In the series of import export articles, I have discussed various informative topics focused in import export business. If you have not read those articles then you can read them here. In this topic, I will share very easy to follow guide on how to get export orders online from other countries with the help of a website. It is said by many that finding overseas or international buyers for your product is most difficult task in import export business but I dont think that it is true. What I believe is that you can get export orders very easily with the help of digital marketing technique. Many people in export business are using online marketing secrets which you will not find anywhere on public forum.  Also, the result from digital marketing in export business is truly amazing and I have experienced this personaly by running digital marketing campaign for my clients.

Steps involved in getting export orders online

  1. Get a website as soon as possible
  2. Check demand of your product in other countries by using a simple online Google tool
  3. Run advertisement campaign for quick result (Within a week)
  4. Get into SEO and rank your website in Google search

Get a website:-

If you are in export business and you dont have a website then you are absolutely missing lots of opportunities here. A website is a must for your export business to find buyers because it is a gateway for your clients who might be looking for your products from other countries. If you have a website then people from all across the globe will visit your website to read about your products. So, get a website done for export business today.

Check demand of your product in other countries:-

Google has provided a very simple tool to find about what people are searching in Google in different parts of the world. The name of the tool is keyword planner, you can access this tool for free if you have a Google account. In this tutorial on how to find buyers for you products online, I will use this tool to check the demand of product in international market. I will find demand in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

Lets get started:-

Lets assume that you are running a ‘garments business’ and you want to find international buyers for your garments.

1. Login to and goto keyword planners which is in top right corner, drop down menu as shown in screenshot below:-


2. Click on “search for new keywords using a phrase, website or a category”  after clicking, it will expand with some new fields.


3. Write “Garments exporter in India” and select location to United States. It will show the result of how many times people are searching in Google for this keyword in United States of America. See screenshots


4. After that, click on “Get ideas” at bottom of above page

5. New page will appear like this: screenshot below:-


So according to Google search history, 10 – 100 search is there, it means that atleast 100 people are searching for this keyword in United States of America monthly.

People in United States are searching for “Garments exporters in India” it means that they want to import garments from India and they are looking for exporters in India.

Similarly, 100 people are searching for “basmati rice exporters in India” in the USA, it means that they want to import basmati rice from India and are looking for exporters in India.


Similarly, you can check the demand of your own product in international market by following the above steps. You can check demand in particular country by changing the target location in first step.

From the above method, you have found that people are looking for your products in different part of the world. Now, the main question is “How to show your own website to them ” I will discuss this topic in next tutorial and will help you to find international buyers for your products.

If you have any queries or questions then please let me know in comment section below:-

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