Home-based businesses offer people the flexibility of being at home but at the same time earning income from a particular venture. The determining factor when starting any business whether small or big is to identify a particular need in society that people are willing to offer money for and seek ways to meet this needs.

Home-based businesses are cost effective because you cut down on transport costs and you save on rental space. You can also involve other members of the family in your initiative. If you are a stay at home mum you can check on the kids, do household chores, but at the same time; you can use your skills in an income-earning venture.

This article has narrowed down businesses that are easy to set up but at the same time have high earning potential in Canada.

profitable homebased businesses in canada for high profit margin

Senior daycare

The increasing number of senior people retiring has provided increased business opportunities. Most of the retirees may not have close relatives to take care of them. You can convert part of your house into a senior residence and take care of few seniors. You can also offer services like driving, catering and cleaning services for seniors.

Also related to this is instead of seniors you can start a day care for children; parents can drop off their little ones in your care and collect them in the evening. All you need is to be good with kids.

Pet Care

Canadians love their pets, and whether the country is in recession or not, they still need their pets to be looked after. Most of them want the best for their pets, and they do not mind pampering them. You can start a business in your backyard that specifically caters to pets. You can construct and sell kennels, launch a doggie daycare, offer to walk your neighbor’s dogs or offer a grooming service for pets.

Event Planning

Canadians will always be having weddings, birthday parties and other events all year round. Most people may not have the time to do the planning preferring to outsource this service to a provider. You can use your organizational skills in planning and execute ideas for events. This can be done in the comfort of your home. You will need to be a person who can handle the pressure and deadlines. Besides you can include catering services for events. Wedding equipment rental is also a good home based business in Canada.

Tutoring Students

If you have a skill in a particular field, you can decide to tutor people for a fee. You can teach ballet, piano or tutor students in maths or Excel. All you will need is to convert a part of your house and make it receptive to students. Training people on a particular skill does not need any massive capital investment, only your time. The returns are also relatively high.

Rent your Home in Airbnb

This is a new online service that lets you convert your home into a rental. People search for accommodation on the Airbnb website and book rentals depending on their preferences and location. This gives you that extra income for space that you may not need. They also offer you $1,000,000 guarantee to protect you from any property damage that may be caused by renters. They also have a ranting system where so you can choose whether or not you want to rent your space to a particular renter.

Freelance Writing

There is an explosion in the number of people who are leaving their day jobs and joining the community of freelance writers. You only need a good laptop and good internet connectivity, and you are ready to start. Many sites like Up work provide lots of writing jobs all year round. You also enjoy the flexibility of being you own boss. You determine your own pay by seeking more work. Payments are made through some platforms like Paypal.

Cleaning Services

You can also choose to venture into the business of house cleaning services. For a fee, you can provide laundry, lawn mowing, and cleaning of houses services. If you have the skills all you need is to spread the word to your neighbors and clients will start calling. Cleaning equipment is readily available and affordable, so initial capital is minimal. You can also decide to franchise the business with increased growth, and you can then be collecting a fee for it. You also need not do just homes you can venture into the corporate world and seek clients in businesses. Read more


This is an industry that is fast growing with lots of earning potential. You can create an interactive website and sell fast moving goods online. You can then set up a delivery system with your courier and have the goods ordered for online and delivered at a person’s doorstep. You can consider eBay which attracts a lot of online traffic and is well known and established. The hardest part is selecting a product that people need and a willingness to pay the price for. Setting up is relatively easy; you also need to find a good supplier who will sell you products at wholesale prices.


If you have a vehicle and lots of time you may consider joining Uber. Uber is the 21st-century version of a taxi. You need to download the app to your phone and then from their customers call you based on their location. The rates are good, and you can make over $20 in an hour. The service lets you manage your own time and be your own boss. You also can determine how much you earn in a day depending on your availability.

Hair Salon

Women will always have their hair done whether the economy is in a recession or not. Women also always want to look good. If you have experience as a stylist you can convert one of your rooms into a salon and plait women’s hair. Besides you can do pedicures and manicures. This is a service where you can get clients through word of mouth. Referrals are key to the expansion of the business. If you lack space you still can do clients hair at their premises.

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