With the liberalization of economy and the rise of modern technology the methods of earnings have completely changed. The 21st century youths are more focused on being a self-employed person rather than working an employee. Even the governments of all countries except the communist countries have adopted the idea of entrepreneurship. With the growing population it is evident that all of us may not be able to secure a government job or a private job. Rather than struggling as an unemployed we can focus on becoming a self-employed person.

Today’s youth believes in being a job provider rather than being a job seeker. The rise in startups around the world is really the most amazing thing going on. It reduces the mindset of dependability on others for money and job and is also pushing people to be hard working, innovative and business minded. A startup business can be anything that gives you good profit and employs at least 2 more people than you.

Here is the list of 20 low investment high profit margin businesses that may work for you. A low cost business is not only safe but it also gives you the confidence to push yourself to the new limits.

Low Investment and High Profit Margin Business Ideas:

#1. Drop-shipping Business:

Drop shipping business is trending now a days. It is a type of business in which the retailer does not own or keep products in his local warehouse stock but instead forwards customer orders and shipment details to either the wholesaler or a manufacturer, who then ships the products directly to the customer. You can start drops-hipping business with Amazon, eBay and Shopify. This is one of the best home-based business available today.

#2. Solar Appliance Business:

The world is moving towards green energy and solar energy is the most common form of green energy. The usage of solar appliances is rising. From solar cooker we have moved much forward. Now people are installing solar panels to light up their lamps and use it as conventional form of energy. The demand of solar appliances is huge. One can go for it given the governments are providing subsidized solar appliances.

#3. Manufacturing of Disposal Cups and Plates:

If you are interested in small scale manufacturing sector then this is one of the best investment. It costs very lest to start because the manufacturing machines are not expensive. The profit margin will be very good if you initially starts with 3 machines.

#4. Manufacturing of Cell Phone Accessories:

Manufacturing of mobile phone accessories business is growing day by day and this is absolutely right time to step into this business. You can start manufacturing flip covers, back covers, designer covers etc. Low cost machines are available in the market with high production capacity. The profit margin in this manufacturing business is very high as compared to other products.

#5. Become a Freelancer:

Freelancers are people who work on hourly basis or on contracts. There are many websites that deal with freelancing businesses. You can offer your service to people that find are giving you the desired amount. Freelancer can be a writer, website developer, coder, software and app designer, database manager, and many more. You can work based on your skills and earn a good amount without any investment. Maybe a good internet connection and a computer is what required additional to your knowledge and skill. Read more

#6. Start Blogging:

Own a website and post some interesting things. This business has grown up in few years. The only investment is the cost of developing a website + monthly charges of the domain company. An investment of 1000 dollars can help you in earning a good amount after few times. You can post interesting videos, facts, pictures, stories and many more to attract viewers. As the traffic rises many company will contact you for ads and that is where you can earn.

#7. Become a YouTuber:

There are many YouTubers that are doing excellent. What you can do is post some interesting videos ensuring that they don’t get strike down due to copyright issues. Be Video blogger, interviewer, fact teller or story teller. Investment of few dollars in promotion of videos can give you promising returns in few year time.

#8. Writing Short Stories Online:

Stories of 3000-12000 words can best be sold on online platforms like Kindle in a published format. You can make your own story publishing house where you can invite creative writers who can provide you interesting stories. Selling stories at the rate of few dollars is a promising business.

#9. Owning a Floral Business:

Most of us have tried gifting flower bouquets to our loved ones online. Have you thought of opening such a platform of your own? Flowers are sold at very low cost at local levels. Selling them in the form of bouquets online can earn you good profit. There are bouquets that cost around $50 to 100. That’s one of the best ways to earn profit by a huge margin.

#10. Selling Souvenirs Online:

Souvenirs are gifts on special themes. They are mostly a type of memento used to gift to others and has become quite common. People gift others regional souvenirs or custom themed souvenirs. You can open an online store selling such souvenirs as they have huge demands presently. You can also start this business as drop-shipping business in which you do not have to keep the products. The profit margin is very high with low setup cost, because setting up an online cost very little at some portals.

