STEM is the academic principals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In an educational setting, STEM is often taught using problem-solving, creativity and interaction. Often considered to be more hands-on than traditional learning, STEM has many benefits for children. Connecting the classroom with real-world concepts and ways of working, STEM helps build future skills and interest. 

With technology at the forefront of many sectors, STEM education helps secure the future of UK businesses.

Read on to discover ways to introduce your children to STEM in fun and interactive ways. 

Get outdoors and experience nature

This is possibly not the first idea that springs to mind when introducing STEM, however, combining nature with technology can be a great way for children to experience and learn. Take a camera and get out into the woods, mountains or the coast and share the sights, sounds and feel of your surroundings whilst capturing some beautiful images. Once home, you can even introduce your children to some basic editing software and let them get creative with your newly-captured photos. 

Build things

This doesn’t have to be anything complex. Simple household items can teach children about weight, balance and structures and they’ll have plenty of fun in the process. Let them get creative with boxes, bricks, cushions or plastic cups and see how much they enjoy designing. 

STEM toys

A STEM toy doesn’t necessarily have to be a computer-based device. Many traditional toys teach kids the building blocks of STEM including puzzles, blocks, board games and tiles, giving them valuable experience at problem-solving. 

Newer concepts of STEM toys, however, include coding devices which teach the basics of programming and help develop technical problem-solving and teach language-based skills. 


There are many different devices, apps and games that can be used to teach children STEM. Many offer opportunities for creativity and design as well as engineering. Some even allow you to design and print 3D models. 

Visit a science/ tech museum 

For those parents worried about screen time, there are plenty of options to teach STEM at home without the use of apps or computers. However, for an exciting and educational day out, why not visit a science or technology museum? With plenty of opportunities for learning, exploring and discovering, it’s a great way to bridge the gap between education and fun. 

However you decide to introduce your kids to the world of STEM, there are plenty of creative ways to make it fun and exciting for everyone. 

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