Not sure where to start with how to create videos online to promote your business? There are many tools available online but why not check out this free video maker? You’ll start making videos in seconds thanks to the huge stock of templates that you can customize. 

Finding the Right Templates with your Free Video Maker

An online video maker has both templates and video editing tools that are easy to use. Before you get started, you should plan what you’re trying to achieve when you make videos. Then, use a video template to create stunning videos within minutes for social media and your website content. 

Here are some ideas of themes that you can choose for your first video and subsequent campaigns, all easily searchable in your free video maker: 

1- Support the community 

Businesses are no longer just profit-making machines. The successful ones are part of the community that they support in various ways. These days, people don’t want to deal with corporations that hide behind logos and processes. They want to know that they’re buying from teams and real people. 

So, check out the various templates that support the black community, women in business and young entrepreneurs, amongst many more. When you go to the free video maker tool, you’ll be able to click directly on the thumbnail, for example, the one shown below to activate the video. You can then change the words if you want and even add some audio. 

2- Small business culture

If you’re a small business then there’s so much you can do with branding yourself either as a family business that offers tailored services. Alternatively, you can share your story and passion about why you started your business. 

Your free video maker gives you the framework. It’s then easy edit the words and add royalty free music if you wish. You can even drag and drop your own content if you want to jazz it up with something more personal. Don’t forget the various video editor options to add effects before you download your video.

Here’s one example of the many video templates for small businesses: 

3- Inspire your audience

We all love to feel good and happy emotions. There’s something liberating and rejuvenating about being inspired. So, use your free video maker to give you ideas about how to motivate and persuade your audience to come on board with your product or service. 

Check out this template that makes loans look fun and energizing: 

4- Inject some humour 

Why not get people to laugh when you make a video? The software that free video maker tools use is so versatile that you’ll find various video templates with a wide range of humorous themes. These include animals, people and everyday life. 

5- Showcase your product 

A very useful video template that you’ll find on your free video maker is the product one. People find it much easier to imagine themselves using your product if they can see it in action. The mind is a funny thing because often when we’ve imagined using something, we tend to want to have it. This is a powerful way to get people curious enough to check out your website and perhaps even buy your product. 

6- Launch a sale

Naturally, you’ll most likely be managing a sale at some point. You can choose from many different templates on your free video maker that allow you to communicate the key points. Thanks to those templates, you’ll create stunning videos within minutes leaving you extra time to focus on the logistics of your sale. 

7- Run an online webinar

A great way to place your business as a knowledge-leader to inspire trust and loyalty is by running webinars. Make sure you pick topics that your audience want to listen to and then choose some inspiring speakers. 

The easiest part of running a webinar is to promote it with your free video maker. Again, choose one of the many templates that fits best with your business style and brand. 

8- Give your employees a voice

Videos online build credibility because you can show the human element behind the logo. You can further enforce this point by getting your employees to join in when you use your free video maker.  People like to see happy employees which also helps them believe in the business such that they are more likely to buy from you. 

9- Testimonials 

A similar concept to employee days is getting to know your customers. Why not get them to join in with your free video maker? Remember that social media’s success is all the groups and followers that have formed. People love to feel that they belong so bring them into your business fold and make them feel happy to support your cause, so to speak. 

10- Be local

One of the great advantages of the internet is that we are all global. Let’s also not forget the power of local communities though. Many people are disillusioned with globalization and are keen to support their local businesses. You can also use this to promote your business when you work with your free video maker, depending on what you offer of course. 

Final Thoughts on Promoting your Business with a Free Video Maker 

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘free’. You can rest assured that all your online videos will look professional and of the highest quality. All you need to do is to choose the right templates from your free video maker that suit your business. Whether you want to support a cause, add some humour or inspire your audience, you’ll find everything you need in the millions of templates.

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