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Buying Gold Bars: What Is The Best Size?



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If you are an investor, and are looking for a solid investment with a good potential for a return, you couldn’t find a better investment than gold bullion. As you can imagine, gold bullion comes in many forms, and before you rush out to purchase your gold, here is a brief rundown of the various weights or sizes that you can buy gold bullion.

Gold bullion can be bought in sizes that range from one gram to 400 ounces, and the general rule is the bigger the bar, the less you pay.

Top End Investments

A 400-ounce or 1 kg bar of gold offers you the best prices, but you may not have enough capital to make such an investment. If you do, all’s well and good, but if that is a little too much, then you can look at some of the smaller weights or sizes. There are informative articles on the various sizes of gold bars that you can find online, which are recommended readings for a novice gold investor. If you reside in Australia, you can go to City Gold Bullion for gold bullion, and they have gold bullion in all the different sizes, and can offer you advice on the best quantities to suit your needs.

The Most Popular Form of Gold Bullion

As it stands, the single ounce gold ingot is probably the most popular, as it costs much less and you can buy or sell as many as you wish. The spot price is always good, as this is the most popular size, and for many investors, the 1-ounce ingot is much preferred over any other format, and you can store them in a safe at home, or, as most investors do, in a safety deposit box.

Cast Gold Bars

The bar is made by pouring liquid gold into a mould, and the cast bar will have the refiner’s hallmark, plus the purity and the weight engraved onto the surface. The cast bar is sometimes called an ingot, and it is slightly cheaper than a minted bar, as less work is needed to make it.

Minted Gold Bars

The minted gold bar is made with a similar process to that of a coin, with a design punched into the surface, and many investors prefer the minted variety, as it looks nicer than a cast gold bar. Minted bars normally come in packaging, so if you like to handle your gold, a cast bar might be the best option.

The Ten Gram Gold Bar

The second most popular size is the 10-gram bar, and if you are making a sizeable investment, 10 gram is much preferred over single gram ingots. If you search online for a leading gold bullion dealer, you can make your selection, then visit their offices, where you can take possession of your gold bars, which is recommended. If you leave the asset in the care of a third party, it simply increases the risk of something going wrong.

Is 2019 the Year to Buy Gold?

Whatever size you decide on, you should buy your gold bullion from a reputable gold dealer, who can offer you the best deal.

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