Complex ideas written in general terms helps the readers to understand things much clearly. We don’t believe in coding our writings with jargon words that make it tough for readers to understand just to show a kind of imperial standard.

Business-Vaani has set a bar that we believe every writer should live up to. These standards should be well reflected in your writings. Here are few such guidelines you should be well aware of.

Guest Post Guidelines

The foremost important thing in your writing should be a very friendly gesture that engages our readers. The tone of the writing should be polite and friendly and on the same time crispy. The content should be written in a professional tone to ensure a standard way of communication. Since the portal publishes contents that are mostly professional based thus a standard of communication should always be maintained. Moving ahead, here are few more things you need to consider in your submission.

  • Write for us in a way that it becomes easy for someone to understand and read.
  • Don’t write long passages that makes the reader bored.
  • Focus on subject matter and add only relevant information to the content.
  • Ensure that whatever facts you mention are correct and verified officially.
  • English should be grammatically correct and a fluency should be seen along with a friendly tone.
  • Don’t write long paragraphs and break sentences into short and also add bullet points, sub headings to improve readability.
  • Write attractive titles and start with a paragraph that people tend to read.
  • Don’t repeat yourself and ensure whatever you write is phrased correctly.

These are some of the writing skills that you need to care about while submitting guest post. The most important point that should be considered is that you content should not be copied or have plagiarism. It is acceptable that you make take suggestions from other websites but relying heavily on them is discouraged. Try to be original with your work to ensure approval of content.

Topics we Cover

You can write for us on various niche such as business, technology, marketing, digital marketing, finance, entrepreneur, etc.

Business Articles: 

We have been publishing business articles since the commencement of our portal. We have now specialized in publishing content related to small business advise, business tips, business ideas, business plans for various small and medium scale businesses, business strategy, etc. Our basic aim remains to provide articles that help people in their business. Most of them are business ideas which may help our readers to start new venture and when they are into it, we have articles focusing of business plan and strategy to give them idea about a particular business.


You can also write for us on marketing and digital marketing related topics. We publish articles that deal with marketing strategies for our readers. How new methods can be used to do marketing. We also bring out articles that focuses on how technology can be used in marketing like digital marketing which is an effective method of marketing. You can also submit guest post on web development, web design, SEO and various internet marketing tips and advise.

Business Management: 

If you love business management skills then you are most invited to write for us. How business management can improve the efficiency of business and how one can learn the essence of business management. How management plays a unique role in business and many such topics that are closely related to management are covered. As a contributor you may take the liberty of adding new aspects to such niches.


Being surrounded around technology we don’t miss any updates from the field of technology. We bring to you interesting and standard articles on technology like Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, data mining and its application, cloud computing, big data and many more. We try to cover things which other publishers miss out.

Apart from these four, there are many more fields we cover based on the requirements. As a contributor you must use this platform to bring something new for our readers and that is how we will achieve mutual growth together.

Lastly, your article size should be around 1000 to 1500 words based on the information. It should not be unnecessarily be lengthy just to fill the words but should be accurate and precise.


Please email us here at info@businessvaani.com for more information on guest posting.

The aim that we carry forward is to provide exemplary articles to our readers who can utilise and learn something from it.
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