Small scale manufacturing business is very profitable if you start in a planned way. The advantages of small manufacturing unit is numerous and I will discuss all these advantages in my next article. Here in this article, I have crafted best small scale manufacturing business ideas that will cost little to start i.e profitable and low cost at the same time because of high demand and less supply.

Before getting into manufacturing business ideas, I want to share some important points regarding  business establishment and I want you to research on these points before getting into manufacturing of any product. Every business on the face of the earth is based on following points:-

  • Cost – Here, cost refers to the cost of manufacturing one unit of the product
  • Customer – Who will be the target customer of your product?
  • Competition – What is the competition in the market? how many manufacturers are there and what is the current price of the product?
  • Market – How big is the market? The below ideas will cost little to start but it does not mean that you cannot scale it to multi million dollar manufacturing unit, you can expand it from one city to another.
  • Marketing – How you will market the product?

Lets get started:-

Here are some manufacturing business ideas that cost little to start in any part of the world. It does not matter whether you are in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, etc.

Disposal Cups and Plates –

The manufacturing of disposal cups and plates is done with the help of machine which costs very little and you can find it in any part of the world. One automatic machine can produce thousands of cups and plates in a day with ultimate accuracy. To setup a small manufacturing unit, you will need one automatic machine and two staff, one staff will operate the machine and other will pack the cups and plate for supply in the market.

Drinking Straw Manufacturing –

Normally it is made up of plastic (such as polypropylene and polystyrene) with the help of automatic machine which produces several hundred thousands in a day. The demand for this drinking straw is everywhere and it is profitable too. The raw material is of very low cost as compared to other manufacturing business. Try to make it eco-friendly and recyclable.

Outdoor Tents –

Manufacturing of tents could  be very profitable because it costs very little to start. It is used for staying outside with your friends and family in a picnic or adventure.  Manufacturing of best outdoor tents by using quality fabric and frame structure which is durable in all weather condition is the demand of current market. So, step into this business and make your own brand.

Furniture for kids –

Furniture like bunk beds and staircase beds with storage and drawers are good to start. Initially, start with small manufacturing unit and scale it up to next level after acquiring good market hold. Excellent quality and beautiful design made up of solid wood and quality hardware is all what you need to  grab the market. This is those type of small manufacturing business which you can start at any time without much dependency of machines and other hardware, Basic woodworking training is required at first, hire a trained person for all manufacturing needs.

Tissue Papers –

You can start manufacturing tissue papers with custom logo of restaurants, bakery shops, etc. It costs very little to manufacture tissue papers and various types of machines are available whether semi automatic or fully automatic. Customized tissue paper supplier has very high demand in the market.

Scented Candles –

Luxury candles manufacturing is done with the help of very low cost machine which will cost under $1000. The raw materials which is wax and scent is also available at cheaper price. So many luxury candles manufacturing companies  are there which are making some good profit. The market is new and hungry for new creative manufacturers.

Mobile Phone Cases –

The manufacturing of a simple mobile phone case will cost as little as $1 but the market price would be more than $3. You can start manufacturing of these cases with your own design and touch by using graphics printing on the back which is popular now a days. The machinery for making phone cases is available all over the world.

T-shirt Printing –

Customized T-shirt printing is in demand everywhere but the number of supplier to meet the demand is very less. Printing any graphics or a personal message on a T-shirt is quite simple and it is done with the help of a transfer paper or a digital printer. It is very easy process and anyone can start this printing unit from their home.

LED Lights –

Huge opportunity is there for LED lighting in today’s market , getting into this manufacturing business is really profitable idea. You need to study the manufacturing process and learn how China produces LEDs at unbelievable low cost.

Optical Frames –

The cost of manufacturing optical frames or sunglasses frames is very less as compared to the selling price in the market. There is very little competition in the market and most frames are generally made in China which costs less than $4 to produce. Japan and Italy produces high quality frames. The idea of manufacturing optical frame is very profitable and you can setup a small manufacturing unit with very little or sometimes medium investment.

Customized Use and Through Pens –

Starting a manufacturing unit for use and through pens really costs very little to start because of low costs equipment and machinery used in manufacturing. You can also produce customized pens for companies with their logo. The process of manufacturing and printing the logo is very simple and anyone can start this right from their home. You can scale and market the product as much as you want because the demand is not going to decline anytime soon.

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