Drones, a recent invention in the market have just cleared all the marks of newness given to it. The rapid spread of it over the market in the USA and other developed countries is still a wonder to all the businessmen. It is surprising to hear that this little invention has the potential to elevate a country’s economic status to a great extent. On the bottom line, these drones have constructed a path for entrepreneurs like you all to make the best gains.

A number of drone business opportunities are found within itself which are being discovered one by one even today. Below listed are some of the top drone business ideas where you could bravely put in your money and efforts.

Start a Drone Manufacturing Business

I should probably call this as the root of the entire industry. The industry runs smoothly only because of the existence of these drone manufacturers. Also, the various features that are added to the drone during production makes it more prominent in the market. Also, the status of it has been shifted from considering it a toy to a tool for a purpose. The market growth is expected to be 160% from 2014 to 2024. Now, these numbers make it absolutely clear that anybody into the production stream of drones could make a decent income in a few weeks of start.

Drone Aerial Photography Business

We use pictures to arrive at a conclusion in all the subjects taken. The case has become more serious and specific in various industries trying to make decisions. Undoubtedly, I’m trying to point out the usage of aerial photographs in industries, construction companies and even by the Government. A number of categories have evolved in aerial photography. Of all those, construction stream uses it more often to get absolute images of the layouts and other environmental conditions. In a way, these aerial photographs act as a tool to convince the customers to buy a particular property. As entrepreneurs looking forward to invest in this business, you should definitely check the demand reports of aerial photography. Those reports will display the prospering status of this photography business. Read detailed business plan on drone aerial photography business

Drone Videography

There is no big difference between an aerial photography business and a drone videography business. It is just the difference in the presentation of your product. Your customers will want a video of the asked location instead of an image. And that is when you involve this type of service in your business. Videography earns a higher income compared to photos. This is due to the clarity and the backend drone video editing work involved.

Environment Monitoring

A number of countries have now taken major initiatives in monitoring the environment. One of those is the use of drones in public places. For instance, a country tries to lessen the chances of extinction of rare species of trees and plants. It uses a number of drones to drop seeds in areas which are hardly found in the map. Thus, these drones are made use in areas where human work is impossible. Also, the work done is found to be faster and the quantum of work done is tremendously high. Similarly, a lot more preventive and constructive plans for the environment have been formulated and implemented with the help of drones.

Search and Rescue

This is one of the most important uses of drones or to put in a business term, this is one big successful, most demanded service in the market. Resolution is the main feature to be present here. High resolution images or videos can only make your company best preferred. Also, time is an important factor to be taken into consideration while choosing the right drone for search and rescue service. Millions can happen in seconds, thus the level of performance of the drone should be appreciable to carry out the search and rescue task.

Start a Surveying and Mapping Business

Surveying is a very common activity done by industries or any individual assigned to do it. But aerial surveys and mapping is totally different from the conventional ones. Though these can be done through any mode other than drones, efficiency can be achieved only with the use of drones. Efficiency can be defined in terms of less human involvement and high-quality data processing. There is one particular model of drones called the 3DR X8-M, showing excellent results and output when used for mapping. The following are some of the varieties you could give in this business.

  • Roof condition surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Flood risk surveys
  • Landfill/quarry surveys
  • Route surveys

Mining Operations

It is not a surprise that drones are being used in the mining industries too. These mining industries use drones to develop maps of the mining area in order to achieve the following.

  • Exact volume prediction
  • Locate equipment in workplace
  • Safety measures to be adopted to prevent uncertainties

The idea of using a digital terrain model have also been implemented by these mining industries by the extended use of drones. Thus, there is a promising career if you invest your money and efforts in this business. The returns are expected to be high and more satisfying compared to the costs incurred.

Precision Agriculture

It is totally unfair to leave this productive industry without the involvement or usage of drones. Agriculture industry has been developing day by day by making use or various researches and inventions. First let us understand the term clearly. Precision agriculture is a concept of farming which takes intra and inter-field variability for any steps to implement. To achieve this, as one of the inventions drones are used. With the help of real-time data, farmers are able to perform the farming activities in a way that gains more returns. Irrigation outputs are checked using time-lapse drones and it results in rectifying the system for better functioning.

