Women are very much oriented these days and they like to contribute to their families in some way or the other. This fact has even extended to housewives who like to own a business of their own and supplement the family’s income. Indirectly, they help their partners and lead a happy life. Moreover, having a small business also helps to keep them engaged all the time.

Here we will see some good, profitable and home based business ideas for housewife and moms without any investment:-

  1. Sell online

There are lots of online portal where you can sell your stuffs. If you are really good at something or want to sell your handmade crafts, jewelries, old stuffs, soft toys or any creative stuff then online portals are the best.

These days online giants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc are taking the market by storm. You just need to tie up with these online agencies by signing up to their portal. You can showcase their executive the various products that you are interested to sell and once you get a thumbs up, just go ahead and sell your products.

The agencies may charge a commission on the sale of every item and the remaining money goes to you. This is one of the best ways for housewife to spend their time and showcase their talent.

     2. Customized jewelry making

Jewelry making is an art and a good opportunity for housewives. If you have the talent of making designer jewelry, then you already have a business in hand.

All you need is to just purchase the raw materials with very low investment like beads, needle, thread etc. and just keep going. These days most of the college and office going girls prefer designer jewelry to match and mix with their attire.

This is a growing market and the opportunities are immense. You can design necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings or even a complete set. Use social media like Facebook, whatsapp etc to advertise your designs and your business is all set to kick off.

      3. Affiliate marketing

This is relatively easy as the affiliate is rewarded by the business for bringing in more customers to their website.

In this type of work, all you need to do this just register on any affiliate portal like CLICKBANK, CJ, etc and see the products which you can promote and that are being displayed over there. You can pick any product and promote them on your website or social media by writing a small review about that product with your affiliate link. You will get commission if you made a successful sale through your affiliate link. Also, there are referral options present in this site in which you get bonus when your friend or referral joins the site.

All you need to have is a personal laptop and an internet connection. Also, it requires few hours of your day and you can easily do the work from your home.

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     4. Blogging

Blogging has become a good business these days. If you have an interest in writing then blogging is the best thing for you.

Just take out some time from your daily schedule, sit back and check for some trending topics on the internet. You can write on these topics and publish it in your own website. In case you do not own a website, then no problem, you can share your content with clients who are willing to publish the same in their site. They will pay you well for this job.

     5. Content writing

Content writers are in high demand these days because of the immense advancement of digital marketing. There are several clients who want articles to be published on their sites and social media platforms for promotions.

You can easily work as a freelancer for them and earn handsome bucks. You just need to have a laptop to write the desired content and share with them. It requires some effort and lot of dedication. The more you can deliver to the client on time the more you earn. Freelance content writing is the quickest way to make money online for women and housewives.

There are so many sites where you can find the urgency of content writers. Apply for the same and be an entrepreneur!!

     6. Copywriters

Copywriting has been declared as one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Do not worry if you are not in any such job as you are housewife. You can very well run a business from your home itself.

You can be a copywriter as a freelancer. Copywriting is basically a promotional event where the companies want some form of writing to promote their products or launch a new product.

You can contact these agencies and do a writing work for them. Based on their requirement and your writing ability, you may even land up getting more project work.

     7. Social media managers for companies

Social media managers are on high demand these days because of the heavy competition in the market. Companies hire these managers to manage their social media accounts.

The pay is very good in this case and it involves lot of work. Content posting, updates, managing images, contents and videos form an essential routine of the social media managers.

If you have the time and a laptop to work then apply for these jobs on the hiring websites and earn a decent income. You will get lot of companies who are looking for the social media managers to manage their portfolio. Usually these companies pay at the end of the month.

     8. Homemade crafts

This can be one of the best business options for housewives. Homemade craft has gained significant importance because of the school crafts. School going kids get different assignment in school and there is not enough time with parents for completing the assignment, therefore they look for people nearby who can do these tasks for them.

Therefore, if you have the creativity with you and you can make these crafts then use your creativity and first make a sign board and hang it outside your home.

This will attract customers and you will get lot of work and can make some decent money. This work requires your creativity and on-time delivery.

     9. Tailoring Business

Tailoring is something which requires some level of expertise to start your own business. Once you know the work, you can hire more women and train them as well.

A team of people always help as you can deliver more with a given period of time. It also gives you a satisfaction that you own a business and are inspiring others. You not supplement your own income but also help others to gain.

These days fashion is at its best and college going student prefer different designs being made on their dresses, hence there is a great demand for tailors and you can get benefitted from it. The income you earn depends on your deliverable speed. Read more

     10. Tutoring/Coaching

This is best for housewives in terms of learning as well as educating. Based on your education and qualification, you can tutor school to college students.

