React JS offers fast rendering

Developing a high load and complex application requires the developers to define the application’s structure even before the whole development process begins, as the high load can impact how your application will be performing. 

Here’s where the DOM tree-structured model comes. It is so sensitive to a modification that even a minor one done at a higher level layer can really mess up the apps’ UI. Here’s where the virtual DOM enters the game. 

To be more precise, as a solution, Facebook has introduced this feature as the virtual representation of the actual DOM that serves as a test zone before so that the developers wouldn’t take uncalculated risks. As a result, this approach has helped the developers maintain the application performance at its highest and guarantees a better user experience.

The JavaScript library – React JS comes with a bunch of useful developer tool sets

Using Emerging technologies in real-life projects can not only be pretty interesting, but if used correctly, they can be beneficial as well. It’s not only our opinion, but it’s something that Facebook acknowledges as well, not only by words but with action too. Precisely, that was the reason behind Facebook adding the React and Chrome developers’ tools in their React JavaScript library. 

Thanks to many of these React tools developers have made their work much easier. They can now easily discover parent and child components and inspect their current states and props while observing the component hierarchy. 

React JS combined with JSX allows writing custom components

Thanks to the fact that React JavaScript comes with the extension to the JavaScript language syntax – JSX, the React developers are now able to create their own components from scratch. So these components would actually accept HTML quoting. 

It uplifts developers’ productivity

Developers and teams working on some more complex applications were having a really hard time every time they’d more frequent updates because a single modification in one of the components could dramatically affect all the other components and really mess things up. 

However, Facebook solved this problem in no time as they were introducing the component reusability function as the newest addition to React JS’s already extraordinary features. 

In simple terms, this newly introduced functionality was giving the possibility for the developers to reuse existing code and deploy the same digital objects more than once. 

Just as the definition for the term component reusability is simple, it is the actual process as one can begin adding some of the most simple components like buttons, checkboxes, and text fields to move them to wrapper components which are then moved to the root component. 

This approach is what provides better code maintenance as the project grows as every one of the components in React has its own internal logic, which by the way, is not hard at all to manipulate. 

Strong community support

Just like many of the most popular technologies, React JavaScript has extraordinarily strong community support too. As we know, React JS is an open-sourced front-end library, and in order to make the library better, there are thousands and thousands of web developers working hard and contributing every single day. 

Currently, there are more than 130k attained starts by React JS on one of the most popular version control software Github and a little over 1.3k regular contributors. However, the contributing developers aren’t the only ones that are working to make this JavaScript-based library project better, but the Facebook React JS experts are doing regular updates. 

Also, suppose you are interested in learning this Javascript-based library. In that case, there are many experts that are making their way into informal education, which is usually free on YouTube, or they have made their own blogs, for that matter. 

So, no matter the reason you want to learn React JS is whether is the high demand for React developer hire or you just feel especially fond of the library, don’t doubt just to search the Google console for “free React JS tutorials” or “React JS for beginners” and start your learning journey.

React JavaScript offers better code stability

Another reason why you should choose React JS before any other web-based technology is because React JavaScript offers better code stability, as it uses downward data flow to make sure that the parent doesn’t get affected by any of the modifications that can be done to the child structure. 

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