After getting up in the morning there are numerous things we do. There are also numerable problems that come our way some are solved and some remain a headache for us. While the world is able to find out solutions through inventions to some of the biggest problems in the world yet there are problems that have no solution. These problems though may sound small but have definitely created trouble for us.

These everyday problem are those which we tend to ignore generally but they require to addressed and solved as soon as possible. Through innovation, invention or by any other way such problems should be solved as it can ease our lives much. Some of these problems are so silly that we hardly care about them but feel tremendously pained while countering them.

There can be mobile applications, software or any device that can help us in solving such problems.

Here are ten such everyday problems that need inventions to be solved:-

A Tech device using which you can conclude which apparel fits your personality:

We all come across this very common problem everyday of what to wear? Which apparel will fit picture perfect on us? Whether this dress will suit on my body or not? Such questions can sometimes be very frustrating and therefore requires solution. What about a tech device equipped with artificial intelligence and analytics that can help you in concluding which dress fits on you and what specific type of dress you need to wear at particular occasion.

Many a times you would suffered wearing inappropriate dress at occasions that deserved something else. Such problems requires an immediate solution. The problem may sound childish but at important occasions can be big and detrimental to your interest.

Technology that has details of everything you did in a day:

Especially for professionals and people who have a hectic day this technology is must for you. Being busy all day you tend to forget what exactly you did the whole day. It is not that you forget everything you did but some key things in the busy day gets ignored. Someone may have said something important to you which you have to follow but you forgot what that was.

A device or tech that carries all the information regarding your meeting and all the actions you did on a particular day can be very helpful. For VVIPs, this is very much followed through special assistants assigned for the same but it is not possible for commoners to appoint people who can be there around you all day thus a technology helping you up in remembering important tasks must be of very help.

An App or Technology that can help in connecting with a person who wants to talk about the similar topic as you with the same passion:

Sometimes we want to speak a lot on a particular topic but we find no one around ourselves with who we can share all these details and that person shows the same keenness with which we tell them. An app or social media technology that is specially designed to deal with such issues so that if someone feels like discussing about a certain topic, issue, emotion and feelings he can connect to that person and then chat and discuss about the same with the same passion.

People in this busy world find themselves in a lonely environment and thus tend to become much more frustrated and depressed. Such innovation will help millions out there.

Permanent Solution to Water Shortage and Clean Water:

The technology is in use yet there is much more to do towards clean and sufficient water on the planet for human consumption. Desalination is one such method which is used to clean sea water in normal human consumption. Desalination is still distant technology to most of the world. The reason mostly goes to expensive nature of desalination. The technology needs to be much revolutionized in order to become accessible to common citizens. The shortage of water and the lack of clean water is a very common problem which still needs to address well.

Expensive Internet Data:

The country is still suffering from expensive internet or the mobile data. Something needs to be done in order to solve the expensive nature of mobile data. Many countries like India have very cheaper internet. Most of us rely hugely on mobile internet for our daily needs hence one requires sufficient amount of data at a cheaper price. Technology needs to be advanced, competition needs to boost so that data becomes cheaper in years to come.

A Better way to Sell, Purchase, Rent and Lease Homes:

One needs to give huge amount of commission to the broker who helps us in getting houses and other real estate property. In order to sell, purchase, rent and lease properties we need to have a revolutionary platform that can solve the issue of broker commission which is impacting our pockets.

Though there are various websites that are helping us out yet we need something much more efficient in solving our everyday problems. A platform from where one can every minute detail regarding properties, type of properties, price, exact location, etc. This will end the hegemony of brokers in sale and purchase of properties.

Solving the problems of career choices based on one’s capability and interest:

We need a platform which is driven by analytics and AI which can help us in finding which career paths fits us according to our capabilities and interest. A platform based on our answers to particular question can analyze which career path will suit us in long learn. They can suggest us various ways to reach us to our required career paths. Nearly all of us in our lives have suffered from the problem of realizing our core strength and what career choice will be perfect for us.

We mostly take decision based on the choice of others or in peer pressure. In such situation we do not perform with full energy and zeal and that impacts not only our work but our career prospects. Thus an innovative platform is required which can solve our problem regarding this.

When our Places can understand us and act according to that:

AI has come into being which will help us in different ways. The Internet of things is one such technology that will function to our daily routine and therefore can assist in our daily lives. We still need to make this a close reality and bring it into the lives of common people. Thus a revolution needs to be done in this field where our homes, place or work and things around us operate in way to assist us in our daily needs.

For example, as we are about to rise there should be an AI like tech where the alarm rings on time, by the time we rise the water for bath becomes warm for showers, our tea gets ready, and our breakfast gets prepared. As one is about to reach his office, the AC, lights and other appliances get to work. This will solve many of our problems which not only wastes our time but also tend to disturb us.

A Technology that can tell us which food item in our Refrigerator will get expired soon:

There should be such inbuilt technology in the fridge or outside which can detect and tell us which food item in our fridge will get expired soon and should be consumed within time. There are various food items in our fridge that have various time limited for consumption. Some last for months, some last for weeks and some last for only few days.

Some get rotten even within few hours. Because of this many our food gets expired and not of use leading us to dump them thus not only leading food waste but our hard earned money and toil in cooking it. Therefore a technology that can detect and let us know about the status of the food. There should also be an indicator that can detect and tell which food has been expired and which can still be consumed. This will help us a lot in having quality food without any food waste. Such daily problems when solved will be helpful for us.

Solution that can solve the loss of hairs:

The most common and distressing problem among men is losing hairs and getting bald. Loss of hairs becomes a cause of distressing for mean as it is big reason for their handsome look. The world is still suffering to get a permanent and effective solution for hair loss.

Though there are various technologies like hair transplant and solutions that help in reducing hair loss but till now no such solution is there which can prevent permanent loss of hair, can regrow back what is lost naturally and be effective in controlling hair loss. If one gets a permanent solution to hair loss and that too at a cheaper cost then it would be a great invention

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