Divorce is never easy, but it’s more difficult when the married couple share children. Any parent knows that nothing is more important than their child’s welfare. They also know that children of divorce struggle, yet divorce can be the best way forward. 

Reconciling these differences is difficult, but this is where holistic divorce lawyers thrive. Please read on to see how they help establish a healthy co-parenting foundation.

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Collaboration First and Foremost

Divorce comes with broken expectations. When people pledge to live together forever and then decide to separate, it’s natural for a lack of trust to develop. Professionals with a holistic approach, like the Tailor Law family law firm, begin the divorce proceedings by trying to lower the temperature and establish goodwill between the parties.

They will conduct themselves with a helpful, positive tone while offering genuine concessions to the other side where they are appropriate and genuinely helping the children. Just like each parent wants what’s best for their children, this is also the goal of holistic lawyers. 

A holistic lawyer will insist that their client’s partner gets to spend time with their child when it really makes sense. For example, the child may have a serious bond with their father over a rare skill they possess, and not letting them develop this bond would only be cruel and would hamper the child’s development.

The foundation for healthy co-parenting is all about demonstrating that the child’s welfare is what really matters and that the divorce should create the best outcome possible for them while also establishing the means for the parents to move on comfortably and independently. 

Advocate For Your Rights

Divorce can be nasty sometimes, and if an ex-partner rejects the positive overtures and digs in for a war, a holistic lawyer has no choice but to pivot to toughness. When it’s necessary, they can fiercely advocate for their client’s rights to custody, spousal support, and access.

After all, a healthy foundation for co-parenting also requires parents to have the financial and emotional stability to move on comfortably. The most holistic lawyer in the world can’t control how the other side will respond to their genuine attempts at collaboration, and they need to be prepared in case they refuse to work together.

Quick and Simple

Divorce can be long and complicated. There are papers to arrange, and forms to fill, and it can go back and forth in what feels like a never-ending process if you’re not careful.

Holistic lawyers work hard to get you the best settlement possible, but they also understand the value of wrapping it up quickly. Divorce can be emotionally draining and expensive; if you spend years getting the best terms possible, you may be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The leading holistic lawyers streamline the process and help it pass over quickly so you can get back to parenting while moving forward in your personal life.

Divorce is never easy for the children of divorce, but a holistic lawyer can help in the crucial first phases by creating a healthy foundation for separating parents to co-parent while each moving on separately.

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