In the recent decades, this world has seen climatic changes that is now posing a threat on our survival. The rising pollution has led to the rise of global warming which in return has led to serious climatic changes which has impacted the lives of people. The major reason apart from manmade pollution is the rise in deforestation or the cutting of trees.

In response to the posing danger in front of us, the world has awaken and is now taking steps to reduce it. As many have suggested, planting of trees and making the world greener is one of the most easiest and effective methods of curbing pollution and global warming.

The present generation as well has been quite serious when it comes to saving the future from global warming. People are now at whatever level possible are planting trees, growing vegetation and greenery in order to make their surrounding eco-friendly and green.

As a person of business trait, one can turn this need into a profitable business of plant nursery where plants are grown to be sold later at a profitable income. There are many who have utilised this opportunity and there is lot more space available for players to try out. In this article you will learn about how to start a profitable plant nursery business from scratch.

So plan your investment accordingly. The best way to plan the investment is to create a blueprint or the business plan that will help you in finalizing the investment.

Formal Blueprint of Plant Nursery Business Plan:

The blueprint you will make will help you in understanding the requirements of business. Some of the basic features of your blueprint will have:

  • Legal Documentation and Paper Work for Nursery Registration
  • Registration as Taxpayer
  • Space for Plant Nursery
  • Capital Investment
  • Manpower, Equipment, tools and utilities
  • Return on investment
  • Conclusion

Plant Nursery from a Business Perspective: 

Well you can have love for nature and plantation but how this can be turned into money is a question that needs a thorough look. Plant nursery is a place where saplings are grown of various plants, shrubs, flowers, vegetation and trees. They are later sold in the market at profitable price.

It is not that this business has seen a rise in the present time but it also was very popular in the earlier times. The only difference in the earlier time verses today’s time is that the people are now willing to spend money on greenery unlike the earlier times.

Scope of the Business:

The scope of business depends on the way you execute it and how is your strategy towards the business. Talking about the plant nursery business, a favorable market is necessary in order to ensure that you get good returns.

Secondly, the efficiency in your business should be high in order to earn profitable returns. The present day plantation nursery is more technology leaning than ever before.

Using technology extensively, one can maximize returns which earlier was limited. For example, using technology and biotechnology, one can maximize the production of saplings using tissue culture. This increases production and thus the sale.

Target Market of a Plant Nursery Business:

What will be your target after the production in your nursery starts? Will it be individuals, organization, government, municipality or someone else? It all depends on the size of your business and its production apart from the manpower you can put in your business. To start with, there are three chief target markets. They are namely:

  • Municipality
  • Individual House
  • Public Society

Targeting the municipality means that you need to have a big nursery that has enough employees to serve the needs of municipality. Municipality has the responsibility of managing greenery of the footpath, public parks, green belts, roadside tree plantation, etc. For this, it requires various types of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses to do the greenery work. If you can satisfy the requirements then there is good probability that you will get good returns.

Second is individual household that also has the love for maintaining a garden with plantation, flowers and grasses. You can directly supply the required plants to the house. For this you require a good network and advertisement to gain your customers.

Thirdly, public society, private houses, schools and other such institutions that have gardens, small parks, green cover, trees, etc. You can also become their supplier.

To Maximize Returns and Growth Potential:

The business of plant nursery takes time to grow in its market. Even though you have great sale of plants and products, still you require to go ahead and maximize returns. For this, your nursery can do value addition of products.

Like you can also sell fertilizers, various types of soil in small quantity, gardening tools, and other items related to plant nursery.

Lastly, you can also provide services of gardening, trimming of grass and plants and maintaining of them all by a professional gardener. Doing this will maximize your growth potential and returns.

Investment Required to Start A Plant Nursery Business:

Starting a small plant nursery doesn’t costs much. You still will require a space where you will grow your saplings, produce new saplings, preserve it and store it for sale. You can use your own space that you have or you can buy or rent the space based on the budget you have.

Secondly, you will also need capital for purchasing tools and machines, technology for your nursery plant. The best option is to buy some necessary tools while renting the other big machines in the initial stage.

You will also require manpower for doing various work. You also need some trained experts who will monitor your work. Apart from this, there will also be some miscellaneous expenses that you will have to bear.

Manpower, Tools and Equipment:

To operate your nursery properly, you will need manpower. Hire some labors and experts for daily job. In case you nursery is small you won’t require too many worker but an assistant laborer at your rescue. Your business will also require tools and equipment. Some of the basic equipment you need are:

  • Forks
  • Grafting Knives
  • Scissors
  • Germination trays
  • Hoes
  • Spades
  • Push kart
  • Crowbar
  • Water dispenser or Cans

If affordable you can buy some of these tool or you can rent them based on your budget. For your nursery you will also need infrastructure. Make an outline of your nursery infrastructure and get it built within your budget. You will also require utilities which are needed for your plant nursery.

Execution of Plant Nursery:

Focus on your target market and do proper advertisement to gain customers for your plant nursery. You will be also required to make networks with people in the same business to get clients. Usually it will take around 6 months to get proper customer base for your business. Using feasibility analysis report set your target and meet the customer’s demand. Success of your business will depend upon the demand of the customers and your supply to the customer.

Return on Investment:

The return on investment on your plant nursery will depend firstly upon the investment you have done. So plan your investment accordingly to gain the maximum return possible. The first step for profitable return depends upon a comprehensive business plan. For a business plan to succeed you need to have a feasibility analysis report.

Get this feasibility analysis report made by an expert. The efficiency of your business and profit will depend mostly upon this business plan.

Second is time period. For a profitable return it is necessary that there gets no delay in return on investment. The execution of your business is also essential for a profitable return. Make sure you operate your business proficiently.

Usually it takes at least 6 months to get profitable returns from your business. For this proper execution of business in necessary.

Legal Documentation and Paper Work:

For opening any business in the United States or any other country it is necessary for you to register it as business entity under certain clause and rules as per the country’s law. So do register your business and do all the necessary paperwork. Since you would be busy with other business work, you can hire an expert who is well versed in legal work to clear your documentation work.

You also need to register yourself as a tax payer both as income tax payer as well as business taxpayer. Register yourself in order to avoid any kind of trouble in the later stage.


For any business to succeed it is necessary that sufficient efforts are put into the business. There are many advantages of this business while there are many cons as well.

If your business is set well then your returns will be sufficient to your expectations. Businesses fail when you don’t get the market for supply and your product is not up to the mark. Sufficient knowledge for this business is essential for success.

Hire an expert on plant nursery to carry out the real job. There are many types of soil, various method of nursing that should be done for appropriate results. In the initial stage it would be advisable to go in retail small market and later grow with time. Lots of investment when fails to deliver result leads to loss.

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