China and the USA are essential contenders in the world of Import and export. Both of the countries rank within the top three positions according to the value of export and import almost on a continuous basis for last many years. If you see the export and import reports of last year, you can find that the USA has exported goods and services amounting to $2.2 trillion whereas the imports amounted to $2.7 trillion. You can understand the hugeness of the market as such enormous amount of import-export transaction takes place every year. If you as an entrepreneur or a young business trader want to start something into this field of export-import, then one of the places to buy from is China because of the low-cost production and the one of the best place to sell the products is in the USA. The markets are enormous, and there are endless opportunities if you can hit the right goods and services to be imported from China to the USA.

If you want to start import business by importing goods from China then this article will help you a lot. It does not matter whether you want to start import business in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc, you can import these products in any country according to your business location.

So here is a list of ten such goods which the USA mainly imports from China and to motivate you a little more, the percentage of Chinese import in the USA is around 21.5% and around every year. This indicates the probability of success in import business in the USA from China.

1. Electronics: The whole world imports from China as its electrical goods are very reasonable in price, and there are loads of new varieties you can find every day. China is one of the leading countries producing electronic equipments in every shape and size and for every purpose that is from household to the industrial to the medical usage. Last financial year that is 2016-17 witnessed an enormous amount of import of electronic items in the USA from China and the amount was $131.7 billion.

2. Machinery: The USA imported machinery are amounting to $100 billion in 2016-17 from China. These are the industrial machinery which USA imports from China for their manufacturing and other massive scale businesses. If you can restrict the amount of capital, but you want to start this machinery import and export business with the USA and China, then you can invest in the spare parts of the machinery as well.

3. Furniture and fittings: Chinese economy has a huge manufacturing base, and there are several things which are manufactured every year, and one of them is also furniture and the fixtures and the fittings we use in our home, office, and factories, The last year’s import of these items from China to the USA had amounted to $31.6 billion.

4. Games: Another industry which has flourished in China is the gaming industry, and one of the major importers of the same is the USA. The toys and the games are imported to the USA last year from China amounted to $24.9 billion. It is one of the most convenient business opportunities for the people who have a limited amount of capital as the buying cost of the toys, and the games are comparatively lower than industrial goods.

5. Plastic Products: Yes, you read that right as the USA use plastic products to a large extent, and thus it ranks on the 5th on the list of imported goods from China. In 2016-17, the USA introduced plastic amounting to $15.6 billion. It is another low capital investment import business that you are searching for, and the market is enormous for this product.

6. Footwear: If you know latest fashion and trends then one of the promising import businesses from China to the USA can think of the shoe. Almost $15.4 billion of the shoe was imported last year from China to the USA, and thus you have a great chance to invade this market.

7. Crochet Clothing: The USA is one of the major importers of this item from China as the price is very reasonable compared to other countries. The last year’s import amounted to $15.1 billion. You can deal with this item with a lesser amount of capital in your pocket as well.

8. Cars/Vehicles: There are vehicles imported from China to the USA which amounted to $14.3 billion last year. This is a business which requires capital on hand as you need to buy from China and sell it in the USA but with the right customers and contacts; this is one of the most promising ventures.

9. Clothing other than Knit or Crochet: This item amounted to $14.2 billion in last year’s balance sheet of import and export which shows its high demand in the USA market. You can buy from China the material and sell it to the apparel producers in the USA.

10. Equipments for Medical and technical Usage: Chinese equipments for medical and professional usage are increasing day by day with the innovation they are making in them. The last year’s import was $11.7 billion.

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