In this researched article, you will get information on small scale home based business ideas for women with medium and low invest in India and abroad. Small scale home based business is very profitable and can be expanded into large scale business with proper business planning. Below are businesses which you can start as small scale from home and can take it to next nevel easily. Apart from being a housewife, you could also be a good women entrepreneur in any field in which you are interested. If you are struggling to decide your women entrepreneurship path then here is 20 home-based profitable business ideas which you can start right now.

List of 20 Small Home-Based Business Ideas For Women With Low Investment:-

1. Start Selling Products Online

Whether it is customized jewelry, designer dresses, shoes and women accessories, you can sell them online from your home by creating your own online store in various e-commerce website like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. The process of selling online is very simple and hassle free. You need to signup on those websites as a vendor and then upload your product images with the small product description. Visitors will come to browse your store and they will place an order if they like them. Pickup and delivery of the product are managed by the e-commerce sites, so you do not need to worry about delivery and courier service.

2. Bakery Shop

Bakery shop is a very profitable venture for women and you can step into this home based business with low investment. Cakes, cookies, biscuits and cup cakes are always high in demand. If you love cooking then this is going to be a profitable venture for you. At first, you can start it with 2 staff and after that, you can expand it accordingly. Some licensing and other documents are required to setup this business in your city.

3. Beauty Parlor

Beauty parlor could be a good source of income for any woman who wants to start a beauty business. If you have good beauty skill and enough money to invest in beauty parlor products, place then you should definitely start up with this business. At first, you need to take beautician course to understand basics about this business. Decide a location, this business can be started from your home. All you have to do is to provide good service to your customer and they will become your permanent customer.

4. Boutique Store

If you are interested in fashion and designing then this is going to be the perfect business for you. Create your own customized products catalog and show them to shops nearby your location. It is not necessary to open a shop if you do not have much money to invest, you can also kick start your business from your home. All you need is to hire one staff, who can show your collection to all nearby houses and shops. You can also sell your boutique products online by creating your own online store in various e-commerce websites in India.

5. Sewing and Alteration Services

If you are good at sewing and alteration you can offer this service to others in your local community. This business has high potential if your work is appreciated.

6. Freelance Content Writing

With the advent of e-commerce and social media marketing, demand for the good content writer has grown exponentially in last 5 years. You can step into this business if you love producing quality engaging content. You do not need to invest money to start content writing. Check for freelancers jobs available on various websites and apply to them with some sample content. Good content writer makes 500 – 1000 INR for 500 words of content in India.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is basically selling someone’s else product and earn a commission. You can promote products in Flipkart, Amazon and other online e-commerce websites. All websites have affiliate section, you have to signup in their affiliate marketing program by providing your details. You can start promoting their product on your website or through any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are many businesses who are ready to share some profit with individual who promote their product to the public. You get a commission on every purchase made by the visitor from your promotional link. Affiliate marketing is the best business from women.

8. Handmade Crafts Store

Creation of home decoration items with the help of plaster of paris or using any material is very profitable if you have a creative mind. You should definitely give a chance to your talent. You can easily start this business from your home with very low investment. You can learn new ideas and technique on YouTube to enhance your craft making skill. You can also sell your product online. There are many sites available which allow you to sell your product.

9. Customized Jewelry Making

Making of custom jewelry with the help of beads, gems, stones, etc is very profitable and currently high in demand. Get accessories for jewelry making and start selling your own customized jewelry from home.

10. Custom Clothing For Kids

Customized clothing for kids is very profitable, analyze the current trends among kids and create your design with their favorite cartoon character. You can also start your business by selling your custom cloth in local communities.

11. Pet Sitting

This is the perfect business for an animal lover. In this business, you have to take care of pets, when their owner is out on a trip or vacation. Many people do not go out on vacations just because of their pets. People usually pay nice amount without any hesitation if you turn out to be a good pet sitter for their adorable pets.

12. Baby sitting or Home daycare

If you love children and have enough space in your home then you can start a home daycare business. Minimum license and paperwork are required for this business. You can hire 1 or 2 maids to help you. To get started with this business all you need is enough space for children to play around, some toys and activities items and most importantly patience.

13. Cake and Cookie Gift Basket

If you are passionate about baking then add innovative ideas to your baked product and sell it as a gift basket online. Many people search for such kind of gift with a homemade specialty to present it to their near and dear ones. On a special occasion, you can offer some special cookies basket which is nicely decorated. You can also supply your cake and cookies to the nearest bakery or gift shop.

14. Tutoring Classes

You can start your own tutorials classes on any particular subject in which you are good at. There is also a website where you can teach online.

15. Blogging

Select any niche in which you are good at. Write informative and unique articles in your blog on daily basis. You can monetize your blog after 2 or 3 months when you have enough traffic. Making money through blogging is one of the best business for women who want to earn some money from home by utilizing their writing skills. If you love writing then create a website and execute your writing skill on any topic. What all required is patience, time, and energy.

16. E-book Writing Business

Self-publication has now become reality for many writers. If you have a good at writing skill, apart from blogging you can also write an e-book and sell it through your website or amazon. You can write your e-book on anything like cooking, health, beauty, real-state, home decor, etc.

17. Photo Selling Business

This is good business for passionate photography lovers. Create your own collection of photos inventory and publish it online on various photo selling websites like picturebazaar, shutterstock, etc. This is very profitable if you have some extraordinary photo skills.

18. Translating Business

Translation has high potential in web based business. If you are expert in your mother tongue and also some other foreign languages then you can earn a lot of money just by working from home. Many translation jobs are available for freelancers all over the world.

19. Web Designing

If you have knowledge on HTML coding, graphic designing and copywriting, then web designing business is the perfect opportunity for you. Where you can launch service to create an attractive and user-friendly website for small business. You can work under some employer or as a freelancer. You can also work as a teacher and teach web designing both online and offline.

20. Play School

Starting your own play school is a very profitable venture. In this business, you need proper location and staff members. If you have enough space at your home then you can start this business easily. Little investment is required in terms of purchase of some toys and interior designing. This is an ideal business for women with low investment.

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