Any business aimed at children can turn into a profitable business, only thing required is patience, hard work and innovative idea to promote your business. There are numerous of business ideas focused at kids, I have crafted few of them which are trending and profitable ideas to help you in starting the business with little or medium investment.

Here are business ideas aimed at babies/kids

  • Diapers Manufacturing Business

Diapers manufacturing companies demand are increasing now a days. Previously very few parents uses diapers for their kids, but now a days almost every parents is considering diapers as a very important and hygienic product for their kids. Diaper manufacturing could result into a very profitable business. You can setup small manufacturing unit with one machine at the beginning.

  • Baby Care Products Store

Selling baby care product is very profitable and trending business. You can sell all baby products from massage oil, powders, soap to baby food. Lots of franchise option is also available for baby care products. This business will not be limited to your local community, but you even sell those products online with good offers and discounts.

  • Organic Food Store For Kid’s

Every parents are concerned about their kid’s health. So when it comes to the health of their kids, they are always ready to pay more for certified organic food. Organic food business for babies does not limit only to vegetables, it could be anything like organic meat, organic fruits, organic dairy products and organic baby massage oil.

  • Kids Day Care Service

It is now very trending business in metro cities, many working parents are looking for good and trusted kid’s day care service where they can leave their kids and go for work without any hesitation. This Business idea is good opportunity for someone who has great interest in kids and wants to utilize their extra space in house. If not in house then you can even start it separately by taking space on rent. You can also hire few helpers/staff to help you out in this business.

  • Kid’s Party Organizer

This is basically an event management service focused at kids. Parents are always looking to celebrate their kids birthday parties and other occasions in theme based stylish and luxurious manner. Very little or no investment is required to kick start this business because they are going to pay you in advance. The important aspect in this business is your creativity, make sure that kids appreciate your work by enjoying the party to fullest.

  • Designing Custom Dresses For Kids

Designing custom dress for kid’s party and school events is an excellent idea for those who are interested in cloths designing. Almost every school organizes events every year, like school annual function, teachers day and children day celebration, etc. You can approach such schools with your designs collection. Also, You can sell your custom designed dresses online. There are many platform available online like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, Flipkart where you can create your online store.

  • Tutorial Classes for Kids

There is huge demand for tutorial classes for Kids in every city. Parents always wants their kid’s to achieve good grade in every fields. You can start a small institute by hiring few teachers in different subject. You can even offer craft, music and dancing classes.

  • Private Play School Business

You must have seen play school in your colony or locality. This is perfect business for stay home moms. You can start up with kids play school, featuring friendly environment for kids and providing all sorts of amenities for their fun, arts and crafts. You can start this business from your home at beginning stage and later on move to some bigger place if your budget allows you to do so.

  • Babies/Kid’s Furniture Store

Starting a kids store could be a profitable venture if done with dedication. This requires medium investment, you can expect good return on investment if you follow effective business plan . Basically you have to target almost every types of furniture and items which comes in use from day one of the child birth till they reaches the age of 10 to 12. You can stock your shop with baby cradles, baby beds and bedding, baby carriers, baby gears and rockers, baby walkers, kids table and chairs, swings and many more.

  • Arts and Crafts Shop

Crafts store is best business idea, if you want to do business focused on kid’s stuff. Every kid’s and Children’s are interested in arts and crafts. There is a high demand for art and craft product as every school conduct art and craft classes. You can also sell your product online.

  • School Uniform Business

Selling school uniform is a great business idea. You can sell uniforms of all schools which are operating in your city. Along with school uniform, you can also sell all such stuff like ties, socks, inner wear, stocking, cardigans, blazers and lots more.

  • Books Store

Book store is also demanding business idea. You can sell both new and old school books in your store. Your promotional ideas and offers will definitely make good money for you from this business. You can also start book renting service.

  • Toy Shop

Kids are crazy about toys and games. There are numerous of new toys and games available. You can import kids toys from China and sell them in your city. Import procedure is very simple and hassle free. One plus point is that you can easily sell these toys online all over the country very easily through amazon, eBay.

  • Games and Entertainment Center For Kids

If you have enough space located in good locality with foot traffic then you can setup a small kids gaming parlour with ease. Start with small space in your locality and then expand to malls and multiplexes. Games and entertainment industry is always profitable and can make you good fortune. There are many games and kid’s ride which you can setup in your center like video games, bounce house, cars, horse rides, elephant ride and many more.

  • Taxi/Cab Service for Kids

Pickup and drop facility for children is a great business if your have targeted some good schools in your city.

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