In my previous post, I have shared information about business opportunity in Agarbatti making or Incense stick making and it’s profitability in India. As we all know that the profit margin in raw agarbatti making with the help of automatic machine is INR 10 – INR 12 per Kg. Today, I am going to share a new type of agarbatti making business opportunity which is mosquito repellent agarbatti manufacturing and it’s profitability in India. This business comes under small scale manufacturing business which could be scaled to large scale business.

Mosquito repellent incense sticks or agarbatti is in very high demand now a days in India and very few manufacturers are making this product right now because the formula used in making mosquito repellent agarbatti is different from traditional raw agarbatti. Traditional raw agarbatti making is very common now a days and it is being produced by thousands of manufacturers in India. On the other hand, mosquito repellent agarbatti is new type of manufacturing business with very high profit margin.

Profit Margin In Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti Making Business

Firstly, make it clear that this mosquito repellent agarbatti is different from traditional raw agarbatti in many ways. Below are some of the differences:-

  • Dimensions of mosquito killer agarbatti is bigger. Length and width of bamboo sticks used is larger than the traditional agarbatti.
  • Material used is different from traditional agarbatti.
  • Mixing formula and chemical used is different and
  • Finally, the dipping of mosquito repellent chemical is done

The final profit in this manufacturing is around INR 30/kg, which is three times the profit in traditional raw agarbatti. It should be clear that, INR 30/kg profit is in making of raw mosquito repellent agarbatti(without dipping of mosquito repellent chemical).

Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti Making Formula

Formula used for mixing of raw materials and chemical for mosquito repellent is different and it depends upon the type of mosquito killer agarbatti which you are making. Generally, at the beginning stage, the manufacturing process is same as of traditional incense sticks and only dimension changes. The addition of mosquito repellent chemical is done in final stage before packing and the name of that chemical is not public yet. I will try to share it with you in my next article. I will share full details on how to manufacture mosquito repellent agarbatti step by step.

Bamboo Sticks

As I have said earlier that the dimension of bamboo stick used in manufacturing of this agarbatti is different and you can find it easily in the market. You could also import bamboo sticks from China with out any hassle. Read our guide on how to import bamboo sticks from China.


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