Why start paper recycling business?

Something as trivial as paper is an essential part of our existence. When you analyse your whole day, you would find that paper plays an important role in your day. But, of all the paper we use, about all of it goes to waste. Though paper is biodegrade and does not pose any major threat to the environment, which the increasing amount of trees being cut down, paper is actually dwindling in amount. To avoid such a situation and to save paper for our future generations to come, saving paper by recycling it is an excellent idea.

While the paper recycling business idea is nothing new, you can pay your part in making a better future. Whenever we are on the streets, we see tonnes of papers lying around which go to waste. Even the newspapers that accumulate in our homes, we sell them. But instead of throwing them out or selling them, we can give them to units who deal in recycling paper and also make a living out of it.

Paper Recycling Business Basics & Business Plan

If you wish to start your own business of recycling paper, you must first acquire a trade license which is important for any business. But before that, you will have to acquire the knowledge of the venture you are about to start. Only knowing how to recycle will not help you run your business well. You will have to armed with the knowledge of procurement, production and most importantly, distribution and marketing. Gaining first hand experience will help you run your business better.

You can visit those organizations in person to watch how they work and learn the techniques if you wish to start a business of your own. Procurement of materials is important, the source of the materials have to be determined before anything else.

Collection Bins

Paper is used by every person. You can speak to all household in your locality, offices, markets, schools, restaurants about setting up collection bins all around. You can install them near shopping malls and eating joints. Your major collections would come from local areas than big malls.

Setting Up The Recycling Plant

The production is next most important. Setting up a factory in your area would require a no-objection certificate from your neighbours. You will need to buy certain equipments(Discussed below) for your production which is why funds are important. Give an attractive name to you business to draw more customers.

Waste Paper Recycling Machines

Various types of recycling machines are available in India. We will divide the machines in three different category and will discuss them below:-

Large Capacity Recycling Machines

With the help of machines, you can convert paper waste into paper products like paper plates, paper cups, soft cardboard etc. You can sell these products directly in market. The capacity of large recycling machines is 100kg/hr to 500kg/hr and it is dependent on additional machinery. The price of large machine is around 10 lakhs per unit to 15 lakhs per unit. You can customize these machines to suit your production requirements. You can also produce high quality writing paper by recycling waste papers using these machines.

Medium Capacity Recycling Machines

In this type of machines, the production limit will be around 75kg to 250kg per hour. These machines are usually small as compared to large capacity machines. Also, the price of one unit is around 7 lakhs including all installation requirements.

Small Capacity Machines

Similarly, in small capacity machines you can convert waste papers into useful papers for making of products like paper cups, writing papers and paper plates. The price of small capacity machines will range in between 3 – 5 lakhs/unit. Production capacity is going to be around 25 – 100 kg per hour.

The market

The marketing and distribution is the most important process. Since this industry is not so new and has been in works for a long time, you will have to analyse and gauge the competition and the market requirement very carefully. The better quality you provide the better chance at success you have.  Also, having well chalked out marketing strategies would help you move forward better. Since you will be supplying the same thing as others do, you will have to offer your customers with something that others do not. That will draw in more business. Hurrying into a thing would not help you in the long run which is why starting small and then gradually expanding you wings would be better for your business. You can set up your own shop and also tie up with other major stationary shops where you supple your products.


The paper recycling industry is a huge one, hence the competition is very strong too. Taking things slowly and by encouraging more people to make use of recycled paper will be beneficial to your venture as well as to the future generations.

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