Virtual reality (VR) has now become not only a reality but has gone very popular in the last few years. What you earlier were seeing on screen can be felt using virtual reality technology and it has hit the right spot. Virtual reality is growing popular among people all over the world and people are more likely to invest in it as it completely changes the viewer perspective. Using virtual reality headset one could feel the virtual world without being in it.

Recently, virtual reality technology has become very popular because of the newly VR based video games introduced in the format. Games like football, cricket, and other video games of similar nature have become very popular where the person playing wears a VR headset covering his eyes and ears and using equipment like gun or ball (based on the type of game) plays the game. Using VR technology, the game though a virtual reality becomes realistic in nature and the user can very well feel and enjoy the same.

Across all corners of the world, VR technology and VR based games have become popular. VR based hubs have been opened where customers go and play the respective games paying the required fees. Big shopping Malls and gaming hubs have exclusive zone for VR games. From the above, one can see that VR based application is finding its place in the mainstream and has recently became very popular. Many people are now investing in this VR based startup investing in various VR based applications and the most common of them all are VR based games.

But as the technology is growing and covering mass of people, it is expected that the application of VR will move to a wider range from games to various other fields. If you are interested in virtual reality and its concept, you can invest in this field by trying various VR based applications. VR based startups have seen growth and if you are looking up for ideas then this article will serve your purpose.

Here are top 5 Virtual Reality based startup ideas:

Since VR is still very new to the masses, it will be a bit easy for you try out new ideas and invest in them. All kinds of business ideas related to VR have different levels of planning, requirements and investment. We bring you five such VR based startups that are not only bound to be successful if executed well but are also quite affordable in terms of investment.

Virtual Reality Based Game Hubs Business:

This young generation is tech advanced and loves to try something new which is intriguing and exciting. VR based games are no exception to it and has drawn the attention of this young generation. To be precise, not only that of young generation but also that of the elder generation. VR based games have become quite popular and you can find VR game hubs in many of the malls or community centers.

A startup based on the same is an excellent way to invest in VR. Not only does it attracts customers but it also offers something new to the whole community. What you require is a VR gaming set with the supporting equipment where the VR headset is the major equipment. Games like wrestling, counter strike, cricket, football and other such games in VR attracts huge crowd. With a decent investment you are bound to make good returns.

All you need to do is to do good research in VR gaming market, create a business plan and proceed accordingly. Get a decent space in mall or public areas and start your business. Community centers are best places where you will find favorable customers in the evening and on weekends.

Virtual Reality Based Property Sale Business:

Most of us on our way to look for property travel from one place to another to find a favorable property. What we see in videos and photos are often far from the reality we see. Have you ever thought of viewing these properties sitting at one place in its true nature? VR based property sale is one such way where you can move into the property like a house from rooms to rooms, view nooks and corners of the place while remaining seated at one place.

Virtual reality offers you though a virtual world yet real aspects of the property. It gives a realistic perspective about the property and its whereabouts while being at one place. A revolutionary and extremely new idea of viewing properties of far places has attracted many property dealers who look new ways to impress their clients.

Why not try to invest in such businesses by offering new methods of property viewing to the property dealers. Research about the market, create your own business plan, meet with the property dealers, present your plan and work with them. With a decent investment you can have many clients to whom you will be offering VR based property viewing.

Virtual Reality Based Education Center Business:

How many of you are able to witness live surgery procedure in front of you? A VR based education setup where surgery on human body is made to look real can be nothing less than a revolution. Looking at things from a very different perspective and with a very close look gives you a very different impression. When you are able to feel things it makes you much more interested to it.

Learning through VR can really transform the mind of young students who generally may not find interest in books. Many schools and colleges are mulling on introducing VR into education that will totally revolutionize the education. Traveling into solar system and galaxy can be an intriguing experience for young kids using VR education system. The model is marketed well can be adopted by education institutions and schools. One can invest in VR education system as in long term it can prove out to be very beneficiary.

VR education system requires VR headset along with a favorable VR setup room to ensure full VR effects. Though at present, VR system in education is a bit costly given if we implement in all classes but an intro may not be costly and it depends if it finds favorable support the school administration and the students. One can network with various schools, show demonstration and showcase benefits of the same in order to attract your clients.

Virtual Reality in Concerts and Events:

Because of some reasons you are unable to attend the concert of your favorite performer. Don’t worry as virtual reality based concerts are coming to your neighborhood. Instead of paying dollars on concerts you can pay a modest price and attend a VR based concert of your favorite performer in your nearby VR setup experiencing concert in a whole different way. VR based concerts can hit the streets if marketed and planned well.

Networking with major concert houses or famous performers, bands and going into contract with them similar to that of purchasing media rights of movies and then streaming it in your VR based theatre can turn out to be a hit. Not everyone can afford to get tickets of big performers. Some may not be able to attend due to far locations, what could be based is VR based concert in a nearby VR based theatre at low cost but with same reality touch.

Like all other VR ideas this idea is also very new and fascinating. A planned study on the subject followed by a comprehensive plan and perfect execution can make you a successful entrepreneur in this field.

Virtual Reality Based Tourism Business:

Watching videos using VR of tourist places, adventurous places, hills, mountains, volatile ocean can be a once in a lifetime experience. Why not start a YouTube VR based channel that posts videos of natural places that are adventurous in nature. Imagine experiencing a volatile ocean with thunder waves while being amidst the sea on a ship. VR based YouTube videos can offer you such experience. You can record and upload such videos which will have millions of views on YouTube.

You can even earn through different mediums as well. Similarly, streaming videos of true events like sports events, army parades, and other such fascinating events can attract viewers. VR offers a different perspective altogether to the viewers and that is why it is attractive to the viewers. A different idea of bringing true events clothed with a different perspective can become instant hit if presented professionally.

VR based events like sports matches experiencing a football match and that too of FIFA World Cup Finals in a nearby theatre but experiencing it in a nearby theatre can give Goosebumps at affordable prices. Such technology like virtual reality are new and has lot to cover before it becomes a mainstream reality. Until then there is lot for new startups to try and achieve in this field.

All VR based startups do not require heavy investment. Some of them are cheap and can offer much returns if worked on them properly. Do research and try your luck, maybe you can become successful.