Winter is fast approaching and now is the time for people to get prepared, especially if you work outside. Winter can be a special time of the year, but it is also a difficult season due to the weather and this can make it challenging for those that have to work outside whether this is a postman, construction worker, gardener or any other professional that has to work outside. So, what are a few tips for keeping warm while working outdoors during winter?

Wear Heated Gear

It can be tough to work outside in the middle of winter, but heated gear can make this much easier by keeping the core areas of your body warm throughout the day. A Milwaukee heated jacket is a great investment for those that work outside as it can provide continuous heat while still being comfortable and practical.

Protect Your Hands

It is the extremities that people often suffer with in winter with the body attempting to keep core areas of the body warm. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but cold hands could also impact your job performance. This is why it is worthwhile investing in high-quality gloves that will still allow you to carry out your role effectively. You can also use hand warmers as a way to provide warmth to your hands when you are struggling.

Fuel Your Body

In order to stay warm and maintain energy, it is important that you fuel your body throughout the day as your body will use up more energy trying to stay warm. You should have a hearty and nutritious breakfast every morning and snacks throughout the day to keep you going and to keep your energy levels up. Hot drinks can also be a quick and easy way to warm yourself up, so a thermos is a good investment if you are on the move.

Avoid Alcohol

There is a misconception that alcohol will warm you up and, actually, it restricts your blood vessels and will make you colder. This is why you should leave the hip flask at home and instead stick to water – hydration is important for working in cold conditions

Get Enough Rest

Working in cold conditions will always take its toll on your body. This is why it is important to take regular breaks throughout the day (ideally somewhere inside and warm) and also to make sure that you are resting when you are off-duty. Try to prioritise your sleep when you are having to work in cold conditions so that your body can recharge and recover.

Hopefully, the advice in this post will help anyone that works outside during the winter months. This can take its toll and it will always be challenging, but there are ways that you can fight off the coldness and stay warm even during the middle of winter.

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