For many disabled people, finding satisfying work which also takes your needs into account can be a frustrating experience.

When choosing which business idea is best for you it is important to consider how your disability limits you. If your mobility is heavily affected you might want to consider one of the many home run business opportunities available today. Some people can forget that a disabled person has just as much drive and ambition as their able bodied counterparts. Here are 5 business ideas that can help you fulfill that ambition.

Online Auctioning –

If you have had experience buying and selling or just have a great nose for a bargain, online auctioning could be for you. Maybe you have your own homemade items to sell or wish to buy cheap and resell at a profit. There are many different options available to you. With careful marketing of your items and building up a respected seller portfolio, a profitable home business is just around the corner. Ideal for people with limited mobility as all your business can be conducted from the comfort of your home.

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Computer repair –

With computers involved in almost every part of our day to day lives, the need for skilled computer repair has never been more apparent. If you have the relevant skills, getting started is as easy as placing an ad in your newsagent window or local supermarket services board. You can begin to make good money straight away by using an increasingly sought after skill. With many online and local college courses offering training, gaining the qualifications to embark on your new career is actually pretty simple. Using a courier service for picking up or dropping of hardware can ensure your limited mobility does not affect your growing business.

Article Writing –

Got a way with words? Article writing is work you can do from home with no qualifications. With an almost unlimited demand for fresh, well written articles you will never be out of work. Countless and varied subjects means the work is engaging and interesting. The freestyle nature of this business allows you to only take on the work you can manage. With voice to software technology removing the reliance on typing, visual impairment or the inability to type quickly is no longer a barrier.

Bookkeeping –

Got a head for numbers? Does a spinal injury mean you can’t lift those heavy boxes anymore. Maybe you had to leave your last job because of hearing loss. Bookkeeping is an excellent choice for those that need to work from home. Likewise for people with disabilities that preclude them from heavy manual work. There are some qualifications you will need before you get started. All of these are available to study and qualify from home. A business will always need bookkeepers. With some training and dedication, job security and satisfaction can be yours.

Website design –

Every company has a website. No matter how small or niche, one of the first things a new company does is publish its web page. Growing steadily for two decades, the demand for quality web design shows no sign of slowing down. With thousands of web design courses available online, it has never been easier to learn the trade. With just a small cash outlay for the qualifications and hosting your own portfolio site, starting a web design business is an effective move into self-employment. Working from home and using text to speech software you can effectively nullify many of the difficulties created by disability.

Final Thoughts.

With so many different and exciting business opportunities, there has never been a better time to expand your horizons. People with disabilities can be found working in almost every modern workplace. For those with more limiting or extreme conditions it is only a matter of finding something that suits your needs. Understanding your limits and choosing a business suitable for you is just the first step.

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