Business Opportunities In Hyderabad

Hyderabad ranks 5th or 6th as the most productive metro areas of India. This fact is enough to give an idea about the business prospects that one can expect from this “City of Pearls”.  Since getting an employment is not that easy now-a-days and even if one gets a job, the salary being offered is not satisfactory. Owing to this trend even the honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi made a statement: that don’t try to become employable become an employer instead.

There are many other probable reasons why many young entrepreneurs are focusing to start up something of their own. Hyderabad having great future prospects both in terms of growth and development has become the obvious choice for many entrepreneurs. It is not necessary that one needs to shed lakhs and crores of rupees to start up a business. There are many options that have good business prospects and require comparatively lesser investment. Whatever business one tends to start, it should always be kept in mind that conducting a thorough market research is of utmost importance. If you manage to do so than even if you start with a lower capital, your business will bloom over a period of time.

Here are top 10 business ideas & opportunities in Hyderabad with low and medium investment:-

Recruitment Firm:

This is the best option for people who have good networking skills. It doesn’t require much investment. If one wants with absolute low investment, then just register yourself as an employer with various job portals and also establish link with various top companies who pay a good amount for each such recruitment that is made through your reference. So the only cost involved is of registration that is done on job portals. If one manages to bag link from top companies then they even pay up to Rs.5k for each such recruitment. Hence it is a very lucrative option for many.

Food Deliver Startup:

Everyone likes to try various cuisines or every new restaurant that is open in the city. But sometimes it is not possible to go to restaurants or food joints in order to have food. In that case food delivery startups always serve the purpose. Their demand has been increased in recent times at an exponential rate as everyone wants the facility of getting their food delivered at their doorsteps from a restaurant that is quite distant from their residence. Though it requires the investment to be on the higher side the profit prospects make the investment worthwhile.

Restaurants and Small Bakery Shop:

With Hyderabad being the cultural heritage of India, one can find people belonging to various races within this city. Hence the food options available in the city are quite diversified in its nature. Starting up a restaurant or a small bakery shop in Hyderabad can turn out to be the best decision of your life. As this business never runs out of customer. The investment involved is reasonable when compared to the business growth prospects it offers.

Kids School Franchise options:

Brand is the new trend. People are so obsessed with brand these days that one associates a brand name with a school that it is deemed to offer top-notch education to children along with top class school facilities. So if you are considering to take up a school franchise, then you are on the right track. There are number of kids who are still yet to get admission to a good school. So setting up a franchise school in Hyderabad is the best option. Taking up a franchise involves some good amount of investment but the cost comes along some benefits as well. One can expect to earn quite a handsome amount from this business.

A moving company business:

If you can help people shift their stuff from one place to another safely then you will be in high demand for sure. Especially in a metro city like Hyderabad such services are always in demand. You just need some workers and an office area. Make sure to do the marketing part properly to make people aware about business. The business has good future growth prospects and one can expect to earn a good amount initially. Read more

Food and Beverages Center:

This is the best destination for young generation to hangout. They are always in search of a place that is a bit lesser on the cost side and provides them a place to hangout with their friends along with satisfying their hunger and have drinks. So this option always attracts a number of entrepreneurs as one can also start it at a small level with minimal investment. As they are always filled with customers so one need not worry about the profit part.

Renting out car to Ola/Uber cabs in Hyderabad:

This option is being practiced by many and is yet in demand. If you don’t want to invest in much initially, then simply register yourself with Ola/Uber and rent out your car to them. This can be done alongside any other business as well. Ola and Uber both pay a really good amount for you renting out your cars. You don’t need to give much time or efforts. Just contact them, complete few registration processes and you are good to go. You have a readily available option that is going to fetch you good amount every month. Read more

E-Commerce store focusing on local famous Hyderabadi products:

There are quite a number of things that are really famous in Hyderabad. Setting up an E-Commerce store an making them available to other cities as well can be a really good option. Now-a-days one can also get a domain at a cost as low as Rs.99/month. Include products such as Hyderabad Bangles, Pearl Jewellery, Ittar(perfume, Handloom sarees, handicrafts and many more. As you will be selling them online so the target customer area will be quite high. Investment involved is moderate and the business prospects are just spectacular as today almost everyone prefers to shop online.

Import Business in Hyderabad:

As the market trends are quite favorable in Hyderabad, one can also consider to set up an Import business. You can check which products are more in demand and have limited supply. Accordingly choose the products to import from other countries. The margin involved in such products is really high and since they are mostly sold in bulk to retailers, the profit figures are surely going to make you happy.

Export of local Hydrabadi products overseas:

Import and Export business has always gained the attention of many. It not only provides good growth prospects but also one can expect to create a fortune if able to make the right selection of products to be exported and the countries where they will be exported. Hyderabad has innumerable products that are very unique and of high quality. Just search which products are in demand in the global market and currently they are being sold at what rate. Accordingly, make your next move. The investment required will be high as you will be exporting products in bulk and in most of the cases you won’t get much advance. So though investment will be required, the profit that it will yield for you will make the investment worth it.

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