Disaster Relief

Drones are now considered as the future of disaster relief. A number of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been purchase by the governments of each country for disaster management. It is found that the images captured by drones are clear and reliable than the ones captured by satellite. Also, the costs involved in getting a satellite image is a drawback to choose it. Drones not only help in disaster response, but also make a reasonable contribution in relief. The products which are to be delivered to the location are delivered with the help of drones. Now, there exists the demand for the service. Whenever you get a request for disaster relief, the work you will be doing is high in terms of both time-taken and costs involved. It is evident from this that the costs will definitely invite a considerably high income.

Aerial Mapping

In case of mapping, there is a separate group of potential customers for you. The main purpose of using drones for aerial mapping is that there exists zero percent harm in the work done. A number of hazardous terrains is left unmapped. The introduction of these drones with the capability of producing the exact maps of these terrains have made the work easier. Construction companies and land management companies will be your potential customers and that is where you will invest your marketing efforts.

Drone Repair Business

Like the combination of a pen and paper, an equipment will always have a repairs section to it. Not all the issues in the drones are unsolvable. At time of crash, the drones are taken to a repairs company to get it serviced. This is where you enter the game. As a service provider, you will handle all the different issues for a reasonable charge. One advantage about the business is that, there exists very less need for investment. You will require only the tools to service them. Also, if the owner of the drone feels that it is not worth putting the drone back to use, you can buy the same for a lesser price and retain the parts for spares sales.

Real Estate Drone Photography

As mentioned earlier in the photography section, drones play a huge role in real estate industry. To enhance its contribution, a company without aerial photographs of its property is totally a waste. It can never attract it customers to even enquire about the property. But, when a drone is involved the pictures itself will communicate the message to the customers. Now, all the real estate business men have realised the above said fact. It is you who should enter into the business to make use of these opportunities. All you have to do to make the market turn to you is,

  • Provide high-quality images
  • 3D pictures
  • Clear layout with proper angles
  • Colour variations to be accurate

Military and Defence

A big secret in the military work is to use tools and weapons which are hard to detect. Drones have satisfied this condition in the recent years. There has been a traceable difference in the size of the drone since the invention and today. The small size makes it easy to operate and also makes flight easier. Winding up, the drones have made a strong impression in the military applications. You will have a consistent or progressing business if you choose to give a try. Needless to mention, you know the worth of doing a business with the Government.

Land Audit

Land audit is a business where you will analyse a part of land and plan for its efficiency. Its efficiency is tested on the basis of defects to the proportion of enhanced features. All the developmental plans are made based on this efficiency test. Land audit also involves the act of fixing value to agricultural properties. So basically, there is a continuous number of orders incoming from even a common man.

Drone Pilot Training

Drone pilot training is a process wherein you will act as an educator. It is similar to having a training centre, but the reason for placing it under drone industry is that the subject itself is all about drones. You can be an exclusive educator by allowing them for at least two operations. As an educator, don’t stop your service right at the boundary where learning ends. Extend it till you assist them in obtaining a drone pilot license. You can charge them on hourly or monthly basis and the business has given solid profits in the history.

Drone Pilot Freelancing

If you notice, these opportunities are small sub-streams under each stream. For example, pilot is one of the elements in the drone business. But, there exists two three businesses within this itself. Being an experienced drone pilot, you can be a service provider. List yourself in the freelancing websites and bid for the least possible amount. This is because, the technique allows you to work for more clients on a frequent scale. Also, you will realise that the income flow is uninterrupted.

Drone Based Aerial Light Show Business

This is quite a different business with fun factor bound in it. You will have to plan and organise a swarm of drones on the sky to create a magic on the show. To make you understand, let us take an example of fireworks. We never fail to brighten up the event with these wonderful fireworks. But, moving parallel to the lifestyle changes you will have to be informed of the latest and most used sky decorators. Drones have just replaced the fireworks and have showed a tremendous growth in the market. I feel it is a good time to contact event managers and make the maximum contracts possible. Your income is decided on the basis of the number of drones you launch and the size of the event.


This is one of the spying methods used by the military people. You basically assist them in locating the right place where the enemies are found. It is not only the enemies, with drones one can detect unfavourable strategies also. Again, this is an opportunity under the military field. Mostly, all dangerous jobs of reconnaissance will be done by these reconnaissance drones. You will constantly be engaged in work or just provide the drone if agreed with the military for a decent pay.

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