What is mug printing business?

There is not a single person is this world who does not drink coffee in the morning or during any part of the day. Many people prefer tea but coffee is drunk by everyone at least one central in a day. When you have cute looking mug for your morning coffee or a motivational quote on your mug, it helps you remain positive answer start your day with a new zeal everyday. Sometimes we do wonder how such mugs are printed.

Plain things do not attract our attention much. That is why when shopping, we look for printed coffee mugs that are pretty to look at. Coffee mug printing is a fairly easy task to do yourself but you will have to learn the process thoroughly before attempting it. Without having proper knowledge regarding the art you might not succeed in making the desired mugs you wish to. Many online videos are there that will teach you all the basics and details of coffee mug printing. Once you get the hang of it, you can always turn in into a business of your own. Every person in this world requires a coffee mug which is why it is going to be a pretty profitable venture.

Here in this article we will learn how to start mug printing business and what are the requirements for mug printing?

Mug printing business basics

Business is an art. When you know how to do it, you are sure to profit from it. Before anything, there are a few thumb rules of doing business that have to be considered when starting a new venture. When you strategy your mug printing business, the forts and for most things that you have to think about is investment.

Mugs in the market are not always very cheap which is why you will need to get in touch with whole sellers. Buying them in bulk will be much cheaper than buying them from retail shops. When you are trying it for the first time, start with smaller mugs and smaller pictures. That way if the attempt does not yield the desired results, you do not incur much loss.  Not only mugs, you will need the type of paper that is required for printing, known as transfer paper. When you are starting a business, you will need the paper in bulk amount too.

And finally, you need a mug printer to print on your mugs. It’s like, you will get your design artwork on the transfer paper, and then using a mug printer you will need to transfer them to the mug. To find suitable mug printer, check out this article from Sweet Revelation blog.

Mug Printing Process

There are two widely used methods of printing photos on mugs and these are sublimation process and digital ceramic decal process. In this article we are focusing on sublimation process because it is easy method out there with good result. For printing mugs using sublimation process you will need following equipments:-

  • Heat press machine
  • Color printer
  • Sublimation transfer paper and
  • Heat resistance tape

Business location

Another aspect is permits and legal permissions. If you are setting up your own shop, then you will be required to acquire persist from local and state authorities to open your shop. The location will also matter. Conduct a research about the competition in the area you wish to set up your shop. You will have to provide your customers with something better than what others are offering so that get more and more customers. Good quality printing ink is also important so that the prints do not fade with each wash. Give a name to your business that will help you draw in customers. Making it out-of-the-box will attract more customers.

The market

Mugs make a wonderful gift item too. Whether it is during the festive season, or on someone’s birthday or on the very important Valentines Day, personalized mugs add a more personal touch to your gift. Printing the mug with the pictures of your loved ones or with a loving quote will express more than what you will be able to say. You can also sell your products online, which is a bigger platform in today’s world.


Targeting the right kind of market is important for all businesses. Knowing the basics of how each market operates also helps a lot.

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