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Top 10 Most Successful Home Based Businesses That are Available Today



profitable home based businesses

Home based businesses are becoming very popular these days because of its various benefits and ease of doing. Flexibility of working hours and reduction in overhead costs are some of the remarkable benefits of such type of businesses. In this article, we have crafted top 10 most successful home based businesses which are available today. You can start these businesses from the comfort of your home, scale it to next level and avail maximum returns. So, lets get started and discuss the business ideas which you can start from home today:-

These are Most Successful and Profitable Home Based Businesses Available Today

#1. Drop shipping business

What is drop shipping? – Drop shipping is a retail method in which you do not keep your own products in stock. Instead, you partner with a wholesale supplier that stocks its own inventory. Your customers will get the product from wholesale supplier directly with the help of private shipping company managed by the company. Your customers will never know that you are drop shipping the products from somewhere else. It offers you flexibility of working and it does not requires lots of money to start. You can start drop shipping on Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

I have met with lots people who are running successful dropshipping business in Shopify with Aliexpress as a wholesale supplier.

#2 Blogging

Blogging is most successful among all home based businesses that are available today. You can start blogging online with no prior technical knowledge. Setting up a website and hosting is very simple and it can be done in just one hour. If you love writing content then blogging is best for you, select one niche in which you love to write and publish content on your blog in daily basis. Blogging is all about helping people online, if you have skills and knowledge in any field such as parenting, education, career guides, cooking, interior designing, etc. then write about it. Visitors seeking knowledge will visit your blog and you will make money by showing relevant ads on your blog. You will get advertisement from Google Adsense.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

It is a method in which you promote someone’s else product and earn commission after a successful sale. You can start affiliate marketing by promoting Amazon products online, signup in Amazon as an affiliate partner and promote their products on social media or in your blog. Best way to earn money from Amazon affiliate program is to write reviews about the products, compare the products, etc. You can also create a YouTube channel and review Amazon products over there.

#4 Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is a type of marketing in which companies focus on influential people instead of target market as a whole. If you have huge fan followings on social media then companies will contact your to promote their product to you followers. You could become influencer with the help of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc if you have huge followers.

#5 Flipping Services as Freelancers

It is most popular among various home based businesses available today. In this business, you flip services i.e take work orders online as a freelancer and then pass this order to someone else to complete the task. I once took a freelance work to design a company’s logo. I put this on a freelancer website and sent them the logos after completion which was best. They paid me $400, I paid the winning freelancer $100. $300 profit. Web content writing, logo designing, etc are some of the best job in which you can flip and pass it to someone else.

#6 Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides technical, professional administrative, or creative assistance to clients remotely from his or her home office. It is a type of freelancers but in VA job you have to work for your client permanently as per the agreement signed between both of you. Some companies look for full time virtual assistant to do some particular tasks. If you are proficient in any field then you can apply for VA jobs online on various portal including

#7 Cryptocurrency Trading

You must have heard of bitcoin, right? If not, it is a digital decentralized currency whose value is increasing day by day. At the beginning of year 2017, 1 Bitcoin was equal to around $1600. Now, the value of 1 Bitcoin is $6000. Apart from Bitcoin, many other crypto-currencies are there. You can make huge money by trading them online.

#8 Daycare for Kids

Daycare business has lot of potential because of its high demand around the world. It is perfect homebased business if you have enough space at your home. You can grow in this business rapidly because the competition is not too much as compared to other similar services. To start a daycare center for kids, you need enough space with some toys and other accessories to make kids busy in play. Read more 

#9 Plants Nursery

#10 Organic Food for pets

Lot more ideas are there but I think that above 10 home based business ideas are more profitable and successful which are available today. You can start it from your home and can take it to next level.

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