Are you motivated to start up a business in Chennai, Tamilnadu? If you have a confusion in selection of profitable business in Chennai then this article is for you! If you are a firm believer that you can accept and face the challenges with robust determination, then yes, you are on the right way to start up a best business. Chennai is a metropolitan city with high potential for different upcoming business. Everyone desires to have an own business, but the only barricade is fear. Capital deployment, return on investments and viability of the firm creates panic to all. If you are a dynamic person and have good rapport in the society and capacity to take the risk, then say good bye to your fears and start your own business and enter the money making world.

So don’t waste your time and chose one of the top 10 best business ideas in Chennai framed here under:

Real estate consultant Business

This is good business to start in Chennai. To start real estate consultancy business in Chennai, you need to be a member of Chennai Real Estate Agents Association and also have passed an online examination RE-MET conducted by National Association of Realtors – India. Real estate consultancy includes the supply of builders, engineers, architects, building materials, labors, construction equipment, financiers, brokers to interface clients, legal documentation and helps negotiation deals. You put the entire project in the digital form to display a live demo of the same to the customers and a clear disclosure also has to be made to the clients in respect of rate and terms and conditions of sale or lease. Real estate consultancy requires very reasonable investment in respect of your office, computer, projector, furniture, staff and other office accessories.

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Event management

One of the best business idea to start up in Chennai  at present is event management, which has a broad scope because people today often desire to outsource the task of organizing their events starting from birthdays and marriage parties to corporate meetings and musical nights. You will be needing multiple skills to handle every event uniquely. Create a core group involved in different tasks like stage decoration, lighting, flowering, music system and security arrangement according to the need. Hire a graphic designer and digitize your portfolio to give a demo to your clients. It will help you to fetch a reasonable rate with customers according to their budget. Event management does not involve much investment, what you all need is contacts with different equipment vendors.

Baby sitting services

As the standard of living of Chennai grows high and both parents have to go outside the home for work to meet the ends under tight economy, baby sitting services are becoming very popular in Chennai. So it can be an excellent start up business for you with no initial investment. What you need to do is to provide persons to those parents who need this service for their children. For this type of business, it is advisable to deliver services at a reasonable cost to your neighbors, family members and friends who need to take care of their child when both parents are going out for their job. You can make good profit from this business if you plan it accordingly. Rent a space for baby sitting service and install some playing equipment for kids.

Fast food parlor

Unlike any other businesses, fast food parlor sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You will have to make a list of your target customer at the locality in Chennai where you want to open the shop ever before investing a dime in fast food parlor. You should estimate the space required for you fast food parlor with the help of a professional designer for minimum layout requirement. Another important issue is to obtain a license from the local municipal or corporation to start the business. Arrange fast food cooking utensils, equipment and accessories along with delivery services. Make a list of suppliers and clients in your business locality. You can also start a business by supplying food to daily office passengers, school and college students and also to your desiring neighbor. To start with you can deploy your own money or search for finance.

Career counseling business

To start with career counseling profession, you need a furnished office accommodation only. If you have a strong background as an educationist, you will find that Chennai is the right place to start this business as a driver of revenue earnings in career counseling profession. It is because career counseling plays a vital role in assessing and administering the line of possible education required for a student for his or her prospect under changed socio-economic reform depending upon his or her line of interest, skill and motivation.

Cleaning services

Cleaning services business in Chennai can fetch you a sizeable monthly income if you have organizing capacity and managerial skill to attend every detail of proper housekeeping system and procedure. You have to keep experienced cleaner’s know-how as well as know-how of cleaning process of every household item. This knowledge will boost you to move forward to handle cleaning business. You need to hire an experienced cleaner and purchase cleaning equipment, chemicals and conventional products. So, this business does not involve much investment.

Home renovation service

If you have an experience and background in home renovation and construction, then you have a viable option to earn a good profit in Chennai. Before starting the business, you need to obtain trade license, contractor’s license and insurance tools. Apart from these you also need to consult a business lawyer and an accountant because of various legal formalities and tax implications. You have to prove before your clientele that you are a legal entity and have adequate accidental insurance coverage for your workers who will work on site for any unforeseen eventuality. You also should be transparent in billing procedure to attract your clients.

Custom made gifts and accessories

Observance of significant dates, joyous event, and indelible moments of life demands to be framed with gifts. This concept has become a social event today and has created a paramount threshold in the future business world more than ever before. It is an excellent opportunity for you to start up custom made gifts and accessories company and earn a good sum of money in Chennai if you have a high sense of art and creativity. To start with first you must make a list of schools, colleges, clubs, universities, private and public offices in your locality and keep in contact with them to get orders as per their requirements.

Traveling agency business

Tourism background in your experience bucket beholds you to crack the business of traveling company in a metropolis like Chennai. Services provided by the traveling company are within the ambit of Service tax act. So, you need to get service tax registration beforehand to start the business. First, you must make a list of places of interest to visit within the state, prepare a budget for each tour package and then you can take help of the internet or local publicity. Select professionally experienced personnel to conduct the tour and hire them. It will help a lot. In this type of business, handling of every delicate issue is more important than investment.

Car leasing services

Transportation is one of the lucrative avenues of income than any other business in a metro city like Chennai. If you are familiar with automobile services, a vast opportunity for income is waiting for you. You need to register with cab aggregators like Ola and Uber and put your car on lease basis to start regular earning with little investment.

So, now that you know the various prospects of creating a career in these ten different fields of business, what are you waiting for?

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