In this article you will get information on mobile tower installation and how to apply for tower installation. You can rent out your property to several telecom and tower installation company such as Reliance JIO 4G tower, Airtel tower, Vodaphone tower, BSNL tower, etc. You can earn very good income in return from these companies. In coming 6 months Reliance JIO 4G is going to install around 45000 towers in India and this is very good opportunity for you to get a slice of the pie.

Mobile tower installation in your property is a good source of passive income. If you want to generate some source of income from your land and property without much hassle then you can think about mobile tower installation in your land or terrace. You can earn handsome amount of money if you get it installed in your property. Here in this article we will discuss all such consequences which you could come across to get through this tender and we will also shed light on ongoing fraudulence in this.

mobile tower scam

How To Apply For Mobile Tower Installation

First point to be taken under consideration is that do not approach anybody for tower installation without any verification, they may deceive you. They may ask you to pay registration fee in advance for tower installation and in return they may deceive you. If someones has asked you before with such offers then you should complain to the concerned authority.

At the end of this post I will share some links where you can register your property and apply for tower installation.

You Don’t Have To Pay Any Amount In Advance

Remember, only Access service licensee (granted with license under section 4 of Indian Telegraph Act) and the companies who are granted with Infrastructure Provider-1 registration by the department of telecommunication are authorize to own mobile tower. None of these Access service provider or infrastructure Provider Company will seek any amount from you. BTS (Base transceiver station) are installed free of cost if your property location and site is suitable for installation and you need not have to pay money in the form of registration fee or tax.

Approach Tower Installation Companies Directly

Best way to approach tower companies and let them know that your property is available for them is to contact them directly. There are options like Indus Tower, Bharti Infratel, American Tower Corporation, Viom, Hexacom, Ritl or GTL Infrastructure as these companies are responsible for mobile tower development program in across many countries. You may also contact Telecom Company like Reliance Infratel and BSNL who sets up their own tower.

The List of such company is also available in Indian government website Each company has link in their website through which landlord can share their property details and invite the company for survey of their property.

You Could Be Contacted By Telecom Infrastructure Provide Companies

Company will approach you only if your property is suitable from RF (Radio Frequency) analysis point of view. Once the company Deems your Plot is suitable, they will sign some MoU form. Whenever the company raise any new site request they will offer your property site to operators (Reliance JIO, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc.)

Which property / land Location is suitable for Tower Installation?

There are certain rules and regulation considering location of tower installation as per guideline framed in 2006. Which are:

  • First preference shall be given to forest area, if your property is such area it is a plus point for you.
  • Second preference is given to open and public area, which is not very close to residential area.
  • Where it is not possible to avoid  the location of the tower in residential area, the same shall not be located in open spaces or parks, with prior consent of the owners of adjoining residential houses
  • Installation of mobile towers should not be allowed within a radius of 100 meter from hospitals, educational institute and residential buildings.

But these are rarely followed as we can see many tower are placed without considering these guideline.

Permissions or Document required for Tower installation

  • Structural safety certificate from designated institute – This is important certificate for the installation of tower in building, if tower is installed in school building.
  • Consent from Authority – Building owner and mobile phone operator has to get consent of the municipality authority ensuring that building owner has obtained required permission from concerned authority to set up the tower.
  • Indemnity Bond – This Bond is to take care of any loss or injury due to any accident caused by tower. Indemnity Bond is required from owner or service provider before installing a tower.

How Much You Can Expect As Monthly Rent

Rent depends on height, size and location of your building or land and it also depend on real state value of the location and varies from Rs 8000 to Rs 1,00000 and also few lakhs in some area in Mumbai and other metro cities. Sometimes towers in residential building benefits the building owner with free calls and internet. If operators or companies approaches you directly that means your location is suitable for them and there is requirement for tower installation in that area. If your bargain skill is good you can get good rent form this deal.

Note: Do not trust such article in newspaper that promise lakhs of money as rent for tower installation. Senior police inspector Sarjerao Babar of cyber crime cell told dna, “If someone shows interest in their scheme, initially the fraudsters talk in a professional manner and explain the scheme in detail. They then give time to the customer to gather documents. After a few days, they again contact the customer and give their bank account number.”

“We have observed that initially fraudsters study the background of the customer and accordingly ask him or her to deposit money into their account. If the customer is strong financially, then they ask to deposit high amounts. After depositing the initial amount, the fraudsters tell various procedures to get clearance from Telecom Company as stamp duty, anti-radiation certificate, government’s no objection certificate etc. and keep exacting money from the victim,” Sarjerao Babar, said!

Beware of Scams

Also, if someones approaches you for the same then you should verify them. Now a days, you can verify any phone numbers and website address easily. You need to search that mobile number in Google, If someone got scammed by that number earlier then there are chances that you will find that number in Google. Below are some of the important websites where you will find complaints.

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