Are you thinking about starting an export business? Then you must know that there are certain products from which you will incur maximum profit. If you are starting a business or want to change your commodity to something else and involve yourself in the export business then you must have a knowledge of the world market and the demands and trends that are going on  there. Also you must acquire good knowledge about the product you are exporting. But firstly you must know about the present products that are high in demand in the export business of India. Below is the top 10 products exported from India to other countries.

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India has a lot of products involved in the export business but among them some are listed at the top. These are non-basmati rice, basmati rice, fresh vegetables, buffalo meat and many others. To give you a clear idea about these here the products are described in details.

#1. Non-basmati rice

The export business in case of non-basmati rice did suffer losses. This was mainly because of the stiff competition that India received from other countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Pakistan. But inspite of that according to the export reports of 2016-2017, non-basmati rice has been the top most exported product of India. The fluctuations that were caused to the export of non-basmati rice arose due to various reasons. But in 2016-2017 the total amount of non-basmati rice that was exported amounted to 68136220 quintal. The corresponding value of the exported non-basmati rice is Rs 17121.65 crores.

#2. Basmati Rice

Now if you are thinking that India is only famous for selling non-basmati rice then you are completely wrong as basmati rice is equally famous and is the second most exported product of India. The awareness regarding the quality of basmati rice is known to all and the cooking that is done with basmati rice is unparalleled. Due to these reasons the demand for basmati rice is quite high in the world market and so India has always been ready to answer to that call of demand. In the financial year of 2016-2017 the total amount of basmati rice that was exported amounted to 39997220 quintals and the value of this quantity is Rs 21605.13 crores.

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#3. Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables rank in the third place when it comes to exporting products from India. Yes it is quite difficult as they need to be well preserved otherwise they won’t remain fresh. The countries where the fresh vegetables are mostly exported from India are United States of America, Netherlands, France, China, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Chile, and Thailand. So these countries are the main buyers of the fresh vegetables. In 2016-2017 the amount of fresh vegetables that were exported are  36319730 quintals and the value of this amount is Rs 5718.69 crores.

#4. Buffalo Meat

India is considered one of the top exporters of buffalo meat in the world. And it is true that buffalo meat does brig India some handsome profits. This buffalo meat that is exported from India is known by the term of carabeef. The type of meat that is exported is characterized by de-boned chunks and are mostly raw. These meat chunks are mostly used in the food processing and canned food industries. The major countries to which India exports the buffalo meat are Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria and Philippines. According to the 2016-17 reports the amount of buffalo meat that was exported by India was 13300130 quintals and the value of this exported amount is Rs 26303.16 crores.

#5. Fresh fruits

The diverse climate of India is what helps it in growing varied fruits and it is a major plus point in the export business of fruits from India. In the list of fruit and vegetable production India ranks as the second country after China. The total  area that has been found to be under fruit cultivation in India has amounted to 6.110 million hectares. The 2016-17 report exclaimed that the total amount of fresh fruits exported by India are 7987550 quintals and the value of this exported fruits are Rs 4966.92 crores.

#6. Groundnut

Groundnut is no doubt a staple food for several families in the developing countries and India has employed this fact very well and has emerged as the largest producer of groundnuts. And moreover cultivating groundnuts means not only increasing foreign exchange but also aiding in providing food to the people of its own nation. The total amount of groundnuts that were exported amounted to 7252660 quintals in the financial year 2016-17 and its value is Rs 5454.32 crores. Thus investing in groundnuts would be a very shrewd move to increase your export business.

#7. Processed Fruits and Juices

It is a known fact that the food processing industry in India is based mainly on the export industry. The most important factor that helps in the growth of this industry is the diversity in demography in India that helps in the production of various fruits and thus promotes the growth of processed fruits and juices. There would be no inadequate production of raw material if you plan to invest in the export of processed fruits and juices. According to the report of 2016-17 the total amount of processed fruits and juices that were exported amounted to 5333858.67 quintals and that value of it is Rs 3905.18 crores.

#8. Other cereals

Cereals have a huge demand in the international market and demand is what makes India best suited for its cultivation as it has the advantage of climatic variation that is needed for cereal cultivation. And if you do not know this fact then you should know it that – India ranks first in the top producers of cereals in the world and apart from that it is the top exporter of the same. In 2016-17 the total amount of cereal that were exported amounted to 7381780 quintals and the corresponding value was Rs 1424.19 crores.

#9. Guargum

Guar or cluster bean is extensively cultivated in India. The advantage of this legume product is that it is entirely drought resistant variety. It can not only be consumed as green beans but can also be fed to cattle. The guargum is a widely exported product of India. The cultivation requires a warmer climate and thus India is apt for its cultivation. According to the exports reports of the 2016-17, the total amount of guargum that was exported amounted to 4232830 quintals and the value of this exported amount is Rs 3131.74 crores.

#10. Cereal Preparations

India is not only a good exporter of cereals but also of cereal preparations. These cereal preparations are nothing but foods that can cooked readily. The demand for these kinds of foods is increasing with the fast paced lifestyle of people. These cereal preparations include corn flakes, biscuits, ginger bread, crisp bread, papads and many more. According to the export report of the financial year 2016-2017 the totals amount of cereal preparations that were exported amounted to 3417700 quintals and the value of these was Rs 3571.60 crores.

So, if you are trying to establish a business in the export line then you must definitely keep in mind these products as they are the ones which are the top most exported products of India.

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