Canada enjoys strong economic growth, and business owners enjoy low taxes and favorable business conditions. Canada is ranked position 22 in the World Bank annual global rankings in the ease of doing business. You may not have the necessary work permits in order, or some jobs may be restricted to residents. You may also find that jobs are very competitive from residents.

As an immigrant you legally allowed to start any business of your choice as starting one, you must either be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant or a permanent resident.

If you are a new immigrant in Canada then here are 10 top and demanding business ideas for you to start right now:-

here are profitable business for immigrants in canada

Restaurant Business

You can start a restaurant serving African, Asian, Indian, or Ethiopian cuisine depending on the country you originate from. There are many residents and immigrants who would like a taste of foods that remind them of their native home. A restaurant may not require a lot of skills to operate, knowledge of key indigenous recipes will give you an edge. It also serves a particular niche, so the competition may not be high especially if you are the only one in the area. Location plays a key role in the food industry. You may also need to make investments in décor and kitchenware. This is one of the best business ideas for immigrants.


You can design clothes with an African, Asian edge. You will find residents also adorning your clothes in an effort to identify with a certain culture. Immigrants will want to dress in a way that preserves their native cultures. The clothes will be a way of expressing their identity. A boutique does not require a lot of capital investments and you can use various internet platforms to market your products.

You can also create quality leather handbags and accessories with an African taste. People love a taste of different cultures and as long as you are artistic and creative people will buy what you have.

Online Blogging

For this, all you need is a laptop and a secure internet connection, you can work from anywhere. Online work can be applied in any country across the globe. With an increase in sites offering this service, it’s easy to select one that you love or that matches your specialty. Payments can be made across different payment options like PayPal. Online writing also gives you the flexibility to manage your time; you become your own boss. You can also determine how much you earn depends on the jobs available. The options for online writing are just unlimited.

Housekeeping Agency

With a lot of people have 8 am to 5 pm jobs that means they do not have a lot of time for household chores. The market for this huge. Housekeeping entails doing a couple of daily household chores like cleaning, taking out the trash, lawn mowing, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, laundry, washing utensils, and preparing dinner. This idea requires little initial capital investment and can be started by anybody without so much skill. With increased growth in the business, you can decide to franchise it.

Nanny Agency

With the working population engaged in daily work, you can offer your services as a nanny. You can take care of the little ones and do a few household chores. The only requirement is you be reliable, honest, and good with kids.

Depending on the availability of space you can also think of starting a daycare facility where parents drop off their children and pick them up in the evening. This may require a bigger space and investments in playgrounds for kids. This business is very lucrative and returns can be visible after a few months of starting.

Hair Salon

If you are a talented stylist, a hair salon is a sure bet. Women like looking good and no matter the economy, women will always make their hair. The key here is to find a good location and start building your clientele. If you are very good referrals will keep women flowing to your salon. A salon is not limited to just hair; you can offer other services like pedicures, manicures and even massages.

Old Age people day care

There is a huge population of people who are retiring and do not have people to look after them. If you have lots of compassion and you are a people person this industry is large enough to accommodate you. You can transport the elderly from one place to another, do shopping or simply offer emotional support when needed.

With additional capital investments, you can also start a nursing home for old people. Space and location is the key, with serene areas where one is surrounded by nature been the most ideal.

Pet care

Lot’s of Canadians have pets at home. You can offer to take the animals for a walk, clean them. Customers can leave their pets with you and collect them in the evening. You an also venture in the pet market by providing pet food and accessories.

Food truck

People will always eat and Canadians are no exception. A franchise may have too many conditions to start and you may not have adequate capital to start your own restaurant but a food truck is an inexpensive way to start your food business. Having a food truck means you have a smaller staff, menu and space factors that will not eat into your margin. You also cut on rent.


You can shop around for a franchise. A franchise has the benefits of you engage with a recognized brand that has been in existence for a while. People trust the brand and so looking for new customers is easier than starting from scratch. You also get training on how to run the franchise which reduces the many mistakes people make when starting a business. Some franchise extend credit facilities to applicants. You can venture into food, clothing, cars the scope of products is unlimited.

Once you have identified a suitable business you need to remember that rules of business apply in spite of you being an immigrant. You will need to fill your taxes in time, network with other people, keep proper books of account and be careful not to overextend yourself.

You can join the local community events and find a mentor who has had experience in the industry you are trying to venture into. A mentor will be privy to tips and information that will help you along the journey instead of learning from experience, which happens to be very expensive.

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