What are fertilizers and why make a business in them?

India has an economy that is primarily agriculture based. Some major industries are based on selling agricultural goods and products. All crops require some amount of fertilizers to aggravate the growth and quality of the crops. There are various kinds of fertilizers available in the markets, out of which most of them are synthetic and have harmful and toxic chemicals in them.

They increase the growth of the crops but the quality I’d dangerously compromised. There are various organic and good quality fertilizers available too but they can be quite expensive. For this reason,  it is best to use organic fertilizers which are not only good for the crops but also for the soil. Making compost or organic fertilizers from your kitchen or daily waste is a good idea for a profitable business. You will be able to use it for your own use and also sell the products to the fertilizers market. It is lucrative business idea and can be very profitable if done correctly in large scale.

Business basics

What is compost?

Compost is generally decayed organic material which are recycled to use as fertilizers for growing plants.

Every kind of business venture will require you to attain a trade license. This will allow you to be registered with the state and local governmental organizations. You will have to get in touch with authorities which will provide you with the detailed information about the permissible limits of manufacturing and using all fertilizers.

Even while making compost you need to use certain machinery or compost bin and ingredients. You will have to ensure a steady flow of money to fund your production and marketing costs.

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Find opportunities

A thorough research about the potential markets for fertilizers is important. Unless you have the knowledge, you will not be able to conduct proper business strategies for the smooth running of your business ventures. To know hoe to turn your waste into fertilizers, you also need some kind of research and field study. While you can always take help from the internet, acquiring first hand experience is more important and will prove more beneficial. You can scout for factories who recycle waste into organic fertilizers and can watch them at work. That will help you learn even the smallest of tricks to make it better. For the collection of waste, you can set up bins wherever you can around the locality and even the city. The location of your factory must be considered.  While setting it up a little away from busy settlements would be better, you will have to keep in mind the accessibility for customers and carrier vehicles.

The market

As India is an agricultural country, there are no dearth of fertilizers companies which supply there products all over the world. However, organic fertilizer companies are a little bit more difficult to find. When you are equipped with the method, the marketing plans need to be worked on. You can either go solo or you can tie up with a bigger company for the supply of your products. It will be better if you  analyze the market before setting up the factory. That research will enable you to gauge the competition. Quality should always be kept in mind for the better running of your business.


Composting or recycling daily waste into fertilizers may not be easy in large scale but it is profitable for sure, once you are equipped with the essential know-how.

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