Clothing is a basic need for every human being and so is the task of keeping it cleaned and washed. Officials, in particular, are required to appear well dressed at their workplace. This way, there is an increasing demand for personnel who can dry-clean clothes on a regular basis. Starting up a small scale business where laundry service is provided is not at all a difficult task if the right plan is chalked out from the beginning. With an initial investment and hiring a few staff to work on the same, one can establish a fairly full-fledged profitable laundry service business. You can start developing contacts and advertising in the locality nearby and make sure that a few regular customers are collected. Providing the best quality with the available equipment required the skill and dedication towards the job taken up. There are a few key points that one can consider before setting up laundry business.

Types of service which you want to offer:-

  • Coin operated laundry business
  • Pickup/drop laundry business

In coin operated or self service laundry business you need to setup the full system with required coin operated washing machine. In this type of business, customers will visit your laundromat for washing of clothes by their own. In this type of laundromat, you do not have to worry about pickup and drop facility. On the other hand, in pickup and drop laundry system you have to hire more staff and vehicles.

In this article, we will discuss about coin operated laundry business

What does it require to start off with the service?


For any business to get started, it requires a suitable location. In this case, a part of the house, such as a veranda or even a garage could be sufficient for starting with minumum investment. The very task demands a lot of space for drying clothes that are cleaned. Hence, a spacious area where there is scope for the entry of a good amount of air is required. It is preferred that this service is provided within city limits as there occurs daily circulation of clothes and distance could prove to be negative to the business.


There are a few materials and machines that need to be purchased before setting this industry up. Somewhere about 20, 00, 000 INR could be the basic monetary requirement to start up this business. Hiring staff and buying washing material on a regular basis requires monthly release of pay. Cost of coin operated big industrial washing machine is much more as compared to home washing machine.

Import Coin Operated Washing Machine:

Manufacturer of coin operated commercial machine in India is very little in number. You need to import the machine from foreign countries

Legal aspects:

There are examples where the turnover for an individual has turned out to be very big. In such a case, it becomes mandatory to have the service centre legally registered. It also requires a certain set of bonds and papers before hiring personnel for working under you. Naming the business set up and choosing a suitable logo for it can be a part of business expansion and brand marketing.

Who are the customers that you can target?

There is a variety of clients that one can find for this service. Below is the list to assist you in finding out who make important customers to a laundry service of this sort.

  • Stores that rent out clothes for shows and events
  • Event management offices (They often dry-clean their decoration cloth)
  • Hostels and residential schools
  • Hotels and restaurants with uniforms for workers
  • Apartments
  • Individual houses with working men and women

There are a lot more opportunities in this laundry business provided there is proper marketing and information distribution. Overall, it is very important for a laundry business owner to be very responsible about the clothes of his clients. There should not occur any damage due to faulty machines and other equipments. If these conditions are met, there is no doubt in one becoming a successful small-scale service vendor. The evergreen field seems to have never shown ‘losses to any of its believers.

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