If you are in agarbatti business then you must have heard about bamboo sticks or agarbatti kaanti which is very important material in agarbatti making. The production of bamboo sticks in India is very low and it lacks to fulfill the demand. For agarbatti making purpose, lots of big players are now importing bamboo sticks from China and Vietnam to meet the required demand in the market. In this article, I will share this highly profitable import business opportunity for you and you will get to know about the demand of bamboo sticks in India for agarbatti making and how to import bamboo sticks for making real big profits.

As we all know that bamboo stick is backbone of agarbatti business and sometimes huge scarcity of this material is seen in the market. This is such type of material in which you can make quick cash without waiting for market boom, if you have tons of bamboo sticks in your manufacturing unit then you will get lots of orders. I have seen many agarbatti manufacturers struggling for bamboo sticks because of high demand.

What is the business opportunity?

In this field of agarbatti manufacturing business, there are very few people who import this bamboo sticks from China and Vietnam. If you step into this business then you could make very good profit in short term. The initial investment for import of bamboo sticks from China will cost you something around 17 – 20 lakhs.

Why to import Bamboo sticks from China and Vietnam?

80% of Agarbatti manufacturers in India uses automatic machines for manufacturing, and for that automatic machine, imported bamboo sticks are required. Those machines does not produces quality raw agarbatti with the use of Indian bamboo sticks, that is why, imported bamboo sticks are required for flawless production of agarbatti in India.

Import of bamboo sticks from China is most profitable

You can easily import bamboo sticks from china and it will cost your around INR 17 – 20 lakh for 25 ton of bamboo sticks. The cost of import per kg of bamboo sticks will come around INR 75 and the selling price of 1 KG bamboo sticks in 110 rupees.

Import and export is done in container of different size. You can easily import 25 tons of sticks in one 40 feet container. Your product will take 40 – 50 days to reach India from china. So, this is the business in which you could make 8 – 10 lakhs in just 40 days with an investment of 18 – 20 lakhs.

Import of products from China is very easy

You should not panic about how to import products from China because the procedure for import and export is very easy and is carried out in systematic manner. At first, you have to find a genuine supplier of bamboo sticks in China. You can find suppliers on various websites like alibaba.com, Indiamart.com, etc. Alibaba is leading market place for Chinese products and you should look at it first for reliable supplier. For example, check out this link

You need to contact the supplier and ask them for sample, there are various kinds of bamboo sticks available and you have to find the best one which suits your needs. From 10mm to 15mm sticks are available in China and you should first understand the market in India for import of sticks.

Import sticks from China and sell directly to manufacturers in India

Complete all import procedure and collect sticks from Kolkata port or any other port which you have selected. If you already have orders for this sticks then you can supply them to your dealers directly from the port.

Risks involved in importing Agarbatti sticks

There is no risk at all, at the beginning you will find it difficult but believe me, this is very simple. All you have to do is find out the genuine suppliers in China. Government of India has an insurance scheme in which all your exported and imported product get insured.

What is actual profit in this business

Investment in import of 25 ton of sticks is around 18 – 20 lakhs and price per kg of these sticks in india is 110 rupees. So, 8 – 9 lakhs of profit is their in 40 days.

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