#11. Sell Traditional Crafting:

This is another such promising business idea with low investment and high profit margin. Recently people in India found that a local Khat which is a bed made from jute strings selling on online portals at cost ten times the original cost in local markets. You can also open such online portals of selling such traditional and regional products that have huge margin of profit. Such jute khats have huge remand in western countries.

#12. Real Time Solution Firm:

There is a gradual rise in such firms that provide solutions related to business, startups, legal, matrimonial, property dispute, psychological, health and many more. Who has not heard about counseling centers? Providing such solutions can prove out to be successful. In the fields of legal, business and psychological, the demand is quite high.

#13. Manufacturing and Selling Eateries like Pickles, Poppadum, etc.:

On local levels and online mediums this has a huge success. There are many online portals that sell eateries. Either you can open your own portal or you can sell your products there. Selling it online gives you the chance to earn more. A local sale is restricted with less potential buyer while an online sale can give you the rate you really want.

#14. Mobile App Based Bike and Car Rentals:

People who visiting touring sites always demand sports bike and car. The reason why you must choose tourist spot is that you can have huge profit in comparison to normal rentals. There are many places that are best traveled on bikes. People hire bikes for these journeys paying 100s of dollars. What you require is some investment in bikes and accessories. The main investment in this business is in marketing and app development.

#15. Selling Handicrafts:

Regional handicrafts have huge demand in online markets. The international market too has huge demands of regional handicrafts. Such handicrafts are sold at very cheap prices at local levels but when sold online, there rate multiplies by multiple folds. This promises huge marginal profit which you may definitely go for.

#16. Yoga Center:

Other one of the most successful business these days is of spiritual practices. Yoga is one of such fields that caters huge crowd. Especially in the western countries, yoga centers have seen multiple fold growth. Owning a yoga center with few trainers can give you huge return. You can also hire yoga trainers from countries like India which can save more money for you.

#17. Meditation Center:

Meditation center is also a million dollar business. People who belong to urban class, businesses, IT firms, banking class have a hectic life. Many of them spend good time in meditation center paying thousands of dollar. This industry has grown with a huge rate and is still flourishing. Meditation provides inner calmness and happiness and who doesn’t wants it by paying few bucks?

#18. Grow Trees:

If you have a farmland and you don’t grow anything there then you can plant some good numbers of saplings. Allow them to grow for 5-10 years. Though the process is time taking but it has great results. Plant such saplings every now and then. Suppose after 5 years you have 100 trees whose wood caters huge rate then you will definitely earn a good sum. An average tree sells around $300-500. Selling 100 tress a year means $30, 000 an year given you are doing a noble cause of planting trees.

#19. Open a Religious Organization:

Faith draws people closer and it easily pushes them to donate great sum of money. Though the idea sounds sinister but what matters is making money. Of course you can build a religious center, organize some programs and run some charities. The return donation is quite huge and promising. You just need to learn the art of winning people.

#20. Open an NGO:

Non-Government Organizations are flourishing like hell. NGOs are good ways of churning money through charity. With some good works you can attract people to donate money. NGOs are presently the most successful businesses going around and all on the name of noble cause thus earning you money and respect.

#21. Social Justice Organizations:

Social justice is an emotional issue. Social justice for poor, marginalized, minorities, blacks, refugees, acid attack victims, rape victims and so on. People get emotional when such issues are touches and pay heavily. Many such social justice organizations collect huge sum of money. The money is spent on issues while much of them is consumed by the owners.

#22. Election Pollster:

These days’ elections are won by public policy graduates, tech graduates and management graduates rather than politicians. Many notable elections like the 2016 American Presidential Elections, France Election, Britain Elections, and 2014 Indian Elections have witnessed young dynamic pollsters who worked for parties and won them elections. This is a very promising and successful business.

#23. Dog Breeding:

Yes, that’s quite a successful business. Raising standard breed dogs and then selling their puppies is a big business these days. A small investment on dogs and the return is promising. Selling one dog at $500 is a big deal. If you are able to sell all 6-8 puppies every season then you can earn around $6000 a year.

All these low cost business ideas sound great but they require a will to go for it. The starting few are easier with good profits. Last few of them need strategy and planning but if you are aimed to earn money then no one can stop you either.

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