Catering is essential to get your employees productive at the workplace and offering them with a delicious meal can help building a stronger bond. If in any case, you are in charge of catering an office lunch, then here are some things that you have to consider

If you ask why catering is vital in an office and the answer from my side is pretty simple, providing a healthy meal to employees shows appreciation towards them and so that it mirrors positively on your business. Sharing a meal with colleagues can help understand one another on a more personal level.

Have a headcount of your audience

The very first thing that you need to do is to have a number of the people that are available for lunch. Keeping in mind the headcount of the audience will ensure that you do not run out of food. This is why planning in advance, will give you a better idea of how to make your event a success. If you have a list of people that you feel invited to the lunch, send them invites in advance.

Setup is crucial

The crucial aspect to make a lunch a success is the setup. A setup is essential in catering an office, and if not done well before time, things during the lunch might get messy, which not calls for a successful lunch. To make the point more clear, you need to make sure that your office has ample space that allows everyone you invite to sit and enough of utensils for everyone at lunch. A little bit of effort into planning and setting can help you organise a successful lunch at the office.

Lunch for everyone

Not everyone has the same set of diet and thereby selecting the catering service that has a wide variety of meals that accommodates every employee at the office. The thing that keeps the catering industry going is that they cater to the modern day audience by including options like vegan and vegetarian dishes. Ask your guests in advance about the food allergies that they might have and exclude the meals that might worsen the situation.

Seek for Advice

Seek out for professional advice from the people that are used to dealing with office lunch catering events as they can give the clear idea of how much food to bring in. If you are not sure that the food you bring into the much is sufficient enough or the number of drinks you should get, outsource the job for the professional and seamless process of the ultimate catering experience.

Go seasonal with food

If the season is of a holiday, try making the theme and food suit in accordance with the event. Use your imagination and brighten up your employee’s day. Try and make everyone feel that the event is not intended corporate by including a tad bit of fun flavour to it.

Consider the deadlines

An office lunch is always clustered with a packed schedule of employees, that makes people only have a short period to eat their lunch. That is why chasing the deadline of catering lunch in an office pack some challenges. All you can do is get in some individually packed paper bag lunches that can avoid the frustrating lines to get the food. A piece of advice that can surely work for you here is that allow the employees the freedom a “to go” option if they feel like having the lunch back at the comfort their desk.

Satisfy the sweet tooth

As long as you’ve got some healthy options, don’t skimp on the occasional treat. Consider the thought of including some delicious cupcake or pastries, desserts like these will sum up the event and help you get the appreciation of your employees.

So these were some of the tips that you need to successfully cater to office audience during while gathering them for lunch.

If you have questions or have a few suggestions concerning this topic, mention those in the comment section below.

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