Have you ever thought of starting a business with no computers or laptops but using your own smartphone (with the internet, of course?) If your computer has broken down currently or you do not have a proper full-functioning device, you do not have to blabber with excuses of not starting a business.

If you are willing, you will think that it is realistic to start a business using a smartphone and go through this blog carefully. 

Explore the types of businesses you can start using a phone

You can sense that all businesses cannot be started using the phone. For instance, if you want to start a spa or a food truck business, then a smartphone isn’t the right thing to begin with. You have a limited range of options, but these are guaranteed ways of initiating a business venture. You can go through this list and determine which ones are more appropriate for you. 

After a careful evaluation of the alternatives, your next job is to decide the type of business you need to start. It might sound like an overwhelming task, so take your time. 

Formulate a business plan

You must have often seen your entrepreneur friends using expensive business planning software to outline their future operations. To be true, you do not need software to write down a business plan. You can simply do it in the Notes folder of your phone or use a pen and paper. Be simple; your small business does not need all the lavish things; it needs your wise mind and intuition more than anything else. Hence, don’t get irritated when you cannot buy the latest business planning software because you still have a lot for your venture. 

Do your market research

A smartphone is an excellent tool to do market research since most of the research statistics and findings can be found on the internet these days. You can search on social media whether there is a potential demand for your products and services. Similarly, you can connect to prospective customers to figure out whether they will be interested in purchasing any of your products or services. Surveys are excellent, but you should request the target audience to fill them up. 

Create your product or service

Once you know which type of business you want to start and whether you have the potential for the same, your next task is to create a product or service. Are you wondering whether you can create a 100-page workbook on your phone? Yes, you can because entrepreneurs have done it in the past and have succeeded. 

If you provide a service such as a health service or personal fitness session, you can do it using your phone easily. Likewise, you can sell digital products or services through video sessions, email, and even WhatsApp. 

When it comes to physical products such as organic soaps or funky T-shirts, you ought to plan out the manufacturing and distribution process as well. You will have to connect with the fulfillment companies of your country to get the product ready and dispatch it to the final customers. You will have the product design and all related aspects, but the production and dispatch tasks will be handled by a fulfillment company. Several entrepreneurs also outsource certain digital product tasks such as designing and copywriting to contractors and focus on the primary activities instead. 

Set up a website or a reliable online store

It doesn’t matter whether you have to sell digital or physical products; you need an online store. And the great news is it can be created using your smartphone. A website is more reliable and concrete, and we highly recommend it. But if you are short of resources or are too busy to go through the process, a store on the popular platform of Instagram is a viable option. 

Instagram could be a perfect alternative if you have pictures of your products to be uploaded. You can attach a payment link and make it look like a website. And since connection through Instagram is much possible than a regular website; you are already in the sales circle. 

Plan marketing activities consciously 

Smartphone provides you with three marketing avenues which can be done more easily than expected. 

Networking with customers – Since you can get in direct touch with the customers through social media and email, networking is the most promising marketing alternative. Customers might also contact you through WhatsApp, and you can take orders directly. 

Content Marketing – It is another striking way to market your products and services. Content marketing is promoting your products and services through blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. You will have to spend quality time designing this content, but it is a great way to reach the right customers and convince them to buy from your business. 

Outsourcing – If you are occupied with other business operations and do not have sufficient time or tools, you can outsource the marketing activities to a freelancer or a dedicated contractor. Yes, you can do it by the phone – all the selecting and hiring process, and so, it is more convenient.

Make customer service your priority

As you are directly connected with your customers with no intermediary in between, you can provide after-sales services more efficiently. You can update them about the order delivery status instantly as all the details can be easily accessible through the phone. 

Hire your team using the phone

Hiring team members such as freelance designers and copywriters or marketing professionals is not tough when you have a smartphone. You can post ads on Facebook groups or even ask within your network about your requirements. 

If you prefer to work solo, no problem because your smartphone will become your business companion without asking for any share in the revenue. 

In a nutshell, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can utilize your smartphone to the fullest and start your small business with ease. 

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