Do you have little business exposure? Do you want to make it big from the very starting? Do you want to make it big and be your own boss? If the answer to all these questions is “Yes”, than this blog is surely for you. I have crafted top 10 segments in franchise business ideas for you to start right now.

With the growing trend of eating in a branded retail outlet or going to a salon having big brand name associated with it has become a matter of status for many people now-a-days. Franchise Business is proving to be a blooming segment in today’s scenario. As along with the rights of a companies’ logo, its brand name you will also be getting professional assistance and training on business model from the respective franchisor. It is very simple; you just have to select the right franchisor, depending upon the demand of goods or services in your area or city and pay him a franchisor fee. Just after paying the franchisor fee they will assist you in setting up our business and provide you with the relevant tools. But it is very important to understand before buying any franchise understand all the terms and conditions from the primary company properly.

Let’s understand this with the help of few examples. A list of top 10 franchise business opportunities is listed below which have huge business prospects in India. These are elucidated below:

#1. Food Franchise Opportunity:

Imagine being the owner of a food brand that you used to visit frequently for giving a treat to your taste buds. Blissful feeling, isn’t it. But let’s make it clear you will not become the owner of the brand but the franchise of that particular brand. Suppose you decide to take up franchise of McDonalds. Now by properly understanding all the terms and conditions of McDonalds, you become the franchise of this brand after paying a franchisor fee. Now the McDonalds that you will be operating in your city will obviously be called yours. In this way you can associate the brand name with your business and be its owner. Though it requires a lot of investment but the profits derived from this business will cover it up for you. KFC, Pizza hut, Dominoes, Subway etc are few options that are very famous amongst people and can be taken up as a franchise opportunity in India.

#2. Education Franchise Opportunity:

Every parent is desirous of their kids going to a very reputed school. Though brand and education has no direct link, still this has become more of a lifestyle matter that only renowned schools are considered by parents for their kid’s admission. Taking up Education Franchise can be really fruitful for you in this scenario. There are many education brands such as Euro Kids, MAAC, Edify Education and many more which can be considered while taking up an education franchise. Investment is quite moderate and one can expect to earn a handsome amount from this option.

#3. Medicines/Drugs Store Franchise:

Medicines is something which is required in almost every street of your city. You don’t need to develop a plan to sell these as they are already in demand everytime. This is one business that can never run out of customers. Hence if you have been planning to take up medicines/drug franchise, then you are in the right direction. You can take up franchise of Frank Ross for medicines/drugs. Lifeline Medicine, MedPlus, Medzone and many more options are there from where one can choose. Investment is from moderate to high, but the profit prospects are also very good in this option.

#4. Beverages Franchise opportunities:

Be it summer or winter or any other season, beverages are always in demand. Buying a beverage franchise is really a lucrative option as this is something which is required almost everywhere, be it, shops, malls, restaurants, cafes, departmental stores and many more. If you were planning to buy beverage franchise, the target market is already ready for you. And these places take up beverages in bulk quantities leaving you with high profits. There are a number of options that you can choose from. Become a franchise of Amul India, Pepsi, Coco-Cola, Thumps Up, Frooti, Appy Fiz and many more. These are the products which are always in demand throughout the entire year. The investment amount depends upon how much you can invest and the profits figure will surely make you smile.

#5. Home Appliances Franchise:

This is something which is needed in every household. So the demand for one or the other product under home appliances always keeps you busy. You can take franchise of Haier, Whirlpool, Samsung or any other brand that you deem to be perfect for your business plan. Demand of products of either of the aforesaid brand always exists in the market. So there is no chance you can go wrong while selecting franchise for this segment. Investment amount depends upon your wish. It can be in lakhs or it can be in crores as well. Whatever the investment amount be, but the profits are going to be really alluring.

#6. Salon for Men and Women:

Salon is something which never runs out of customer. Especially when it comes to looks, both men and women prefer to visit a salon where trained or professional people are employed. This normally happens in top rated branded salons. They tend to avoid local salons because they want their looks to be enhanced by a trained person; this purpose is normally not fulfilled by local salons. You can take franchise of Lakme, AN John, Jawed Habib, Studio 11 and many more, depending upon your preference. People are more inclined towards salons having a brand name associated with it. Though the investment will be a bit high and the profits earned from this option will surely make up for you.

#7. Home Furnishing and Decors:

You will find hardly anyone who doesn’t like to decorate his home. Unique furnishing designs and exquisite decors are in everyone’s wishlist for their home. You can take up franchise of Gllamor, Bent Chair, Anemos, Skipper or any other brand that you like. Though the investment is a bit on the higher side in this case, but the returns will cover it up as the margins in sale of furniture and décor items is quite high. So if you have been planning to buy a franchise. This might be a lucrative option for you.

#8. Cakes and Bakery Franchise:

Who doesn’t have that sweet tooth? Well almost everyone does. Lunch or Dinner is always incomplete without desserts. Aren’t they? There are many people out there who are ready to pay you good buck if you have good quality of confectionaries. There are a number of options like Just Bake, 7th heaven, Cakes n bakes, monginis and many more. You can buy any of them after understanding the terms and conditions properly, of course. Trust me you will never run out of demand. The investment will depend upon the brand which you choose and how much you can invest. Profits are something which are sure to come from this option.

#9. Ice Cream and Juice Corners:

Ice Creams are a must have for many and juice is much required by health conscious people. You can take franchise of both or either of the two. You can take franchise of Baskins Robins, Kwality Walls, Gelato, Amul and many for ice creams. If you want to take up juice franchise than you can go for Juice Bar, Juice Lounge, HAS Juice Bar and many more. The investment won’t be that much but the profits gained from this business can be really good.

#10. Automobiles Franchise (bikes/cars):

Bikes are in high demand amongst youngsters and owing a car today has become a status symbol. If you own either of these then only you are considered to be wealthy, as per the society. Bike and car has become a dream for many and many people are ready to take these vehicles by taking loans from bank. The prospect of this franchise can hence be understood by this very fact. You can take franchise of Maruti, Nissan, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, BMW, Audi and many more. Analyze first that which brand is more in demand and then buy its franchise. Since automobiles are involved, hence the investment is very high but the profits will you understand that the investment was worth it.

It is very difficult to establish a brand name in a market where tons of brands are already competing with each other. In such a case if you get the right to use the brand name and its logo to your own business than what more can you ask for? You are already the owner of a well established and well known brand, in some or the other way. This is the main reason why a number of entrepreneurs are interested to take up a franchise and try their luck in franchise business, as they know that the results are surely going be splendid.

A list of franchise business was discussed above in order to give you a clearer view of the entire matter. You can choose either of these options or if you have some other options to choose from for starting up your franchise business, then surely go ahead with it. The only point to be noted is that make sure that you choose the right brand and you understand all the terms and conditions of the franchisor very clearly in order to ensure smooth working of your business in future. Apart from this, professional guidance, relevant tools and every other required guidance or material will be provided by the franchisor. So you don’t need to worry much.