What is battery recycling?

Batteries are used in many devices of our daily use, mostly electronic devices. Our daily routine is filled with devices that run on batteries such as our phones, tablets and laptops. Button no matter how good the batteries maybe, they all are short living batteries with hardly any use after they have been completely used. There are two types of batteries available in the market, single use batteries(mostly alkaline batteries) and rechargeable batteries (lithium batteries) and Lead acid batteries. Battery recycling is the process where all batteries are crushed and those pieces are used to make new batteries from the old ones.

Having proper knowledge of the market of such recycled batteries can be rove very beneficial for your business. This not only helps save a lot of money but is also good for the environment. Used batteries are dumped in landfills and sometimes also in water which pollutes the land and water from the toxic chemicals in the batteries. Recycling them can be good for both business and nature. Here in this article we we will learn about how to recycle battery and what are the opportunities in battery recycling business.

Types Of Batteries Which We can Recycle

There are generally three types of batteries which we can recycle. The recycling process of the below three types of batteries are different because they contain different elements.

  • Lead acid automobile batteries or car batteries
  • non automotive lead acid batteries or inverters batteries
  • dry cell batteries or laptop batteries

Battery Business basics

Battery recycling business is such a business which if built on limited knowledge and capital can incur huge losses. For that reason, a lot if research is required before you start this kind of business. First of all, you will have to able to travel from location to location in search of unused and damaged batteries. Next thing is you have to conduct a research about how the recycling market operates. When you have that knowledge, you will have to look for potential customers and identify them to be the ones who will do business with you. If you wish to do business with some , you can get in touch with companies who deal in recycled batteries and sell your products to them.

Registration of your business legally is very important. To avoid any run-in with the law, you will have to acquire the necessary permissions and documents that will be required to run your business smoothly. The location of your workplace is important as it should be easily accessible by carrier vehicles. Research and knowledge is everything in this field. Your research will help you come up with a suitable name for your business venture. Also, you will have to well-funded to run your business as you will be requiring many machines and equipments for the recycling process. You can set up collecting points. You can set up baskets at certain points in your area and within a certain radius for such used batteries.

Battery Recycling Process

Used lead acid battery recycling process

battery recycling process

  • A separator machine is required to crush used lead batteries to separates plastic from the lead plates.
  • After crushing, plastic components are separated from lead
  • Then, smelters are used to process the lead
  • After that, purified lead is collected for reuse

Air Pollution Control While Smelting Of Lead

Lead is toxic and during secondary smelting process it produces lots of toxic smoke and other harmful dust particles. To control the pollution, we use one air pollution control plant which absorbs the toxic smoke during smelting. For processing of 1 tonne lead, 100 tonne of air has to be cleaned. All the harmful particles like gases and dusts which are coming out during smelting process from rotary furnace and refining kettle are sucked into the air pollution control system.

Battery Recycling Plant Setup Cost In India

The cost of setting up the recycling plant including all machines is around INR 20 lakhs.

Battery Recycling Machines

The machines which are used in recycling process of lead batteries are given below:-

  • Battery cutting machine or separator machine or battery breaker machine
  • Rotary furnace
  • Air Pollution control systems attached with rotary furnace
  • Refining pots
  • Alloying pots
  • Moulding mechanism
  • Loader machine

The Target Market

Quality is the last say in any business. No matter how much scrap material you are dealing with, never compromising on quality would earn you more clients. Venue if your products are expensive, quality should never be sacrificed. You can get in touch with companies who will provide you with contracts of supplying your recycled batteries to them. Many companies today deal with such batteries today’s and is quite a profitable business venture. You could also sell scrap batteries to the various companies that deal in recycling ventures.


The best way to do business successfully is to set up good marketing strategies that will help your sell your products well and also get more contracts. A good strategy for your business can be to collect the batteries and keep them and then sell them when the prices go higher up.

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