Fly Ash brick manufacturing business is one of the fastest-growing businesses today. This business is growing at a very high rate due to several reasons. Its eco-friendly nature is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular. It is made using recycled materials. Red clay bricks are banned in some places as they pose serious damage to the environment.

The first and most important thing to consider before starting any business is its cost of set up. The success of any business is calculated by its profit margins. Thus, these two are very important things to be considered before starting any business.

The cost of setting up and the profit margin of the Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing business is discussed below:

Cost of Set up

The cost of setting up is one of the primary investments to be made to bring a business to the forefront. The cost of set up includes the cost of the plant, machinery, and working capital. Including all this, the Fly Ash Bricks manufacturing business requires approximately 30,00,00. This estimation is based on the production capacity of the machinery. It is calculated based on machinery with the production of 12,000 bricks per shift. The set-up cost can vary depending on the number of machinery and the kind of production you are looking out for. There is no reason to be over-ambitious about the production. You can start with basic machinery and average production volume. Once the business is up and rolling, you can add more machines and increase the production volume to increase the profit margins.

Profit margin

The profit of the business varies from one place to another. Profit depends on various factors such as the availability of raw material, price of raw materials, labor, water supply, power supply, etc. but, surely, you can make a profit of Rs. 1 per brick if nothing else.

Other important points to consider before starting a Fly Ash Bricks manufacturing business are listed here:

Area of Land Required

Land and locality is a very essential aspect of setting up any business. Especially when you are talking about a fly ash brick business, the requirement of the land to start the manufacturing unit is average. It requires half-acre to a maximum of one acre of land to start this business if you are looking for an average-sized business. This amount of land would be enough for maintaining the stocks and curing the bricks, in other words, to complete the journey from raw materials to the end bricks.

Business Plant Location 

It is necessary to find an appropriate location to build the factory for manufacturing fly ash bricks. It is suggested to find the location near to 100 km radius of Thermal Power Plant. This will make it easier to procurement the materials required, and for the completion of the different stages of the manufacturing process.

Availability of Water

Water is one of the most important components in the manufacturing of fly ash bricks. The amount of water required is also very high. Thus, it is suggested to find the factory location where it is easier to get plenty of water so that you need not spend a fortune on getting a water source to cater to your factory needs.


No manufacturing businesses can run without laborers. It might get a little difficult to find the appropriate laborers for the fly ash bricks business as the methods of manufacturing the fly ash bricks very dusty. Skilled laborers are also essential for the manufacturing of fly ash bricks. Some laborers may find it difficult to work in a dusty environment. It is advisable to find labors who are not allergic to any dust. You can also pay them a little extra and give some incentives to find more laborers. The laborers should be skilled and also have the ability to carry heavyweights, as that can be a part of the job.

Availability of Fly Ash

Easy availability of material is very important to r a successful business. Fly Ash is the key material in manufacturing the Fly Ash Bricks. Make sure you can get easy availability of Fly Ash from a thermal power plant. Make research to find where enough amount of the Fly Ash is readily available. There are various sources to get the Fly Ash. You can get it from the black market. It is necessary to make your Fly Ash quota to run a successful Fly Ash bricks manufacturing business. If your manufacturing unit is close to a fly ash source, it will reduce the funds you spend on transportation of the raw materials to your manufacturing unit. Furthermore, the raw materials should be available in plenty for the manufacturing to run smoothly. As a result, you need to ensure that the flow of raw materials is maintained at all times to run the production unit without glitches.

Cement Manufactures

The majority of the Fly Ash will be collected by the cement manufacturers from the thermal plant. They install the silo’s in the thermal plant to collect the Fly Ash. So, it becomes difficult to get Fly Ash from the thermal plant as the majority of the Fly Ash will be collected by the cement manufacturers. Fly Ash bricks manufacturers have to struggle to get the Fly Ash from the thermal plants. Know your markets right and do proper market research to ensure that you know your business right and understand where to procure the best materials from. Understanding the market will also make sure that you can ensure the smooth flow of the production unit.

Maintenance of Machines

The machines used to manufacture Fly Ash Bricks requires regular maintenance. It requires the services of experts who have good experience in the same field. Machines used in manufacturing these bricks are not sustainable. It is advisable to use rotary type hydraulic machines. They are very cost-effective. You can hire a permanent mechanic who would assist you in case of any repair or maintenance of machinery as calling different professionals every time might be a tedious task.

Problems to the Environment

It is necessary to build a factory away from the residential areas as unloading of Fly Ash in the open space is very dangerous to the environment. It requires special care as the micro dust particles released are harmful to the people and the environment. First thing you need to ensure that the factory setup is away from localities. Furthermore, special care should be taken to build the sewage system of the factory should be taken. You as the business owner should also make sure that the manufacturing unit follows all kinds of legal requirements and procedures.

Different uses of Fly Ash Bricks

  • Construction of eco-friendly houses
  • Construction of factories
  • Construction of power plants
  • Construction of warehouses
  • Construction of high-rise building
  • Construction of multistory structures

Advantages of Fly Ash Bricks:

  • One of the biggest reasons to choose Fly Ash bricks is their appearance. The appearance of Fly Ash Bricks is very attractive. It’s color like cement, uniform size is very pleasing. It reduces the requirement of mortaring for walls and plastering.
  • Another reason is its strength. The compressive strength of the Fly Ash bricks is very high. Its strength reduces the risk of breakage during transportation and handling. It provides great strength to the building and also better earthquake resistance.
  • Fly Ash Bricks are highly durable. These bricks absorb less water and reduce the dampness on the wall.
  • Fly Ash Bricks are highly fire-resistant.
  • These bricks provide decent sound insulation to the building.
  • The thermal property of these bricks absorbs less heat and keeps the building cooler in summer.
  • Fly Ash Bricks are environmentally friendly. They are made out of the waste material that comes from the thermal power plant. Waste from the thermal plants is used as a raw material for the fly ash brick manufacturing unit.
  • The cost required for manufacturing Fly Ash bricks is comparatively lower than clay bricks, and the durability is an additional reason for its popularity.

Disadvantages of Fly Ash Bricks

  • All the Fly Ash bricks may not be suitable for the construction. The durability of fly ash bricks might vary if proper care and quality standards are not maintained in the manufacturing unit.
  • Only high-quality Fly Ash should be used to minimize the negative effect on the structure. There are many fake products in the market at present that are sold in place of actual fly ash brick for lower prices.
  • Poor quality bricks can result in damages to the structure. The durability of the structure depends on the quality of the fly ash brick used.
  • These bricks may not be helpful in the winter seasons, where the temperatures go down drastically, as they do not absorb heat.

If you are planning to start a fly ash brick business, this will help you get your thoughts aligned and think in the right direction. Have proper market research before you start your fly ash brick manufacturing unit.

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