If you are currently studying in college or high school and want to start a side business then this article is for you. I have crafted practically best online business ideas for college students in India and abroad which could bring good side income in your pocket every month. There are many student who wants to study, but they are neither sponsored by their parents nor any government scholarship, for them it’s hard to bear expenses for their college fees, books, project materials, practical and lots more. Such students can work on their spare time by starting up with some part time online business to manage their expenses. There are thousands of ideas by which college students can earn money online with very low or without any investment, within campus or off campus. We will not discuss here all thousands, but some of the best and working online business ideas for college students without much investment.

Start Blogging

Internet has provided very good opportunity where anyone can start their own money making blog anytime and anywhere. Choose one niche (topic) in which you are good at, start writing a blog in that particular niche, keep writing articles in you blog with patience. In few months, you will notice that visitors are coming to your blog to read your articles. After that, apply for Google adsense account and start making money easily.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other business or product in your website or through social media and in return you get some commission on every sales which is made from your promotional link. This is very simple and you can become affiliate of top ecommerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Signup for their affiliate program and start promoting their products on Facebook and Twitter.

Article Writing

If you are good in writing articles then you should try article writing for someone else. Every website needs article which provide either selling or informational details. Many companies outsource content writing job for their website. You can start writing quality content for such company or website. Content writing is good and smart way to earn money without much effort and in very short time. You could start making money from tomorrow. Signup on website like freelancers.com and bid on content writing projects with your offer. It is very simple, you can also try some other websites like Fiverr.com

 Web development

You can start web development service if you are good at HTML coding, copywriting and graphic designing. There are many ways to start with, either work for some employer or as a freelancer. There are many small business who can pay you handsome money for creating user friendly and attractive website for them. You can even start teaching web development both online and offline. You should try Fiverr.com for instant web development projects.

Graphic designing service

Do not think much if you are good at graphic designing. You can start graphic designer service online and offline both. Many companies has a requirement for skilled graphic designer for their logos, branding element and lots more. You can either works for some employer or as a freelancer. You can also offer your service to other students by designing their reports and presentation.

YouTube channel

If you are college student then you must have heard about BBkivines, a very popular channel among college students in India. He has gained 2 million subscribers in around 8 months. Youngsters are earning like crazy through YouTube now a days. You can create your channel related to anything, like information based, teaching, funny pranks and jokes. Create engaging content and visitors will love watching and sharing your videos. More video views = more money in your pocket.

E-Book author and selling

Anyone who has interest in writing can now publish their own book and it does not require any publishing company. If you are a good writer you can write E-Book on any subject or any genre fiction, non-fiction and sell it online through amazon and other e-commerce websites.

Buying & selling in Amazon and eBay

Many people buy some unique or antique stuff on amazon or eBay and resell them making good profit. If you have any good product or if you know a manufacturer whose product is very popular in your city then you can contact him and start selling his products online. Now a day it has become very easy to sell anything online. You need to pick such product from market which are highly on demand and sell them on amazon, eBay etc.

Tutorial classes

Starting tutorial classes on your favorite subject can make good money for you. Teaching can be done anyway, by conducting classes or teaching online.

Design & Sell T-shirts Online

T-shirt designing can be a good option for you if you have a creative mind. There are many websites and company which provide you medium to sell your own designed T-shirt and in return they give you commission in every sale you made. What matter here is, way you promote and sell your design. You can sell it through running a social media campaign or inside your college campus. You can also design T-shirt for some events and function in your college. One popular website for making money from t-shirt designing is teespring.com

T-shirt designing for viral events is very profitable and you can sell 1000s of t-shirts in a day using Facebook. For example, if any famous footballer has just retired or going to announce his retirement in a particular date then this is great opportunity to make some bucks online. Design a t-shirt something like this “WE WILL MISS YOU – MESSI” and promote your design on social media. This is very popular online money making method among college students.


With the increasing net connectivity and globalization, knowing and understanding all languages has become extremely important. Many companies and websites offer potential job for translator. If you are expert at your mother tongue and also in some more foreign languages then translating languages can be a good business for you and you make lot of money.

Selling Photographs

This can be good business for you if you are a skilled photographer. There are many website, where you can upload your extraordinary photo stock and start selling them. One such website in India is picturebazaar.com

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article, all methods shared above has potential to make lots of money in very short time. If you have any doubts or questions for me then please ask me in comments below. If you want to add any new methods then you are most welcome.

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