Business Opportunity in Bihar and Jharkhand has grown significantly these days and it is absolutely right time to kick start your business in the field of small scale manufacturing, food processing and recycling. So, if you are looking for small and profitable business ideas in Bihar and Jharkhand then you have come to right place. I have crafted some very profitable small scale business ideas for you to get started in your business venture. Below is the list of best business ideas for Bihar and Jharkhand – Category-wise:-

Small Scale Manufacturing Business

  1. Disposable cups and plates manufacturing business

You must have seen disposable paper cups and plates in an event, did you think that who made these cups and plates? Generally, these are made by small manufacturing units based in your location only. They manufacture disposable cups in large numbers with the help of automatic machines which is not very expensive. This is very profitable business in both Bihar and Jharkhand because of its low investment.

  1. Paper Bags Manufacturing Business

Paper bag is in trend now a days which is being used by many shopping malls. Also, government of India has restricted the use of plastic bags which could result in exponential growth in paper bags manufacturing. This is perectly right time to start this business in both Bihar and Jharkhand so that you can make good profits.

  1. Jute Bags Making Business

This is also very much profitable business ideas because many people uses jute bags for carrying vegetables, fruits and other grocery items on daily basis.

  1. Agarbatti Making Business

As per my own personal experience, this business is very much profitable in small towns and villages. Generally, agarbattis are made with the help of machines and cost of machine is around 70k – 150k. Contact few materials and machine suppliers in your area and get going with this profitable business.

  1. Jeans Pants Making

As we all know that business in garments industry is always fruitful with very high returns. You can start making jeans pants with the help of machines easily. There is high demand of Jeans in every cities, small towns and even villages. Get the ball rolling and jump start this fruitful business by acquiring more in ground knowledge.

Food Based Business Ideas

Everyone needs food to survive and this make it evergreen business opportunity in food industry. Below are best food based business ideas in Bihar and Jharkhand.

  1. Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is expensive but you can start with small at the beginning and then grow it as per response you get. Every men and women wants to have some good time with their family members and they always find a place to hangout after busy schedules. Why not provide them a suitable environment to chill and relax? Make sure that you make it clean and relaxing. Restaurant is always a good busines ideas with profit margin of more than 45%.

  1. Mineral Water Plant

This business is need of the hour right now. The demand for bottled drinking water has grown enormously and now even 20 litre of mineral water jar is being used by many families in small towns. This is very profitable and I have witnessed success of my friend in this venture.

  1. Ice-cream and Juice Parlor

I have visited Patna, Bihar and found that there is not much juice parlor to beat the heat. You can take this opportunity and get the ball rolling. Start a juice center with reasonable pricing and I believe that more and more customers will come to your shop on daily basis. Profit margin in this business is more than 50% specially in Bihar and Jharkhand.

  1. Bakery Shop

This is all time profitable business and needs some skilled workers to bake some tasty toasts and cakes. Opportunity is huge is you come up with good snacks.

Education Based Business Ideas

  1. Coaching Center

Bihar is known for IAS and IPS officers. Also, a large number of students qualify engineering entrance tests every year. So, take this opportunity and start a coaching class for students. Research the market and find out the current requirement. You can hire teachers and other staff members if required.

  1. School

Starting a school is very challenging and requires proper management. On the other hand, the requirement of good school has grown exponentially in small towns and villages. This is something good which you can give back to the community while making profits.

If you have any other profitable business ideas for Bihar and Jharkhand then please do post it in the comment section or contact me if you want to publish your own business plan and story about your business. You can contact me from contact us page.


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