Bangalore, the electronic city is a blooming option for all those planning to set up a business of their own. Owing to the employment trends in India, most young people have shifted their focus from getting a good job to build up an empire of their own. Always remember, there are no limitations to business opportunities in Bangalore, once you decide to move ahead with your decision. And Bangalore being the tech city offers multiple business options and good business prospects. Though the cost of living is a bit high in this city, the city also provides huge earning potential so the higher cost doesn’t seem to be a big problem.  Resources to start any business are easily available in this city and also the market trends show a positive growth. There are a number of profitable business options with low and medium investment that a young startup enthusiast can consider to start in Bangalore city.

I have crafted top 10 new profitable business ideas one can start in Bangalore, Karnataka

Restaurant Business:

This is undoubtedly the best business option to consider, as it never runs off customers. But it is important to understand that your restaurant will always be packed up with customers only if you can provide them with quality food at reasonable price. Almost every alternate person is a born foodie and loves to eat. So if you have a capital constraint, then initially open up a small food joint as it won’t require heavy investment, and then gradually convert it to a big eatery house. The margin is really good(approx 55%) in the food business and you can expect to earn a really handsome amount from it. Learn more

Real Estate Business:

This is among one of the most lucrative business ideas in Bangalore. One can never go wrong in this. The property prices are really high in Bangalore and you can consider becoming a promoter or starting your own real estate brokerage firm. You firm can act as an intermediary between the various buyers and sellers and earn good commission from every single deal. If you don’t want to invest much, and then just start the entire thing yourself like, search for properties for rent that are both for residential and commercial purpose and then reach out to prospective tenants and take your share from both the parties. Then after a period of time when you have earned enough from this, start up a company and hire individuals to work for you. This business is really rewarding and one can even get lakhs of rupees from a single deal.

Bottled Mineral Water Supply Business:

This business has lot of potential and is good idea for those who want a steady market. Water is something that is required by all and you can start supplying it to a number of retail stores, homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes and many more places. The investment isn’t much and even by keeping a low-profit margin, you can earn really well owing to the sale volume. Packaged Mineral Water is usually purchased in bulk, so even if you manage to gain 2 or 3 clients during the initial stages, you can earn a decent amount from it. Also, do not forget that 20 liter container for home and offices. This is one of the profitable business in Bangalore with low investment. Setup a water plant and get going..

Taxi/Cab Rentals Business:

This business doesn’t require much effort and can provide you with a considerable monthly income. You can purchase cars and put them on a rental basis. Rent some to local travel agencies and rent the remaining to Ola/Uber. This way you have managed to create a fixed income that you will receive every month. You can also buy more cars with that income and then start your car rental business, reach out to tourists or people in the city who want to book a cab for few days or some occasion and start earning. Though the investment is a bit on the higher side as you will have to purchase cars, but the investment will be worth it as the demand for cab rental services is really high in the city. Attaching car with Ola and Uber is very profitable business with low investment in Bangalore. Start with one car and then expand..

Mobile App based plumbing, cleaning and electrician service:

Every individual requires these services at some point or the other. But the problem arises when they don’t have the time to search plumbers or electricians in their area when they need them the most. In such scenario, if you can provide these services and create an online platform where people can reach you through a click on their smartphone, then you are on the way to create a fortune. As there are many people who want services but don’t have the time to reach for those service providers. You can get a good amount from every single house if you provide plumbing, cleaning and electrician services at their doorstep. Major investment in this business is in marketing. You can start with small scale in one or two locality then expand your serving area slowly.

Juice Corner/Cafe:

Most youngsters want to find a place where they can hang out with their friends and also have some good food together. A Juice Corner/Café can be the perfect option. It doesn’t require huge investment, a moderate investment with quality food and reasonable price in a prime location is all that is needed for this business. If people liked the quality of your food than you will not have to worry about the revenue part. Just get ready to count money. This is my one of the favorite business idea because I have seen people making 5 lakhs per month with this business in BTM area.

Daycare Service for Kids:

This business idea is something which has increased over a period of time like anything in Bangalore. Almost every individual in the city has to go their office and their day is gone there. They don’t want to quit their office, neither can they leave their children in the wrong hand. So you can open a daycare center for kids and let people know about the same. Do the marketing properly, and if you are able to provide good services, parents will be ready to shed thousands on you every month. So the earning potential is really good and also the investment required isn’t much.

Information Technology Based Startups:

There are many small businesses that want a third party to outsource a part of their business operations. Might be they don’t have enough space to recruit many people to do their job, so in such cases, IT based start-ups are much required. Just approach companies that are in need of virtual assistants or people for providing customer care services to their customers. Your startup can prove to be a one point solution to them. If you can manage their work well, they will pay you a considerably good amount that will be more than enough to cover your break even.

Education Based Startups:

With the changing environment, even education needs are changing constantly. Even after getting a degree, people are not able to get a good job. So you can start an education institute that makes people job ready. You can offer to improve their soft skills, clear their concepts in relevant field so that they become employable. Offer vocational short term courses. Such institutes are much in demand and students are ready to pay thousands of rupees for this work. This is the reason many young entrepreneurs have their eyes on his business. You can also go for various franchise opportunities in this genre.

Clothing and Lifestyle:

People always want to look their best and look presentable even if it costs them a month’s salary on a single purchase. So this is the best time you start up a retail business where you offer trendy and classy clothes along with other trending accessories to fashion lovers. Garments always have a huge margin involved in it, so it is always considered as the best profitable business option and requires moderate investment.

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