Women have entrepreneurial capabilities that are in disguise not due to them but due to society. When can women manage a home with so much ease and even if you give her a little budget for the month, then do you think it is very difficult for them to manage a business? I think it is not if they get the right role and motivation and an idea to start with.

The world is witnessing a steady growth in the number of women entrepreneurs in the past few years, and the numbers are increasing with the growing women empowerment movements and the economic standing of women in societies. The last few decades have witnessed an upsurge in the women taking part in the economic growth by putting their steps into the business sector, corporate sector, and this a boon for the world economy, because at present time, we all need entrepreneurs who are witty enough to make a profit but kind enough to hold teams together and make overall progress for the society as a whole.

For women, it is as important as men to be self-sufficient, to be a breadwinner for her family besides taking care of the family members which they always do. When they choose the role or think about business ideas they must keep in mind that what are their fortes, what are the things they excel at, understanding of the sector/domain/industry, and how flexible she can be as she needs to juggle between home and business (in most of the cases).

So, here are some of the small scale business ideas for the women who are ready to take their first step into the world of business and have the potential to grow further:-

1. Human Resource Consultancy

If you have knowledge of people and you can understand them, opening a human resource consultancy in the USA or any other part of the world can be a beneficial one. There are thousands of graduates who don’t know how to take part in an interview as our educational system is corrupted and you can fill the gap and make them prepared for interviews, GDs, etc. and refer them to the companies.

2. Online Store for Interior Decoration Stuff

With the growth in the standard of living of general people with the increased income potential, many of us are interested in interior designing of our homes now a day which earlier used to be only for the royal and the rich family homes. Women are already related to making beautiful designs and have knowledge of the same, and if you have already done a study on the same and have the experience, you can start your own interior designing business.

In your interior designing store, you can have arts and crafts from a different part of the country, and our country has rich resources of the same at low cost; you just need to know the right place and the right people. The initial investment would depend on the items you are keeping in your store for interior design.

If you are keeping items that are rare but cheap, then your initial investment would be low, but if you are keeping antiques, then you have to make a huge investment. For first time entrepreneurs, it is better to go to the suburban places and find the local art and craft of those places and market those in your store.

3. Daycare Center

Women possess motherly qualities on their own, and there are no women in the world who don’t love kids. So if you are that compassionate, loving, and caring, but you have a passion for doing something on your own rather than just taking care of your children at home, why don’t you open a daycare center that can care for other’s children as well? You can open this center at home which would cost nothing but you have to get registered as most of the women would only trust a crèche or daycare center when you give them the proof of being a responsible one in the market. This is not a business but definitely, this job is more than work, and you can not only earn money from the working mothers but also blessed by them for taking proper care of their children while they are away.

4. Boutique Business

With the growing demand for fashionable attires and designer wears, one of the most potentially profitable businesses is to open a designer boutique for women. If you have an idea of recent market trends in fashion and you know how to design attires, you can earn with ease as designer wear have a high market price. The initial investment would include the rent of the shop; you can also do it from your home, the cost of the materials, labor charges, and miscellaneous expenses.

5. Online Business For Women

If you are from the interiors where most of the people don’t have knowledge of the internet, you can make your living out of it. You can start purchasing products online in bulk and avail the discounts offered by the online companies and sell them to the local customers at a lower price than the market. This will easily make your business stand out, and you can make a profit from the beginning.

6. Yoga Training Centre

There is a growing passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle amidst this rat race of people and the fast lifestyle. With many celebrities endorsing Yoga over other forms of fitness regime, you can dig your foot into this business as this requires no capital or very less amount of capital. The thing you require is to have a certified trainer for yoga, or if you are passionate about yoga and have full-fledged training, then you can open an academy for yoga practice.

There are various other business ideas for passionate women. This is a time when the women are raising entrepreneurs within themselves and leaving footsteps for the upcoming generation to follow. There are several successful entrepreneurs who are women who have struggled a lot, but the willpower of women is incomparable.

7. Shop for Pets

Women are always great in handling pets like the dog in your home might be bought by your brother or father or gifted by your uncle, but your mother takes care of the dog every day. Thus women can influence potential buyers to buy pets easily and also take care of those pets as the owner of them would do.

If you are a woman who loves pets and also interested in making a living out of it, you can find mates for them and take care of the pets thoroughly and then sell the puppies or kittens to other pet lovers. If you are not interested in the mating of your bellowed pet then but you want to be around this job, open a shop for pets where other pet owners can find toys, food, medicines for their pets.

The investment is on the lower side as you can do it from your home as well or if you are opening up a shop, then the investment would include the rent of the shop, the initial stock purchased by you and if you are keeping any staff, his charges.

8. Online Teaching Classes

After coronavirus and lockdown, basically shut down of school and colleges have started the trend of online classes. Every student is now comfortable with online classes. If you have ever dreamt of becoming a teacher but never got such an opportunity then now is the right time for you. There are many online platforms where you can apply for online teaching or you can even start your own classes or even you can start your classes through zoom and various other apps. Challenge is that you have to think and plan how you are going to get students or attract students toward your online classes. Here are some tips on online teaching classes you should know about.

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