Canada is a country with a wealth of resources and opportunities. Regulation is business friendly and the government does all it can to create an environment for businesses to thrive. Canada has very large population which ensures you have market for your goods.

You do not need huge capital investments for the businesses listed below, most can be started at the comfort of your home. They are also easy to set up and run with some requiring minimal regulations and investments in Canada.

A Helpful Advice for Entrepreneurs Starting a Small Business

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List of 20 Best Small Business Ideas in Canada

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing offers lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs with a wide range of topics to choose from. You only need a good laptop and good internet connectivity and you are ready to start. Many sites like Upwork provide lots of writing jobs all year round. You also enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss. You determine your own pay by seeking more work. Ghostwriting is a good pursuit for writers seeking money. You may need to create your own website to market yourself.

2. Start a Gardening Business

Herb farms are one of the fastest-growing industries. People are turning away from junk food and embracing healthy living. You can turn your backyard into a garden growing medicinal herbs like basil, chamonite, lavender, marigold and lemon balm. These herbs require little space and can be grown in pots. They also can be grown all year round and require very little care.

The profit potential from a small garden is also huge. You do not also have to struggle with regulations. You can also offer teaching lessons on the same or turn your experience into an e-book that you can sell.

3. Home Health Care

Most 80-year-olds want to live in their own home but they have trouble bathing, fixing meals and cleaning the house. Your responsibility is to take care of their daily chores. Canada has a lot retirees which means you have lots of willing clienteles. Most are dependent on their pension and while some have supportive family members willing to foot your bills. The business offers very high returns with little capital investments.

4. Start a Cleaning Company

As long as people continue existing there is always going to be dirt and grime all over the house. You can cater to clients’ needs by offering cleaning services for them. This may include lawn mowing, laundry services and basic housekeeping. All you will need is additional investment in cleaning equipment, which is relatively inexpensive. You can also purchase carpet cleaning equipment and for a fee clean carpets.

5. Hair Salon

Women have this need to look good. And whatever time of the year women will always do their hair. If you have skills as a stylist this is a very lucrative industry. You can do this in the comfort of your home or go to client residences. You can also include pedicures, manicures or sell any complimentary cosmetics. Theirs is also a growing demand for spas and massage parlors. This will depend largely on the availability of space. You can also try a mobile spa that lets you go directly to your clients. It also saves you rent space and reduces your costs.

6. Start a Restaurant Business

The need for people to eat ensures that the food business will never run out of clients. Location and good service is the key to making profits. Canada has a growing population of immigrants and you can try African, Indian or Asian cuisine depending on the population. Indigenous cuisine serves a particular niche of people and is a source of identity.

7. Become a Tutor

If you have a particular skill that you are very good at you can offer training for a fee. Parents are always seeking tutors to help their kids in a given area. You can offer piano lessons, math classes, or teach ballet. Earning potential is very high as you charge on a per-hour basis.

8. Start Pet Daycare Service

This business is ideal for pet lovers. You can set up a daycare for pets and charge people for taking their pets for a walk or grooming them. There is a huge market for retirees, who lack the energy and motivation to take their pets for daily walks.

Like their American counterparts, Canadians love their pets and are willing to spend a lot to pamper them. With this in mind, you can also sell pet food and kennels for a profit.

9. Become a Wedding and Events Planner

Couples keep getting all year round. They also have lots of funds to splash around. This means great earning potential for wedding planners in Canada. You will need to have lots of resilience as the pressure from brides is usually high. In case you are also good in cooking, you can supplement event planning with food catering for events.

10. Plumbing Consultancy

Water systems deteriorate with time, and this can be a great business opportunity for someone with plumbing skills. People would rather outsource this service to a specialist instead of doing it themselves. The business has high returns and clients can be got through referrals.

11. E-Commerce Business

The internet provides lots of opportunities for people that have products that meet specific needs in the community. Most products can nowadays be purchased online. For this, all you will need is a secure, interactive website and a product that is easy to transport. You can do this at the convenience of your home. You may also need to liaise with a courier service provider so as to deliver products to the client’s doorstep.

12. Transport Business

Canada’s large economy means that goods are always moving from one place to another. One can purchase a truck and get orders to transport goods from one location to another. With the advancement of technology, orders are usually a click away. The business can easily be franchised if you have many trucks and clients.

Transportation does not need to be limited to trucks only You can also try luxury chauffeuring services. This will cater to the wealthy in society.

13. Independent Financial Advisor

If you are a certified accountant or you know your way around finance, you can offer your services as a financial consultant. Canada enjoys a very high income per capita, and so they are a lot of people who are looking for wealth management services. Canada economy is very diverse and spread across different sectors, so clients have lots of choices in regards to the asset class to choose from.

14. Interior Design

People are always buying homes and moving into new offices. As an interior designer, your task is to incorporate a client’s tastes into the design of the house. An interior designer works closely with the architect to ensure that space is utilized and serves its intended function. The job is cyclical, and business may be low depending on economic performance.

15. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent lists a house for sale and negotiates the price on your behalf. An agent then receives a commission based on the sale. This is a lucrative business with Canada having lots of property sales. The business is easy to set up and does not require physical space to run. You may need to be very well versed in sales as it is a very competitive business.

16. Snacks/Coffee Shop

You can also start a business that offers pastries, tea, or coffee. You will have to shop around for an ideal location with lots of traffic. A coffee shop is always preferred for hanging out during lunch or to hold brief meetings. You can also start baking cakes and sell them for more profits at the coffee shop or you can also have them delivered to the clients by providing a home delivery service. This business requires low initial investment and it is profitable too/

17. Home Renovation

This is a great business idea for Canada because it comes under the basic need of the masses. Everyone uses this service once or twice a year as per their need. This business has lots of opportunities and one can grab the market easily with the help of some basic advertising methods on social media in the local community. Home renovations include wall paintings, carpet cleaning kitchen renovation and furniture paintings.

18. Fashion Design

Almost everyone wants to put on fashionable clothes, and Canadians are no exception.  You can create your own unique clothing line that will serve a particular clientele. With the adage of social media, advertising has never been this pocket-friendly. You do not need those expensive runaways to flaunt your designs, using Instagram and Facebook you can create your own online runaway.

19. Franchise

A franchise is an inexpensive way to start a business. You have the benefit of selling an established brand with lots of loyal customers. Training and loans are at times offered, ensuring you do not make the same mistakes that new business owners make. Products range from shoes, clothes, food to motor vehicles.  A franchise saves you the time it takes to start and establish a brand. Some of the well-known franchises include McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, and subway.

20. Manufacture of Timber Products

Canada has a lot of its area covered with forests. This provides a lot of business opportunities for those who want to work with timber. You can manufacture chairs and tables or have a logging business.

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