Ola Cabs Business Opportunity

Ola cabs is a car rental company based in Bangalore, India. Ola cabs gives opportunity to people that they can attach their cars with them and can make very good profit. Everyone can attach car to Ola and can earn in every city of India where Ola is available.

Ola Cabs is one of the fastest growing taxi service provider in India, there are many other similar companies are there such as Uber Cabs, Meru Cabs, etc. In this article I will cover only Ola cabs i.e How to attach car with Ola cabs? How much profit you can make with Ola cabs? What are the procedure and documents required.

How To Become Ola Partner By Attaching Your Car With Them

First step is to buy a car, Different types of cars are running in Ola cabs such as Ola mini, Ola sedan and Ola prime. In Ola mini category you can attach hatch back cars like Maruti Rits, Indica, Maruti Suzuki swift, etc. In Ola sedan category you can attach Maruti swift dezine, Toyota Etios, Swift desire, etc. In Ola prime category you can attach Toyota innova, Mahindra XUV, etc.

Point to be noted here is that each category has their own incentive plans. If you buy a  hatch back car then your business profit is going to be lesser than sedan cars category. Similarly, SUVs will bring high incentive than Sedans.

You can also attach your car in two categories and in all three categories. For example – If you have bought Sedan car then you can attach it in noth mini and sedan category. Similarly, if you buy SUV then you can attach it in all three categories i.e mini, sedan, and prime. Point to be noted here is that if you have attached your sedan in mini category then you will get incentive as per mini category plan.

Which Category is Most Profitable?

I cannot say that which is profitable, but I have spoken to many car owners and they have said that Sedan is most profitable. You can buy a sedan and can attach it in both mini and sedan category.

Why I Have To Attach Car In More Than One Category?

It will increase the number of booking which you will get. Sometimes, if there is less sedan booking then you will get booking for mini in your Sedan car and you will be paid as per mini cars incentive plan.

Attaching Car to Ola As A Owner

Here owner is not driver. It means that you need to hire a driver with commercial driving license. You can track all booking and invoice with the help of mobile app. You as a owner will get instant notification for current bookings and total fare raised. Your driver cannot cheat on you because every information will be sent to your mobile number through sms.

Steps & Documents Required For Car Attachment

  • Buy a car, preferably Sedan cars
  • Register your new car as commercial vehicle i.e yellow plate
  • Hire a driver with commercial license
  • Visit ola office for attachment, provide required documents
  • Your bank account details, bank passbook and one cancelled cheque
  • Car registration certificate, permit and pollution certificate
  • New car attachment process is very quick

Ola Current Incentives & Business Profits

Incentives plan may vary city by city. So, you need to check current incentive plan in your city by visiting Ola office. In Bangalore, they are giving following profits to their driver:-

Benefits Given To Ola Partners

  • You can earn upto Rs. 1,00,000 per month profit
  • Driver support is available 24×7
  • Be your own boss and work as per your convenience by the hour or by the day
  • Payment settlement everyday
  • Transparent payment statement
  • 102+ Cities with 4,50,000+ vehicles

For more information on attaching your car with Ola cabs, you can visit their website and can apply online for car attachement.

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