In this comprehensive researched article, you will learn about how to become a freelance content writer with no experience. You can start content writer work right now from your home and make some side income in return.

Why choose content writing?

Variety is the spice of life. We also want to do a lot of things in life, accomplish much more than what usually should be done. After you class 12 boards or graduation, there comes a time when you have a lot of time to spare. Even in between we sometimes get a little bored of our daily monotonous routine. If you are fond of writing, these are the times when you can cultivate your passion into your hobby or even a career. There are plenty of writing opportunities available online and offline.

When you are choosing to write, you can become a full-time content writer, you can pursue it part-time while continuing your studies on the other hand or you can even do it for fun, just to add more skills to your resume. Freelancing means not being attached to one particular company or working for one particular person. Becoming a freelance content writer can help you improve your writing style and also maintain self-discipline.

Basic requirements

A sure way to get more and more assignments is to be a good writer. Having a steady and good command over English is extremely important. If you do no have a degree or a diploma then you can always pursue one of the minimal courses to get the hang of the basic grammar structure and vocabulary. Being a good writer is important. Being able to write on anything at any moment is really a sign of a good writer. Choosing the types of articles you wish to write is another important decision. You can choose between fiction and nonfiction. While almost anyone can write a good story online, being able to write interestingly on a nonfiction topic is quite a challenge.

A good writer can conjure magic with any topic at hand. Understanding the field is very important. If you wish to work full-time as a freelance content writer, you will have to put is a lot of effort. When you choose to pursue a career in content writing full-time you will have to fathom the pressure before taking any decision. A lot of people are full-time writers, so researching such people is important. You will have to decide whether you are willing to become a content because you love writing, or for money, or because you have a lot of free time or just for trying out something new.

What you propelling factor towards become a freelancer is will determine the quality of your work, whether you wish it that way or not. So, panning out your major interest is important before you get in touch with anyone. Another important aspect of this field is good communication. You will have to be able to communicate your ideas to the readers easily and freely. It is possible to be lucid without having to be colloquial. A good writer will be able to deduce the difference and hence improve on such skills.


When you are know you will able to move forward from writing small, you can always apply to the million of organisations for a job in writing. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, there are plenty of options online and offline where you can apply for a steady job. Any companies, especially software companies, require Web content developers on a regular basis. Pursuing a job in writing will not only earn you the satisfaction you want but you will also be more and more encouraged to write as you will be doing what you love most – write!

How to get started as freelance writer?

Getting starting as freelance writer is very easy and can be achieved in below three simple steps:-

  • Show your talent:- Create your portfolio website and show your writing skills over there. Getting a website is not mandatory for freelance work but it will add some weight to your profile in various freelance websites.
  • Bid for projects:- There are many websites where you can create your profile and search for suitable freelance writing work for you. One most popular website is

become content writer

Create your profile over there and search for available content writing jobs. You will find that there are lots of content writing work is available, you have to bid on that job listing with your offer and deadline. The original job poster will contact you if he/she finds your bid and profile interesting.

  • Get reviews:- Always complete your work in given deadline and ask them to write review about you in your profile. Positive review from real users will help you to get more work easily.

I hope that this article has helped you in freelance content writing career, please let me know your thoughts and question in comment section.

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