Well folks, the heading says it all and I am pretty sure it has grabbed your attention at the very first glimpse. As we all know that teenagers of now are after earning money apart from concentrating on their studies, of course. Unlike in the past era, where teens used to focus only on one thing and that used to be study, study and only study. They used to get in their academics like anything, as at that time they were not in need of that much money at such tender age. But now the pocket expenses of teens have increased at an exponential rate which in most of the cases cannot be met by their parents. So in order to meet their pocket expenses, teens are a bit more inclined towards earning. But as the rate of unemployment in India is rising day by day, business is the only suitable alternative left for teens.

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Today there are many individuals who even after completing their masters are not being able to bag a job. Then surely taking up a job won’t be an easy task, that too for a teenager. You must have read several blogs, articles etc that enumerate several options that one can take up for starting something of their own. But mostly they suggest alternatives such as pet care, lawn caretaker, errant services, baby sitting services etc which many are reluctant to take up as a business, as they feel that doing these tasks won’t be as fruitful as they want their startups to be.

In this article, I will share few startup options that can be started by anyone. Also few of the profitable small business ideas require very less capital and don’t involve a lot of hassle in its functioning.

Following are the top 10 Small Business ideas for teenagers & Students

1. Online T Shirt Designing & Selling: People often think that business in Fashion and Clothing can only be run by people having exclusive fashion sense. This is a completely wrong perception. T shirt printing has various streams and values and this can be carried out as a startup by any ordinary teen having basic knowledge about business and fashion. If one knows what trends are prevailing in current market and what should be the best marketplace, there is no stopping for that business. There are many websites online which allows you to design and sell T-shirts. In Every sell you made, you will receive good commission. Such website is Teespring for international market. There is also various websites for Indian market only.

2. Computer Tutor: You will be astonished by the fact that even in today’s age, there are many people who are unable to operate a Computer properly. They lack basic knowledge. In order to sustain in today’s time, where even our country is moving towards digitization, the need for computer tutors has increased a lot. People will be ready to pay you a good fee if you offer them to teach relevant functions and details about a computer. Since it doesn’t require any capital, it turns out to be the best options for teenagers to earn some good amount of money.

3. Fitness Trainer: Everyone in today’s age has become a fitness freak. But due to their busy schedule they are unable to manage between their gym and office timings. Turning up to such people as a Fitness Trainer, who can give them fitness training at the ease of reaching to them at their home, is a boon for such office goers. They will pay you a decent amount and that will serve the purpose for teens, as there is no investment involved from their part in this business.

4. Blogger: If you have a passion towards writing, and can write engaging content which is an eye candy for audience, then blogging is the right option for you. You can start your own blog and start sharing useful information frequently, so that you can get good number subscribers for your blog. Increase visitors to your blog, the more will be your earning.

5. Broker: If you are a teen and love exploring various parts of your city, then you can monetize your love for hanging out. There are many people who are in search of residential or commercial buildings. Start looking for such buildings along side exploring various parts of city with your friends and become a mediator between the buyer and seller of the property and get commissions from both of them. You can earn a considerable good amount from this option. You can use Quikr and Olx for finding buyers or renters

6. Virtual Assistant: There are many entrepreneurs who are in dire need of virtual assistants, who can look after their mails, reply to their mails promptly, schedule appointments, managing phone calls etc so that they can focus on their business development part. This can be done easily from home and the entrepreneurs are ready to pay you a hefty amount for this work. For teens who want to work from their home and zero investment, this is the best available option for you.

7. Food Delivery Service: If you have a passion for cooking and can make delicious food, then you can start cooking and getting it delivered to people who are from other city and lives in a PG. You will find a number of persons who are from other city and they don’t want to eat outside daily. You can be a life savior for them. Though this will require a little bit of investment but the margins will cover up the costs for you. 

8. Web/App Designing: If you are very much tech savvy, then this is certainly the option for you. You can approach local clients and offer them to create a website for them, so that they can expand their business by taking orders online. Alternatively you can also create an online platform where you can list local small shop owner’s products, and sell them. You can get paid really well as everyone wants to take their business on a higher level, you can do so by taking their business online and in this case not only you but also the shop owners will earn a really handsome amount.

9. Homemade Chocolate Making: Chocolate is something which never gets out of demand. You can easily start making homemade chocolates as they don’t require much hard work and also the raw materials are easily available in market at a low cost. This job will require your time, nothing else. Start making homemade chocolate, wrap it as a gift pack in a bunch and approach local gift shop owners, florists, small shop owners etc and start taking orders from them. Thought the margin will be less initially but volume will cover up for you.

10. Freelance Content Writing: For those teens who don’t want to work under anyone, keeping their freedom intact, freelance writing is a very good option. You can take up projects on a freelance basis based on your area of expertise and start earning. This work gives you the flexibility to work from home and also take up projects based on your interest. Initially you may not earn that much, but after a certain time this can turn out to be a really lucrative option for you both in terms of earning and flexibility.

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