These days working parents have no time to teach their children. In such scenarios you can come to their rescue. Set your preferable timings with the children and teach them. The best part is you can teach same standard students in a mass at least an hour per day and earn a fair income.

You can slowly grow in this field and may rent a room to educate children. As the tutoring work is set, you can hire some teachers from different fields and can have a full fledged learning institution.

     11. Pet sitter and daycare

This is a booming industry. With more and more families becoming nuclear these days, parents are always worried about their kids and pets as who will take care of them in their office.

Therefore, you can open a daycare or a pet sitter near your home. All you need to do is to think of some engaging activities for the day so that the kid or the pet are busy. These days’ parents provide their own food so you just need to feed them from time to time.

It is actually an engaging job and parents pay handsome money for taking care of their kids or pets.

     12. Catering Business

If you are really a good cook, then this business is for you. There are lot of offices, mess, PG and even household demand catering services on a regular basis and on time.

This has a high potential as you can supply food to various household. All you need is to have some minor investment done initially in the first month to purchase raw materials for cooking.

People prefer home food and if you know the taste of the people and they like your food then your business is all set to earn. You can get more customers slowly and this will help you make more money.

     13. Event and wedding planning

Events and weddings are tedious chores these days and people like to hire a person who can manage the events/marriage throughout right from day one.

You need not do any real course for it but you should be good at your work. Also, it does not require any investment from your end as clients can pay you some advance money.

This job requires proper planning and arrangements. You should be in contacts with people who can supply flowers, sweets, decorative things etc. Also electrician, make-up person, light and sounds everything needs to be arranged on time. You can make lot of money even if you handle one or two events in a month. Wedding planning is very profitable business for housewife and moms, Read more

     14. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is a good business for household ladies especially if you have the basic education. The work normally involves taking calls, returning emails, typing documents, letters etc. However all this work is done online and the work usually involves all that a personal assistant does in office.

These days’ company personnel hire virtual assistants to do similar tasks as they can get good qualified people for the job. VA’s mostly delivered their work on time and reduced the burden. It is a good field to work in and you can make enough money for a decent living.

     15. Food mess service for students and office goers

This is one more business in which housewives can be very active. All the major cities have PG, mess and offices where people order food from outside. In today’s busy schedule people do not have the time to cook and eat and therefore opt for alternatives.

You can start your own catering business and meet their demand regularly. If you get 2-3 PG or mess under you then it’s a perfect catch and your business will definitely flourish. Once they start liking your food, you are bound to receive more orders and it could be a business for lifetime.

     16. Data Entry Work

This is one of the readily available freelancing jobs online. Data entry is a good job and you do not need any specific qualification for the same.

You can connect with some clients who will be sending you data entry jobs online. All you need to do is just fill in the forms or the data and send them back to them.

Each data entry job has different rates and you will be paid accordingly. This is one of the best ways to make money. It depends on how quickly you can finish the work. Once your caliber is judged by the clients you will keep receiving more work.

     17. Cosmetics and beauty parlor

One of the most ideal jobs for women to start their business and it is really a successful one.

No matter irrespective of corporate or college going girls all like to look beautiful and parlors are their favorite place for the same. However, establishing a parlor business is not so easy. You first need to be trained under an expert before starting your own business.

Also, you need to purchase some equipment to start with. You can initially begin at your home and slowly rent a commercial space once your business is established.

     18. Pre-nursery school for kids

This is both an earning source and a good time pass with the kids. These days’ parents before sending their school to children mostly like to prepare them in pre-nursery schools.

It is more or less like a day care where children are taught by showing images, food or an object. This is a good business these days as more and more people are opting for it. You need to spend some 4-5 hours daily with the children and you could earn a good income.

The only talent you need to possess is to be friendly with the children so that they listen to you. This type of business comes under kids focused business and are very profitable.

     19. Interior decorator

This is one of the lucrative businesses to showcase your talent. You need to have a fair idea about interior designing and you can begin with by designing your own house.

You can then upload the images of your house on various online portals or to various agencies who may contact you for ideas and work. If you have a degree in interior designing then it is an added advantage, if not then you need to work a bit harder to impress your clients.

Once you start getting work, build your own portfolio and get more customers added on your list. The pay is definitely very good.

     20. Online laundry service

In today’s busy work, people have no time to go anywhere and complete their work. These days online is the best option to order grocery, clothes etc. then why not an online laundry service.

Yes you can start an online laundry business and employ few people who can collect clothes of the customer, wash, press and return it back to them. Sounds interesting right!! All you need to do is to manage your resources and see that the work gets completed in time.

It seems fairly easy but delivery and good feedback are the must to keep your business up and running.

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