Why a bakery business?

We have a very strong sweet tooth. A sweet dish after lunch and dinner is a must for us. And if it is cake, then we are the happiest. Not only that, all our parties have at least one cake item, no matter what kind of party it is. When you are the sous chef of your group, you love to win accolades for the delicious cakes you bake.

In the modern day scenario, where there is more and more demands of new and improved cakes and other bakery goods, starting a bakery business is a wonderful and sensible business idea. More and more people are now looking for new places to buy cakes from. Opening a bakery business would mean you will able to appeal to the tastes of a lot of people and thereby win hearts.

For cake lovers, designer cakes attract them more than anything else. With the demands increasing, starting your bakery business will be a very profitable venture. All you have to do is keep in the basics of your business which will allow you to flourish and expand your business with each passing day focusing on your business plan. In this article we will discuss about how to start a bakery business in India and license required for running a bakery business from home or a shop.

Business basics

Research is the thumb rule for any business. Without proper research, you cannot expect to travel much further. To know how the bakery field operates, you have to be armed with sufficient knowledge. You will have to offer the best quality products, even though it is better to start small. Though it is going to be a little more expensive, adding only the authentic raw materials would yield the best results.

The better your cakes are, the more business you get. But before that, you will have to plan the whole thing very sensibly. You will have to make a list following things:-

  1. How many batches you will make per day
  2. How much materials you would require for one batch.
  3. Having the proper contacts of material suppliers.
  4. You will have to get in touch with good suppliers of the basic ingredients you will be requiring for your business such as utensils, ovens, and materials like eggs, milk, flour, essences flavours and others.

For all this reason, a steady investment is very necessary, which has to be taken care of first. The next most essential thing is location. You need to find a good location for your bakery, a location that will not be too competitive for you right from the beginning. You have to offer attractive yet affordable prices to draw more business. Proving a cool and catchy name to your business is also essential. You must get in touch with health departments and other legal authorities to get your business sanctioned without any complications.

Business Registration Process:-

It does not matter whether you are opening a bakery or a restaurant, you have to register your business with the concerned authority and get the license for the same. You can register your bakery business in following category:-

  • Private limited company
  • Limited liability partnership(LLP)
  • One person company

To know more about types of company and business registration process, visit this link

License required for opening a bakery business:-

Food Standard and Safety Authority of India(FSSAI) business license is required to run any food based business in India. If you dont have FSSAI license or you license has expired then 6 months imprisonment and fine of more than 6 lakhs is applicable. It’s better to get a license and run the business properly.

The market

India has an extensive festive season all the year round. It will be the best to target the festivals and offer discounts and other attractive offers which will help you get more orders. Another, very easy way to do business is online. You can open your new website and online store where you sell your cakes, cupcakes and other bakery items. Versatility is the prime requirement of your business. The more types of cake you offer, the more the creativity is, the more business you will attract.


Not only festive seasons, people are now bringing cakes to almost all occasions. You could appeal to the wedding season and also the occasion of Valentine’s Day to offer your lovely cakes at attractive prices and discount offers. So, just go ahead and start baking!

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