Ever wondered why some websites are regarded by internet readers as somewhat an authority on information or specific subjects. Some people would say they’ll have to check what they heard with a particular website before they’ll believe it. Some websites reach this level of credibility that they’re generally regarded as an authority. It is because of the credibility they’ve built over time by writing reliable and truthful content.  

The benefit of an authority site is that they drive reader traffic. And with traffic, they can make the money flow in through sales and ads. If you want to know more about how authority sites work, you can check out Authority Hacker Pro Review and other similar programs. Here are the things you have to do to build an authority website that generates income. 

1. Build Site And Create Organic Content   

The first stage is when you start building your site and creating your initial organic content. You should buy your domain and get hosting services. There are now several sites and marketing companies which offer these services. Most of them have a domain name checker. You can run the domain names you have in mind through their checker to ensure it’s still available. Have a few options ready so you can get the next one if somebody else is already using your first option.   

You can typically buy both domains and get hosting services for a monthly fee of USD$12 to 15 depending on the provider you choose. Some of them would require you to pay for the whole year upfront, while some would allow you to make monthly payments as you go. They usually accept credit cards, debit cards, and other fintech payments.   

An essential part of this stage is content creation. You’ll have to write your content at this stage unless you’re willing to shell out a couple of hundred dollars to pay for a ghostwriter to write your content for you. Large authority sites pay thousands of dollars each year for online freelancers to write content for them.   

2. Pick A Topic That You Can Write About   

The second thing you need to figure out if you’re interested in building a revenue-generating website is to pick the topic you want to write about. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject or topic you picked. But it’s something that you should have a deep understanding of. If you can write more at least 50 pages of content on the topic you selected, then it’s a good pick. You can pick a topic, for instance, that can link you up with affiliate B2B sellers.   

It is essential in building an authority site. Some people say that a niche site is different from an authority site. A niche site usually covers a more focused topic or specific subject matter. The content of an authority site has a better and broader scope. But many authority sites started as niche sites. They’re called authority sites because of their high credibility among the community interested in their subject matter or scope.   

3. Sign Up Affiliates, Write Product Reviews   

To generate some income at this early stage of building your authority site, some marketing professionals suggest that you write product reviews. You can reach out to existing websites with existing products for sale or online stores. You can chat them up through their chat boxes.   

You can also send them emails proposing an affiliate sales partnership with them. Make sure you got all the terms and conditions clear about the metrics of sales, how much commission they’ll give you, and how payment is made.   

To drive traffic to your startup authority site, you can write product reviews about the products of your affiliate websites or partner products. You can incorporate links to their stores in your articles, but try not to be too obvious about it.   

4. Place Ad Bars, Write Authoritative Content   

Once you’ve got your startup site up and running and a few affiliate revenues are coming in, you can start transitioning into the next phase in building up your authority site. The product review will have driven some traffic to your site, and people begin to notice you at this point. You can now place ad bars on your site. Some advertisers may now place internet ads on your site because you already got site traffic.   

You can take your content creation to the next level, at this point, by writing more content that can keep the traffic hot. Start to focus on content that can establish your site as an authority on the niche that you picked, plus maybe a few other related topics that you can expand to as you go.   


Unless you’re a big name in your field, don’t expect to become an overnight sensation with your content creation. Most of your content will take several months before they gain traction and establish your credibility. It might take a year or more for you to be known as an authority. Focus on writing more content for your site and adding more affiliate and partner products. In time, your site will become an authority.

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