Global warming is a major topic in the news right now and shocking climate events around the world are leading both businesses and people to take action. Businesses, in particular, are under mounting pressure to make drastic changes to the way that they operate in order to protect the environment.

Global Warming Defined

So, what exactly is global warming? Global warming is the gradual increase in the earth’s temperature due to increased levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This is directly attributed to human activity known as anthropogenic actions, particularly the burning of fossil fuels that leads to the greenhouse effect. 

The Effects of Global Warming

Rising temperatures do not just lead to longer and hotter heat waves but also droughts, heavier rainfall, melting ice caps, rising sea levels and powerful hurricanes just as a few consequences of global warming. These will have a knock-on effect, which could lead to food supply issues, flooding, inhospitable landscapes, natural disasters and climate refugees.

The Time for Collective Action

It is a bleak picture and many of the effects of global warming are being seen now. Businesses (and individuals) can make a difference, though, and now is the time for collective action. When businesses in every sector around the world start to reduce their environmental impact it can slow the effects of global warming and make the world a safer and healthier place for all. 

Solar Power

One of the most effective steps to take is to switch to solar power as opposed to using fossil fuels for energy. Businesses consume a vast amount of energy, so switching to solar power that generates electricity from the sun can drastically reduce environmental impact. Solar panels can be expensive upfront, which is why you might want to look into a business cash advance to cover the costs. Keep in mind that you can make huge long-term savings with solar power, so this is a smart financial investment that will also help you to be more sustainable.

Other Steps

There are other steps that companies can take too, including increasing recycling and encouraging staff to work remotely. Businesses should also choose green suppliers and raise awareness among employees, clients and other stakeholders. This needs to be a long-term commitment, so companies should also measure and analyze their greenhouse gas emissions and set green targets for the short, medium and long-term.

The evidence of global warming is clear to see and scientists are urging people and businesses to take action. There are many ways that a business can reduce its environmental impact and this is something that businesses of all sizes and in all industries now need to take very seriously.   

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