Business Opportunities In Kolkata

If you are planning to start up something of your own then the only problem that arises is related to Capital. Many people think that in order to start up a business one must have a huge amount of capital to invest in. But it is not necessarily the case. If you are in Kolkata, West Bengal and want to start up your own business, then there are some options that can be looked after as they don’t require much capital. The main advantage of starting up a business in Kolkata is that workforce can be easily obtained at a considerably low price.  Unlike other metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai, the cost of living in Kolkata is quite low. So the only cost that has to be incurred is in terms of raw materials.

As the workforce, place of business and other such things can be easily obtained at a lower cost. Kolkata, the city of joy, provides innumerable chances to young entrepreneurs to nurture their skills and provide a good market to start in. Following are few profitable small business ideas and opportunities that can be started with a low investment in Kolkata.

Restaurant Business:

The term restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean a huge place having many employees to cook and serve food. One can open up a small café near some college area or school area. Most teenagers look for a place to hangout alongside satisfying their hunger. Small café’s always serve the purpose for them. People love to eat out frequently. Especially if one can provide people with mouthwatering dishes at a reasonable price, there is no looking back for then. The investment involved is not that higher. The figure can range in thousands. But the profit will surely make the one-time investment worth it. Read more

Sell Online in Kolkata- E-commerce Startup:

This is one of the most booming options available today. Almost everyone shops online. And the best part is that it doesn’t involve approaching customers individually or showing the stock item one by one. It is indeed a tedious job. With the mark of online shoppers crossing the crores, figure E-commerce sites surely have grabbed a good customer base. Just make sure to conduct a thorough research before starting. Checking various E Commerce sites, what products they are selling, how much discounts they are offering could be some points to look after. The investment involved is reasonable and the profit prospects are quite high for E-Commerce startups.

Agarbatti Making Business:

This option requires the least amount of capital. And this is something which almost all shopkeepers keep in their stock. The only thing needed for this business is good quality raw materials and some laborers. Once the manufacturing is completed, only marketing and selling part will be left. As agarbatti are always in demand, there are high chances that the sale figures could be quite pleasing. The margin involved in it is really decent as compared to the investment made. Read more

Readymade Garments Shop:

Who doesn’t want to look good? People are ready to pay a good amount for trendy and fashionable outfits. This is a very good business option as it has bright future prospects in terms of both growth and profitability. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is to conduct a thorough market research. It is not considered a wise decision to start any business without conducting a research in the relevant area. Just make sure that profit margins are not too high initially. It should be increased gradually along with the increase in customer base. Investment is a little bit on the higher side but the profit earning prospects are also quite good.

Mobile/Computer repair and accessories:

Mobile and Computer are something that is present in every house. They have become an inseparable part of every individual’ daily life as most of the work requires the use of mobile phones and computer. The demand for mobile/computer repairers is quite high as people cannot visit the authorized service centers every time owing to the high charges being asked by the service centers. If repairing service is made available to people at a comparatively lesser cost, then there will be a line of never ending customers. Alongside repairing service also offer customers various mobile/computer accessories. The investment involved is minimal with profit figure going on the higher side. The volume of work can be plenty in this case which makes it a lucrative option for many.

Bakery Shop:

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like cakes, pastries and other dessert items. There are a number of bakery shops in Kolkata and the surprising fact is that almost all of them are earning huge profits. Though having tough competition, Bakery shops in Kolkata manage to earn huge profits because of the high demand. Be it a birthday party, anniversary or a farewell party, all celebrations are incomplete without them. Bakery owners can expect to be surrounded by customers all day long. The investment required is comparatively reasonable and can earn you huge profits.

Salon Franchise:

People often tend to visit salons that have a brand name associated with it. As their looks are concerned, they always prefer to visit a place where the work is carried out by a professional having years of expertise in the relevant field. Local salons don’t get much foot fall of customers. Though taking up a franchise costs much, one can always have a look at the various available options and choose the one having low investment but high brand value. Once a salon is opened having a renowned brand name associated with it, the line of customers will be quite long. The margin is really high in services offered by such salons and one can expect to earn a handsome amount.

Real Estate:

People working in Real Estate sector are always expected to earn huge money. One can consider becoming a promoter as it gives much higher profits as compared to other options. Alternatively the business of buying a property and then selling it out at a higher price can also be a lucrative option for many. Even one deal is capable of fetching profits which are in lakhs. Many people find it the best option in terms of earning.

Sweets Making Business:

This business is best suited for the ones who want to start up a business with the minimum amount possible. As initially, one can start making sweets at a residence and approach acquaintances or people in the locality. The cost of raw materials will be not very high and since the demand of sweets is inevitable, especially in Kolkata, one can expect to earn good profit.

Start a travel blog focusing Kolkata:

There are many people residing in Kolkata only, who are unaware about the must visit places in the city. One can help them out by starting a travel blog. Take help of WordPress and get started. Huge capital is not required for becoming a travel blogger, just the writing skills and the knowledge part would suffice. There are bloggers who earn up to lakhs every month, making blogging the best available option in today’s world.

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