Are you creative? Are you organized and target driven? Then wedding planning can be a good option for you to start your own business. You should have the knowledge to manage the finances and to deal really with the frazzled brides as well. You will be able to make pretty good income when you know how to handle the entire task of wedding. This is one of those businesses which you can start with very little investment or sometimes if you are lucky, with no investment. So, let us get into the details of wedding planning business plan and how to start this business from home.

Get ready for startup costs

Yes, you need not have to invest on the wedding planning because the people hiring your business would be paying for everything that you are handling. You will have to set a particular budget and you will be paid accordingly. But the start up cost would be something for marketing. Yes, you need to concentrate on marketing your business. Spend some money for marketing like your business cards, websites, pamphlets and other options. Internet marketing can be a cheaper option.

Set the right budget for your clients

When you are providing the estimates, make sure that you are providing the estimate accurately. You will have to undergo a contract when you take the responsibility of wedding planning. Everything would be mentioning in the contract and so you will not get anything more than what you people have decided mutually. So, do your research in the market about all that you will need for planning a complete wedding and then set your quote.

Make sure that your quotation contains complete list of services that your are offering to your client. Understand your clients requirement and give quotation accordingly. Below are some of the points which you should mention:-

  • Caterer details and menu
  • Details about types of photographer and videographer
  • Music/DJ facilities
  • Flowers for decoration of wedding venue
  • Ceremony and reception venues details
  • Transportation facilities to and from venues
  • Types and cost estimation for linens, decoration, chairs, curtains, etc.
  • Mention the types of flowers for wedding party
  • Wedding invitations car printing details
  • Gifts for guests
  • Welcome flower basket

Having negotiating skills

You will have to get all the material and other things required for the wedding. So, after you have gathered enough information and set a budget for a particular wedding, you can still negotiate while buying the materials. That can save you some extra money than expected. So, always be ready to negotiate.

Be careful in selecting the first client

You are starting up a new business and hence your clients can be the best way to market about your services. A word of mouth can reach a lot of people with ease and that is the most powerful tool for marketing. So, try to contact those people who are engaged and planning to get married soon. There are so many wedding planners in the market and it is really a very huge hill to climb and reach the top of it.

Get all legals done

Register your new business as a firm and get ready with bank account, service tax number, etc.

Handle every aspect of marriage

Some people give up with some aspects of wedding even being a wedding planner. This is where you may loose some clients. So, you should brush up your skills in handling all the aspects of a marriage and make sure that you provide high quality service.

This is a business where you will be able to make a lot of money without having to invest anything or very little. You can get the advance payment for the wedding planning and the rest would be paid after wedding completion. At the same time, you will also don’t have to pay any. You can get tie up with the wedding equipment vendor and get the materials, which can be paid post wedding. So, this is an amazing option to start a business which can really shine with dedication and hard work.

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